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This page is, essentially, the biography page of a (semi) ordinary girl, who, despite her upbringing, thought she resembled normal until recently. ReverendBob, contrary to how the name may appear, is not male. Confused yet? It'll either get worse, or better from here.

Around the turn of the millenium, idiots ran rampant. (What else is new.) A goodly number of these idiots believed that the coming year 2000 (and later, 2012) would bring the end of the world. Some were ignorant, some formed cults, some just banged each other's brains out thinking tomorrow wouldn't matter anyways (Thus, the Second Baby Boom of the 'teens.)

Fastforward about, oh, fifty to sixty years. In accordance with the traditions of a millenial-doomsday cult which his great grandparents(and their friends) had been part of, a proud father by name of Priestess Sue Marley named his daughter Reverend Bob. The naming style was not the only strange thing that this cult had unique to itself, however. . . For it also believed that their prayers to a "Lord Steve" (supposedly the fourth begotten spawn of an unclean joining between Cthulhu and a Flying Spagetti Monster) were the only reason the world did not end.

Needless to say, the child brought up in this home environment was. . . different, despite all of her attempts to be 'normal' and 'one of the girls'. She grew up fond of the roleplaying games with pen, paper, and imagination. . . and found herself a niche with other outcasts who enjoyed the same. And despite the fact that many jobs never responded back to her resumes after seeing the name "Reverend Bob Marley" as the legal name, she did her best to be, well. . . normal.

And then, Alice tumbled down the rabbit hole. Metaphor aside, Revvie found herself thrown facefirst into what she is convinced is either a dream, insanity, or a coma brought on by bad LSD she didn't remember taking- Improbable Island. And yet, all she could think about at first was how proud her parents would be that their little girl was finally casting aside ambitions of normality and joining Reality TV. . .

(First draft, as it were. More may come. :D)

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