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I dare you to find a word - sorry, a REAL word - that rhymes with orange. 1) 2)3)4)5)6)

7) Find us a word that rhymes with SILVER as well and your rewards shall be great indeed8)

1) Don't be silly. Almond rhymes with orange, of course.
2) What about silver? Nothing rhymes with that either.
3) what about liver? or sliver? would they count as rhyming with the aforementioned silver?
4) Sure, in the way that doorhinge rhymes with orange.
5) "Sigh...guess we need to go back to work, then.""Well, I feel kinda bad now..."
6) Well, there's Blorenge, Wales. Funny that a Yank would be the one to know, eh?
7) well then i add to the challenge
8) Lokiikol solves this one, too: rhymes with chilver, a female lamb. Now where's my prize?
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