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-- Begin Recording --

[03h23m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee arrives, unsuccessful in his towel-grabbing escapades.

[03h23m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin pounce Vee.

[03h20m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee is promptly pounced! He flails wildly, this was not an outcome he had all expected!

[03h19m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin giggle, "we caught a sexy kitty!"

[03h15m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee flails even more, then folds his arms, childishly. "Not fair, you jumped me when I came in the door!" He, however, does not doubt his sexiness.

[03h12m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin says "Isn't that how you catch things?"

[03h07m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee frowns, and shakes his head. "No, you carefully hunt down the prey, a great battle between the hunter and the hunted, both knowing the outcomes, both attemp--" He pauses, blinking. "You know what? I actually think you two're right."

[03h05m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin says "You surprise it~!"

[02h59m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee smirks and, with his increased agility, slips out of their grasp, chuckling dramatically. "I am not so simply caged!"

[02h56m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin point down. It seems Vee walked into a strange circle

[02h56m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee sighs. "Cheeaaap!" he mumbles, folding his arms. He knows what this thing does.

[02h45m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee blinks. "... You two awake?"

[02h38m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin giggle. Sin activates the circle, causing a cage to form around Collin. (OOC: iPod died)

[02h36m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee sighs a bit. Setting his backpack down, he pulls a cup from a front pouch, rattling it against the bars as he sits down.

[02h34m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin chuckle. "Now you are caged!"

[02h33m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee frowns and folds his arms. "I could get out. The bars aren't even that thin." He mumbles, childishly.

[02h30m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin says "Well it is just stone."

[02h29m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee shrugs lightly, thinking it over for a moment, before smirking at the cage, tapping each bar a few times.

[02h29m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe uncurls and stretches upon whatever he fell asleep on the other day, yawning loudly.

[02h28m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin twist a bar. It breaks instantly. "See?"

[02h26m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee points at them, frowning. "No fair, android." Though, at the new opening, he rushes through, and pounces on the squirming Grey! "Bwahah!"

[02h25m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin pounce them both.

[02h24m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe yelps as someone abruptly interrupts his waking rituals. His immediate reaction is to cling tight with needle-like claws.

[02h23m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee lets out a howl of a cry, being hit in the shoulder. Even though he's making sounds like he's dying, he's actually tolerating the pain fairly well.

[02h21m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe blinkblinks and tries to take stock. "Ohgodsorryareyouok?"

[02h20m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin scritch the ears of Vee and Grey.

[02h19m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee makes little pained noises as he grabs Grey's hand gently, pulling his claws out of the skin. "Mmh..." He lets out, in a sad voice, then nods, putting a hand over the little claw marks. "Yeah. I'll be fine."

[02h14m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee does, however, unconsciously nuzzle into the scritchies.

[02h13m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe nuzzles into the scritches, licking apologetically at Vee's cheek.

[02h10m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin scritch some more before getting up. They move over to the pinball machine.

[02h08m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee mewls a bit, before shaking his head and nuzzling against Grey. "Hee~ Today's a good day."

[02h08m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe watches the twins still sleepy, but curious.

[02h06m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin pull two boxes out from behind the machine. "That is because Sin was your breakfast."

[02h05m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe blinks, looking slightly confuzzled "Breakfast?"

[02h02m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee erps, a light red tint showing under his fur. "Hey! That's only because you two fell asleep last night!" he shouts, then erps again. Bad words. Time to suppress kitty-ness.

[02h00m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin giggle, "And you are the one who had it~"

[01h59m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe just lays there and watches, smirking.

[01h59m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee groans and clings to Grey, thinking that it would help somehow. Of course, it doesn't. In the slightest.

[01h58m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe turns to look at Collin "Am I allowed details?"

[01h56m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin smile, "We could show you."

[01h56m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee mumbles something about collars as he sits up. "How about we see what's in the boxes!?" He shouts, a bit too panicked.

[01h54m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe erms, not sure how to answer.

[01h53m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin says "These boxes?"

[01h52m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee nods forcefully, intending to change the subject now.

[01h51m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe rather menacingly whispers in Collin's ear.

[01h50m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee erps. This must be his thing or something. But he shivers a bit, scooting over. Even if he was a dom, he knew for a fact that Grey had been here a lot longer than him.

[01h49m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe cocks his head in the twin's direction, peering at the boxes, a shiver if anticipation running down his spine.

[01h47m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin each take a box. They blush slightly, "Cam you two stand?"

[01h45m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe slides off of the seat and holds out a paw to Collin to help him up.

[01h44m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee stands up quickly, oblivious to the probable outcome, having used Grey's paw to help him up. He's a bit stiff, moreso because he wants to take attention off the other bit.

[01h43m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe smiles softly to Collin and fingers the ring on his left paw before pulling it off and slipping it into his bag as surreptitiously as he can.

[01h40m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin move in front of the two. Rin before Grey and Sin before Vee.

[01h39m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe looks between the twins and Collin, taking the kittymorph's near paw in his.

[01h38m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee has an epiphany, flailing suddenly. "Oh!" He says, then blinks at his actions, going still again and looking into Sin's eyes, squeezing Grey's paw gently, smiling. He's a right dumbass sometimes.

[01h32m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin get onto one knee (each). They hold up the boxes and open them. Inside are two well-made brass rings. They have gears etched into their sides. Set in both of them is flawless gem that slowly shifts colors.

[01h31m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee, after the initial shock, is almost hypnotized with the colour shifting.

[01h29m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe squeaks softly, his heart skipping a beat "..." he stands slightly agape.

[01h28m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee shakes his head after, freeing himself from the spell of the gems, his ears twitching nervously.

[01h27m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe breaks his eyes from the gem,1) directing them to to Rin's "I don't deserve any of you."

[01h26m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin blush lightly "You do deserve us."

[01h23m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe looks to Collin before reaching out to touch the ring, picking it up as if it's the most fragile thing in the world, turning it it over in his fingers.

[01h20m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee looks over at Grey almost at the same time, imitating the motion, but with a bit more speed, looking over his ring in amazement.

[01h19m] | Alchemist Sin's & Nurse Rin's smiles don't fade. The ring seems to change color as light hits it at different angles. Sometimes, one could make out writing along the ring that says, 'Life may end, but true love never ends'.2)

[01h16m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee, clearly in shock now, hugs Sin in return, his eyes blank, but his tail swishing happily, showing his true emotions.

[01h15m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe returns the hug, sobbing slightly as he does, nuzzling into the crook of Rin's neck.

[01h14m] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin purr slightly, "We love you two and we want to be yours."

[01h12m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe nodnods, gently pulling from Rin's hug, taking a very deep breath to try to stop his bodies shaking.

[01h12m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee nods several times, the shock wearing off as his own eyes start to well up. He pulls back at that point, though, rubbing tears from his eyes, and then rubbing Grey's back gently.

[01h08m] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe gulps down more air and finally says, rather shakily "I... I can't offer either of you a ring, the only other I have... I have no right to give, but I can offer you my shoulder to cry on, my arms to feel safe in... And a permanent place in my heart."

[01h06m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee nods quietly, not knowing what to say, fidgeting with the ring as he watches the other three.

[01h05m] | Rin hugs Grey tightly, "I don't need a ring, you are more than I need."3)

[01h04m] | Sin nuzzles against Vee.

[01h02m] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee smiles, hugging Sin for a bit before his mind wanders. "... So what does this mean..?" He asks, slowly.

[57m34s] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe looks to Collin. "It means you're loved."

[57m01s] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin says "Greatly loved."

[56m44s] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe nodnods in agreement with the twins. "That's all it should mean, if you take it to its core."

[55m57s] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe wipes one of the forming tears away from his eye with the back of a paw, still shaking lightly as he does.

[51m49s] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee pauses for a long time, before sitting down and leaning against Grey, tears starting to stream silently onto his fur. ".. That's all I can ask for." He says, almost imperceptibly.

[48m17s] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe initiates a group hug as best he can, nuzzling and snuggling the other three lovingly.

[45m45s] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin hug back. They wipe the tears away.

[44m19s] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee shuts his eyes, smiling, whilst more tears pour out of his eyes, hugging as many of the others as he can wrap his arms around.

[42m56s] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe adds his tail to the hugs, wrapping it around Colin's waist.

[41m49s] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin let their wings spread out and move around the other two.

[36m30s] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe lightly touches one of the wings, always facinated by them when he notices them.

[34m17s] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee, fairly used to them, and rubbing his eyes now, doesn't take much notice to the wings. He sits up, smiling at the three through blurry eyes. "I.. How are we going to do this..?" He asks, after letting his mind wander for a moment.

[33m11s] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe cocks his head "Do what hun?"

[31m36s] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee looks down at the ring for a moment. "Like.. Is it gonna be a group thing.. Or just between Sin and Me on my side, and Rin and you on the other..?"

[29m06s] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe looks to the twins and then back to Collin "I think it's going to be a group thing... though that's just what I've gathered."

[27m50s] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee smiles, clearly looking relieved at Grey. "Tha.. That's good. I.. I still love you, Grey. Even if I love Sin just as much.." He nuzzles against Sin as he speaks, as if to reinforce this.

[25m30s] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin smile. "It is with all of us."

[23m28s] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe says "I love you with as much of my heart as I possibly can,4) and I'd still love you even if it was just one on one with Rin."5)

[22m46s] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe's smile takes on a meek edge "I just hope you can live with others holding a piece of my heart."

[21m24s] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee nods several times, shifting his hug to Grey, almost childishly clinging to him. "As long as I can have the both of you, I don't care who else is there.."

[19m29s] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin nod. "We agree with Collin."

[18m00s] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe hesitates before asking what he needs to, but this is not the time to keep things hidden. "E... even if one of those others was Pace?"

[15m25s] | Mildly Competent Collin Vee freezes up, pausing for a long time before nuzzling him again. "... Just... don't choose him over us... and I'll be okay... and vice-versa."

[13m19s] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe smiles warmly. "I'd never leave any of you for him, no matter what happened, I'd be yours... as for Pace, I'm not sure where I stand with him..."6)

[12m41s] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin says "We are not going to say. We never met him."

[09m11s] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe umms. "I should introduce you."

[06m55s] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin says "I'm sure he would live to meet us."

[04m09s] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe nodnods. "I'm sure too."

[01m19s] | Alchemist Sin & Nurse Rin says "We should tell Father."

[00m28s] | Chameleonic Kat Grey Ashe nodnods brightly. "That would be a very good idea."

-- End Recording --

1) Ow!
2) Should be 'never will'
3) ... Sounds like an insult.
4) Three fifths
5) I'm ignoring the subjunctive tense, as this is dialog, but I've written you this note to let you know I'm better than looking out for you.
6) Ellipses are like chicken pox. Some is okay, too much is too much.
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