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General Description

Robots are a population so infused with improbability that they have taken on attributes both living and mechanical. Where Jokers are hybrids of improbability and magic1), Robots are hybrids of improbability and science.2)

Skills and Tactics

As biomechanical constructs, Robots enjoy certain advantages over the other populations: they have vastly reduced stamina costs for everything except insults. Their CPU-enhanced biobrains allow them to learn 20% faster than their humanoid counterparts. They have auto-repair subroutines that help them 'repair' (heal) damage without having to visit the Hospital Tent. They do, however, take damage more easily than most other populations. Their proto-mechanical nature gives Robots several combat modes not found in purely biological contestants, most notably overclocking.

They can overclock the following powers:

  • Upper Body Servo Power . This mode enhances the Robot's offensive combat capacity.
  • Lower Body Servo Power . This mode enhances the Robot's defensive combat capacity.
  • In-Combat Self-Repair Subsystem . This mode engages the auto-repair subroutine.

However, overclocking comes at the risk of overheating. Once a Robot overheats, it will lose hitpoints each round. Depending on their heat level, this can be a substantial amount.

Other Characteristics

Because of their typically shiny exteriors, Robots are the natural enemy of Mutants, who hate seeing their own reflections. This shininess makes them very attractive to Kittimorphs, and their reflectiveness means Jokers love to gaze at them. Their regenerative powers and ability to get more out of their available stamina makes Robots versatile and independent. Due to their mechanical nature Robots can't eat to boost their stamina. Most drinks are also off-limits to them. Their home city of Cyber City 404 in the northeast corner of the Island is one of the most remote.

Tips for playing Robot

Robots are vastly different than the other races. Robots get the largest defense penalty of all races and Robots can't heal at the hospital tent. Because of this some new players might find them difficult to play. Here are some pointers:

  • 0x3A28213A, 0x6339392C, 0x7363682E3)
  • Pick the right implant. The Chemical pack and Servo arms seem to be favourite among Robot contestants. Chem pack for free healing, Servo arms for an extra boost to a great offense. The Tesla frame can be incredibly powerful, but probably not advisable for your first Robot run.
  • Lower your max health if you have too much. This might sound counterproductive, but a Robot uses 0.04% stamina to heal each hitpoint. There is no sliding scale or partial healing. So lower it. Use Tynan's gym to get more attack or defense.
  • Focus on not getting hit. Stating the obvious here. There are multiple ways to go about this; focus on getting offensive buffs and concentrate on ending the fight in one hit or use a force generator.
  • As long as you ARE getting hit (for example, before you've got the cash to get your hands on that force generator or the weaponry to end battles quickly) overclock your auto-repair subsystem... to about the third notch is good. You will have to rest to cool down, but resting time to heal counts as time to cool down and vice versa. Your healing during battle lowers your resting time afterwards, saving you stamina in addition to keeping you on your feet a little longer.
  • Overclocking Healing (and Defense) are actually traps. Or at least trappish. They both prolong fights and make you heat up - and the longer the fight, the more you heat up, and the more you heat up, the more you explode.
    • Instead, clock Attack up by about 5 to 8 notches (You can go higher, but this should be all you need).
    • Use repellant (on yourself) every day
    • Cool off after every fight.
    • Run away from pack monsters. As a young robot, you cannot take them yet.
    • If you get killed a lot by monsters, clock Defence up a bit, but not too much: A high defence bonus seems to translate into very nasty ripostes.
    • Long term, advance attack by about 2x defence.
  • Try to underclock things. If you find you can, you may be Robot Jesus. Use your new-found holiness wisely.
  • However, a group of robots practices super-overclocking, above 10,000 volts. Some recommend 100,000 or one million volts.4)5) Some advise super-overclocking only upper body, others say super-overclock all 3 powers. Standby until cooled, every chance you get. Monster hordes may become a real problem.6)
  • Remember, as per the rules,7) Robots are the only people allowed to type in ALL CAPS and/or 1337-$P3@|<. Make sure to abuse this power often.

Your defining traits aren't disadvantages. They are opportunities. So what if your defense is effectively halved? Go out there and show those fleshbags how awesome Robots are.

1) Which is all just smoke, mirrors, and really fine wires. It would perhaps be better to say that they are manipulators of chance.
2) A competing school of thought holds that Robots are instead hybrids of improbability and the physical world, where metallic elements under the influence of improbability have melded with biophysical structures.
3) ...sorry
4) Lies! You would get carpal tunnel syndrome just doing that many clicks! And in the first round of combat, you would overheat to explosive levels.
5) And, assuming you didn't explode immediately, it would take more stamina than you could ever have in order to cool down!
7) Disclaimer: Rules may not exist. Specifically or in general.
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