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The Once and Future Rohvannyc is currently wandering the world searching for things. Also, stuff. He's not sure exactly what. He's found the Key to the Door and it leads somewhere interesting. Still he isn't willing to go through it all the time. He always returns to the Island. He's gotten a truly deadly tan and is steadily earning cigs to work on his treetop palace-to-be, two spaces north of Kittania. He shares this tree, which is a Mallorn, with Basement Cat. Right now it's at least a good place to rest and get away from the rest of the Island. You can also explore a faraway place if you go there. See Rohvannyc's Tree.

Rohvannyc (call him Roh, it's easier) is originally from a desert planet. Yes, he has pointed ears, but no, he's not one of THOSE. Just because he's a stone-face doesn't mean he doesn't have a good sense of humor. His interests include: avoiding paperwork, eating large quantities of Tasty Meat (see steak), exploring different forms and abilities, killing Gary Gygax at every opportunity, and letting Ogres off the hook instead of slaughtering them. He also likes to fly over waterways so no monsters attack him and he can actually get where he's going in a timely manner. He's been known to blow two or three Newdays in the process of rebuilding broken Outpost walls. He eagerly awaits the time when building things becomes easier, because there's a lot he wants to do with his tree.

As it says elsewhere, Roh used to be a First Officer aboard a starship (no, not that one) and he'd been out on a very long cruise. He was looking forward to getting some leave to relax a bit and get away from all the paperwork. Since he wasn't anywhere near his homeworld, he couldn't visit his wife Rashanah and their many, many children. So instead he checked out a shuttle and landed on a rather odd planet where he was promptly Shanghaied to be a Contestant on this bloody annoying reality show. Once he realized he wasn't going back any time soon, he stopped raging around like a barbarian and decided to enjoy himself. His theory is that if he kills the Drive enough times, a large enough release of Improbability at that moment will send him back to his shuttle, so he can go back to his ship and request huge amounts of hazard pay and whiskey.

After trying out life as a Kittymorph (liked that), a Zombie (not so much), a Midget (useful, but obnoxious), and a Robot (rather fun actually), he's gone back to something resembling his original form. But with Wings. So you see a dark skinned, muscular, black haired, pointed eared, kind-eyed fellow flying or walking around the Jungles with a leather battle kilt and a huge boar spear, that's probably Roh. The polite term to use for his race is "Sky Elf." He'll cheerfully respond to "Roh," "Rohvannyc," or "Commander." If you call him "Asshole" he'll nod agreeably but ignore you.

One other item he has is a neatly trimmed beard that Improbably appears and disappears at will. His boar spear isn't anything special, it's just practical. The length and crossbars keep nasty things like Panthzers and Octophants at a comfortable distance, and the blade is good for slashing as well as stabbing. It also doesn't require gasoline.

About Rashanah:

Roh's wife is, if you will listen to him, the most beautiful woman in all the Universe. She's incredibly kind and gentle but with a tough side that can make seasoned warriors step back and protect their vulnerable bits. She can make the best flatbread you have ever tasted and she's so good with plants that her right thumb actually seems to glow a fluorescent green. Roh has recently heard rumors that she may be here. If so, he wants to find her as soon as possible.

About Basement Cat:

He is a long, slinky, shiny black cat with glowing yellow eyes and a taste for evil people's souls. He spends most of his time asleep up in Roh's tree, guarding the place and allowing him to run around looking for adventure. The story of how they met is long and complex and involves a crab enchilada.

Latest project:

Rohvannyc has married Rashanah officially, Island Style, and happily lives with her in his tree. They created a clan together. He is now industriously building a castle with many rooms called Castle Starfire after his clan. It is located in the forest at the left "eartip" of the Island.

Places built:

A large treehouse north of Kittania,

A castle at the left "eartip,"

A Spire at the right "eartip,"

A bar north of Newhome,

A heap of tyres south of Squat Hole.

A Speakeasy down by the ass of the Island.

A house in a grove of willows south of Pleasantville, near a swamp.

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