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A large tree two spaces north of Kittania at coordinates 20,15. It is a very tall tree as well, with grayish silver bark and gray-green leaves that turn golden in the Fall and stay on the tree all through Winter. For some reason, it always seems to be Fall or Spring at the tree, because in Springtime the leaves fall and the branches are covered with golden blossoms. Perhaps the tree is merely confused as it is not the sort of thing that would normally grow in a tropical climate.

More important than its beauty (to most travelers at least) is the possibility for safety and rest in this tree's branches. A rope ladder leads up to a sleeping platform, where there are heaps of blankets so that weary adventurers may have a refuge from the constant fighting and cig-hunting below. The place is presided over by Basement Cat, who is usually comfortably stuffed full of middle-manager souls, and therefore sleepy. Adventerous travelers may also climb up to the top where a giant Raven has built a nest.

This particular tree was planted by the Once and Future Rohvannyc, who one day found a silver nut on the ground in the Jungle. It didn't match any nearby trees so it may have been dropped, or simply appeared in a burble of Improbability. He found a quiet spot with good sun and planted it, as near to his favorite source of Steak as possible. In an Improbably brief time, the tree grew into a tall forest monarch and therefore Roh quickly decided to build his house in it. Roh returns to his tree regularly to tend and water it, and to spennd time with Basement Cat.

A shimmering portal has appeared in the air and it is now possible to explore a place... beyond.

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