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The idea of this page is to introduce some order to all the story-lines1) on the island. The island has a rich and hilarious history, so lets record it for future laughs.

Historical Interests

Retired and (more or less) finished Plots

Plots in Limbo

Active Plots

Other Notable Events

Continuous Plots


Plot Devices


Each of these overrides the one below it. Only put Inventions or Fixtures into Retired Plots if they no longer exist.

Segue into a tangentially-related subject

Above will be a host of random interesting events that have happened and their locations, but below here will be a guide to role-playing.

Some rules you should follow.

#1: Anything is possible.

#2: Please save the drama4)5).

#3: Make it fun/funny/funnier/funniest/droll. It helps.

#4: If you get carried away and manage to upset CMJ with your non-lol drama, apologise.
Otherwise it's BanHammer Time.

More verbose guidelines to be found here.

1) Personal to Clan-spanning
2) Privileged information.
3) Defined here as physical (or meta-physical) things, not just story twists you claim to have invented.
4) It makes Dan go crazy
5) Except, of course, Good Drama, like being torn to horrible bloody shreds from the inside by Chaos Incarnate. That's perfectly okay.
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