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Rookie Joey...


Not much is known of Joey's life before the Island. Actually, only two things are known for sure. First, he was an introvert at some point in his life. Secondly, he was a thief. In fact, it was whilst breaking into a house that he triggered a home-made alarm system and then was knocked out by its owner. When he woke up, he was

On The Island

Joey's arrival was nothing special, just being the average Rookie, asking stupid questions, and making stupid mistakes. This was to become a long-time habit for him. Initially starting off in NewHome as everyone does, he decided he just couldn't be bothered with fighting. He was much too lazy for that. So, travelling to Kittania was the closest he ever really got to Jungle for a long time. He made friends with several people, one of which being Vincent. He, therefore, joined ROUGE, Vince's Clan, and decided to dabble in a bit of fighting. This wound him up on the FailBoat, which lead to


Relationship Number One

On the FailBoat Joey met Syn. When he first met her, Syn was a guy, and they just hung out for a bit. However, upon escaping the FailBoat he found himself back in Kittania, with a coincedentally now female Syn. Originally Joey was a touch confused, but he quickly found himself falling for Syn, leading to him inviting her on a date in the Common Grounds. This was his first excerpt into the Grounds, and also the first time he'd tried Imp Cola. The side-effects were nothing notable, but enough for him to be able to charm Syn enough to kiss her. Their relationship went brilliantly afterwards, as they gained both a hammock in Kittania, and eventually a small shack.

However, things went topsy-turvy. Syn had drawn a (admittedly bad) picture of someone throwing a puppy, and seemed annoyed that Joey didn't see it as such. Not wanting Syn to be upset, Joey went through her pack whilst she was asleep, looking for the drawing, hoping that he could surprise her by understanding it. Instead, he found an experimental drink. His curiosity getting the better of him, Joey sipped the drink, and found out about one of it's three effects: It's very addictive. Soon after he found out the second effect: It gets you very drunk, very fast. Whilst drunk Joey kissed another contestant named Enada. Saved from going further by Giuseppe Lorenzo, who dunked him in the CG pond, Joey curled up to sleep, shivering and cold, next to Syn.

Upon waking Joey discovered the third and final effect of the drink: It makes you forget everything but one experience of the night before. Unfortunately for Joey and Syn, the one thing he remembered was kissing Enada, and he felt honour bound to tell Syn this. This shouldn't have been such a relationship splitting moment, but Joey panicked and said several things which he regrets, one more so than any of the others. Syn stormed off into The Jungle, and Joey left the CG too. A while after Joey heard that Syn still hadn't come back. Immediately a sort of survival instinct kicked in, protecting him from his emotions. He became heartless and cold, and most of all extremely aggravating. This didn't last for too long, but once it was gone Alpha attempted to feed him to Gazebo, resulting in a life lone fear of Gazebo's due to 'that look in their eyes'. A negative side effect was that the 'survival instinct' did stop him from trusting himself with loving Syn, even after it had died down and she had returned, and so began

Relationship Number Two

Whilst Syn was still in The Jungle, Joey decided to make ammends by letting her closest friends take out their anger on him. This was how he met Ferryn. She (or, he, at the time) kicked him right where it hurts. Inspired by his want to make things right, and his need to forget about Syn, Joey spent a lot of time around Ferryn, usually accidentally finding new ways to hurt or embarass her. This, of course, just made him feel worse, but he kinda sorta fell in love with her. He was confused by this because A. Ferryn was a man, and B. Ferryn was Syn's best friend.

However, Joey told Ferryn, and they had something of a relationship, which Hax was extremely jealous off. Joey noted this, and he spent much time thinking. Eventually he realised that Hax loved Ferryn much more than he did, and he let her go. During that time went through therapy with a friend of his. With this good advice in mind Joey initiated:

Relationship Number Three

Joey and Shi's relationship is, well, odd. When they first met he informed her that The Clangers were still alive, 1) and the second time they met she nearly killed him2). However, he wound up inviting her on a walk. She accepted, and something connected on the walk. Either way, Joey and Shi wound up together. Joey's relationship with Shi was long running, and eventually they got married. Though it took him a while to amass the money for a proper ring.

Whilst married to Shi Joey met Anadel, who was seemingly in love with somebody on the Island, but unable to be with them. Joey hates seeing people sad, and so he tried his best to cheer Anadel up a bit. This worked for a while, but eventually Anadel confessed to Marcell that it was him that she was in love with. This left her without her best friend for a while, a role which Joey attempted to fill, not wanting Anadel to be upset. This seemed to work, and eventually Anadel and Marcell reconciled, and it appeared if Joey's work was done. However, Marcell left for a week of seclusion, and Joey had set up a Beeper for Anadel's Hope Flower, which, after a certain DK, was left to keep her alive.

When this Beeper went off, Joey immediately did all he could to find out what happened, and where Anadel was. From what information he could garner he gathered that her Flower had failed, and she'd been taken away by The Watcher herself. Joey, with some3) help from Kestrel, managed to get into a meeting with The Watcher. During this meeting The Watcher mentioned something about tests, one thing led to another, and Joey wound up headbutting her in an attempt to get to see Anadel. Joey and Kestrel narrowly escaped, with Kes actually saving his life. Immobilized in the Grounds, Joey could do nothing but wait for Anadel to return. When she eventually did, the tests proved useful, as a hug of gratitude from her instantly healed him, though a TAMED Member Jamesb was waiting nearby, just in case.

It was at this time that Joey realised he'd fallen in love with Anadel, and that he needed to tell her. After having a talk with Kestrel, who had long ago worked everything out, Joey approached Anadel, and told her how he felt. She told him that she wanted to be with him, and so he waited until he next saw Shi. However, whilst waiting he had a conversation of sorts with Genevieve, which led to a conflict of interests. Eventually he made a weak choice, and asked Kes to tell both Anadel and Shi what happned before retreating into the Jungle. He watched whilst Kestrel told Shi, and made the divorce official after she knew. He roamed The Jungle, with only Kestrel and Anadel knowing where he stayed mainly, but it was most likely somewhere near Kittania.

Relationship Number Four

Joey's relationship with Anadel was brief, and yet very eventful. Joey spent a lot of the time in The Jungle after his split with Shi, even going as far as to decide to avoid the invasion. However, he changed his mind, and decided to fight. Him and TAMED took charge of New Pittsburgh. A little while after the Outpost Assualts started Joey ran into Marcell, who didn't think Joey actually loved Ana. Having resolved this situation Joey, just a few days later, got a message from Anadel. He met her on the FailBoat, where she confessed that she didn't love him as much as he loved her, and that it wouldn't work.

Relationship Number Five

Understandbly upset, Joey spent a long time thinking. He finally realised that, although he was sad, he should have been sadder. Marc had been right, he and Anadel didn't really love one another. Plagued by this Joey decided to try and find a way to make it up to Shi. He provided her with someone to talk to, and someone to listen to when creatures from The Jungle got inside her head, and made her attack AceHigh. Joey found himself caring for Shi again, and whilst at first he thought he was falling back in-love with her, he realised he had never stopped loving her. Praying that it wasn't too late, Joey surprised Shi with a kiss, and thankfully she kissed him back. They're 4) now in a steady relationship.


Due to a one time occurence in the Grounds where as soon as Joey mentioned he was a sort of 'Perma-Rook' and immediately after an abundance of Rookies flocked to the place he decided they had come to him, and declared himself their leader. A handful of coincedences later and he was known to people as "Joey, King Of Rookies."

He's come a long way since then, having established the Decagonal Table, and filled it with Knights. With help from those Knights5), he has created a Castle Near NewHome, and a Clan - things are starting to come together.

Although the dissapearance of the 'Rookie' title has disturbed his plans slightly the Order continues, dedicated to helping those who need to be guided, amongst other things.

True Things

There are Three True Things, Shi told us so.

1. Motor oil doesn't taste of rainbows.

2. Shi loves Joey, vice-versa.

3. Shi and Joey love Lester, vice-versa.

Also((Please add to this))

Joey likes shinies!6) 7) 8)9)

1) well, they are. People should be told these things.
2) slightly dramatized
3) see: masses of
4) for
5) notably Nuke
6) they would make a fitting tribute.
7) oh, did you not realise he required a tribute?
8) well, he does. He's the King of the Rookies, you know.
9) kneel, peasants, and present unto his majesty the Shinies!
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