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Rosemoo (CLOG or a story alt, on the Enquirer as Twosocks Monkey)

Hello! That's a nice perfume/cologne/hat/shoe you're wearing!
My name is Rose. (Mostly people know me as CLOG details at the dramatis personae list) I love the Island, love CMJ and enjoy reading books and making weird things. I've been around since January 2011 and see no end in sight currently.

Join me for RP
I don't have as much time as I'd like to play, but I'm always looking to make new friends with fellow narrators. Feel free to distract me for random funtimes if you see me on!

Full Disclosure
I personally could care less who is an alt and who is not, but just for the record, I have quite a few. It's all for storypurposes, and none are secret. My current main is really Benjamin Barker but there are way more. If you really care I can share you on the gdoc with the list of all of them. (I'd list them here but it changes a lot and I don't update this page very often!)

Si Rios
My original character has a house and a dance club in the town of Si Rios (19,8 on the map). Those of us who live there welcome any and all narrators to come build a shop or house in town! Currently we have a Knitting Store (KNITTANIA), a Book Emporium complete with printing press, and even a shop with grenades and explosives <Zeekela's>. There's also a fire station, an Inn, a town hall and a residential street, not to mention the Sheriff's Office.

Monster List
Rather predictably, after moaning and crying that there was no good comprehensive monster list I went ahead and started one based on a previous Buddleia list. Here's the link to the gdoc. It's free to edit, has monster names, levels, descriptions, weapons, win and fail texts, strike bodyparts list AND ideas for RP-only scavenge options. Truly a comprehensive RP document, still a WIP1).

Just like the Island Monster I save all my RP and often write it up all pretty. See the link below for my first story collection about Monkey and the CLOG.

See my Improbable Island Story links for more info.

1) Work in Progress
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