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Also known as Rykar Malkus, The Train Man, The Train Cat, Skimbleshanks, The Crazy Train Cat, and the Cardfather.

What He Looks Like

While everyone changes on the island (okay, changes a LOT), a lot of people have a form they consider to be 'regular', and Rykar's no exception. He most commonly appears as a grey, tabby-striped kittymorph, standing at about 5'5" and of slender build (like that's unusual). What is unusual, though, is that he takes to wearing clothes- and a fair bit of them, too. His outfit consists of black dress slacks with navy pinstripes, a black-and-sliver shirt, and a silver pocketwatch.

His navy-and-black striped fedora, Caila, is on maternity leave.

What He IS Like

Rykar is by and large a playful, friendly kittymorph. A sense of humor, a bit mad, and a bit shy if he feels that he's made a misstep, and beyond that you'll just have to meet him and see for yourself.

He does have quite a few things that he likes, including

  • Trains
  • Cards
  • Building
  • Science
  • Yaisa (his girlfriend)

and the list goes on.

Perhaps most notably he is the Cardfather, the face of Improbable Card Trading Cartel, or "Card-tel" as he likes to call it.

[work in progress]

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