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A lie1), particularly used to justify some way of thinking about something. People who practice this are called 'scientists,' and these people huddle in shame and terror in Improbable Central out of fear that contestants will realize they have no clue what is happening since the Island has been infused with improbability.2)

Another breed of scientist, the 'mad scientist', tends to thrive on the Island. The only common traits among this breed are a preponderance of baroque gadgetry, ranging from Tesla Coils and Jacob's Ladders through vacuum tubes and off to progressively more Improbable forms of science. Known practitioners include Kassil, DeadMeat, PotatoPancakes, and Sicpuess, as well as, less enthusiastically, their various fellow clan members.3)

1) quantity of treason yet to be determined
2) This is only true about "sane" scientists.
3) They also tend to cause inordinately large explosions.
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