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This page is now a lie. Use the petition system, folks.

Season One Bugs

These are all the bugs that currently exist in Season One. We used to post bugs in Petitions to Caveman Joe, but then a lot of people submitted the same bug over and over again. Then we posted bugs in the forum, but it became a pain in the arse to keep track of them all. Then Caveman Joe said "Hang on lads, I'll set up a proper bug tracking system," and never did. So this is what we're doing now.

There are two types of bug - gameplay bugs, and output bugs. Gameplay bugs include things like custom weapons and armour reverting to default names at a DK. Output bugs include typos, spelling and grammatical errors that never happen ever at all ever1)2), leftover references to Gold or Gems from LotGD core code, incorrect or untidy-looking colour codes, people's names changing from one sentence to another, and browser-related issues3).

Have at it!

Gameplay Bugs

  • Sometimes a Permanent Account just plain doesn't take. Nobody knows why.
  • Renewing a guard contract early gives exactly 30 days; it should be 30 days plus days remaining on the previous contract.
  • Automatic guard contract renewal doesn't renew anything.
  • Getting one of Dan's beers while at low HP will send you to the Failboat, but not immediately. 4)
  • Comment limit actually does nothing at all except serving laughs for the 'You have -3 comments left' bit.

Output Bugs

  • Some Dwellings management screens still show currencies as Gold and Gems.
  • Since you can never have more than two saved New Days in store, the text of the Use a New Day routine should say you can save up to two, not three, days.
  • The New Day reminder of days remaining on a guard contract doesn't handle multiple dwellings.
  • Safari browser (Mac) and Opera (Win): The combat bar doesn't change its length as hit points decrease; it stays full. The overlaid numbers are updated, the graphic isn't. To play in Safari you have to do it the old way, watching actual hit points and ignoring the bar.
  • Firefox browser (Mac): Cmd-Letter is interpreted as Letter if the page will accept it. Definitely a browser bug (Firefox on PC doesn't do this), but worth being aware of to ensure that irretrievable things won't happen by accident, e.g. using up a teleporter (T) when all one meant to do was open a new browser tab (Cmd-T). (That particular one has been fixed, but it's a hazard for every page.)
  • Buying permanent HP from Dan in the spider kitty gives references to gems rather than cigs.
1) except in player-submitted monsters
2) and sometimes in English versus American spellings
3) Unless these issues affect Internet Explorer 6. We don't give a shit about IE6.
4) It makes for some interesting effect when all 'Return to IC' links are replaced with 'return to the Shades'. If you click, /then/ you appear on the failboat.
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