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This list will change over time - check back regularly for updates.


Stamina system

Turns and Travel Points were removed from the game, and replaced with Stamina.

World Map

World Map now interacts with Stamina system. Each Mount can have a different encounter rate for any given terrain type.


Mounts are expanded and rebalanced, with new flavour text.

Requisition payouts

Req payouts from each monster will be rebalanced to address Req inflation (36 Req max per monster at lv1 and 536 Req max at lv15, plus DK bonuses, was always a bit of a silly idea).


Each Implant now works in an entirely different way, with several Implants relying on between-round processing.


Mount Accessories (partially implemented)

Mounts can now have accessories defined. Accessories are paid for in Req, and there are no refunds upon selling a Mount. Some Mounts can be improved quite considerably without using Cigarettes.

Boss Monsters (upcoming, not yet in beta)

Certain monsters now have AI scripts attached to them that make them behave very differently to normal monsters.

Plot (partially implemented in beta)

The game now has a plot, of sorts. Carefully check the NewHome Museum in the current beta for the first subplot.


Flawless Fight mechanic was removed, as it was a dumb idea in the first place.

Vending Machines were removed, as they simply didn't work.

Dan's Potions were removed, for balancing.

Gifting of weapons and armour were removed (function to gift consumable items in their place is in the works).

Malfunctioning Camera (AKA Abandoned Mine) module was removed as it was far more of a pain in the arse than it was worth.

Scrapyard was removed, replacement upcoming.

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