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2010-04-12 00:00:00: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3 ,4. . . . is this thing working?"

2010-04-13 02:25:53: Man of the people Comrade Lukas walks in, red scarf blowing around " what goes on here?"
2010-04-13 02:46:34: Man of the people Comrade Lukas looks around inspecting the sight, noticing the builder he does a friendly wave
2010-04-13 02:55:53: The Once-Wiise Ashtu smiles at Comrade Lukas and says, "Still getting organized - check back later, or distract me if you like!"
2010-04-13 02:56:42: Man of the people Comrade Lukas nods " okay later on then."
2010-04-13 10:02:22: Zel disapproves of heckling the poor Watcher, but approves of the coffee maker.

2010-04-14 00:12:16: Sweetie Ditzodia enters. She sits down, to wait.
2010-04-14 00:21:05: Sweetie Ditzodia sees Ashtu. "Greetings."
2010-04-14 00:28:59: The Once-Wiise Ashtu walks in and sees Ditzodia. "Oh, hi! Here to sign up?"
2010-04-14 00:31:47: Sweetie Ditzodia nods. "Anything to help a clanmate."
2010-04-14 00:44:37: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Wow, great! Don't have the firm dates yet - still shaking down - but unless The Watcher interferes somehow. . ." He looks around nervously. "We're gonna start off with a march. . . .
2010-04-14 00:44:50: The Once-Wiise Ashtu continues: ". . .all around the Island!"
2010-04-14 00:47:02: Sweetie Ditzodia blinks, a tad startled, then smiles. "Sounds like fun."
2010-04-14 00:47:47: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "We'll show her we mean business! Things are gonna change around here!"
2010-04-14 00:48:15: Sweetie Ditzodia leans in close and whispers. "Y'know, I think this might be the biggest thing anyone's ever done on this Island. Ever."
2010-04-14 00:54:51: The Once-Wiise Ashtu chuckles. "Well, it has been tried before, but that busybody strongarm of hers - CavemanJoe - managed to rescue her. Here, read about it in this pamphlet." http://tinyurl.com/overthro
2010-04-14 00:56:18: Sweetie Ditzodia blinks. "CMJ got involved? That's gotta mean it's big. But this time it'll work."
2010-04-14 01:00:10: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says "That's the attitude! Now, we've just gotta get the word out! I've been posting signs everywhere I can, but we need to spread by word of mouth, too, y'know?"
2010-04-14 01:00:49: Sweetie Ditzodia nods. "I know. I'll tell everyone I see. That good?"
2010-04-14 01:06:46: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says "Yeah, that'll help. I'll be posting stuff here and around the Island as plans firm up. As long as The Watcher doesn't catch up with me. . . ." He heads out for Kittania.
2010-04-14 01:09:47: Sweetie Ditzodia vanishes, going Natter-Hopping.
2010-04-14 02:59:42: ShapeShifter Da Spook walks in and looks about, seeing the potential for revolution . He grins yet again, this time so widely it leaves the confines of his face. He leaves a note saying one thing. "I'm in."
2010-04-14 19:27:11: Sloth strolls in and takes a look around. He reads the signs, helps himself to a cup of coffee, then strolls back out, he was hoping for something a little more violent.

2010-04-15 00:54:48: Micha: pokes around, curiously. Her eyes glitter and shine, black as robot carapaces. Hmm. . .
2010-04-15 02:41:51: ShapeShifter Da Spook wanders in agian. "Hello?"
2010-04-15 19:47:45: Rookie Bad Wolf notices the pamphlet lying on the floor and flips through it."It looks like this was from a previous season (what are glory points?); does it still apply?"
2010-04-15 23:51:23: Tragical Mirth Cassidy lopes in and looks around the room. She sniffs, and sighs, the scents are old. "Another time." she says, and bounds out.
2010-04-15 23:55:57: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Well, the actions and results no longer apply, of course - the point is that they tried and ultimately failed. So, it behooves us to make sure history does not repeat itself."

2010-04-16 02:53:36: Sloth decides to check in here again, he spots the filing cabinet and attempts to open it.
2010-04-16 02:57:12: Sloth laughs at himself as he figures out that the code on the post-it note is probably the code to the lock. Yup, works. He starts reading.
2010-04-16 03:00:27: Sloth finishes reading and closes and locks the cabinet. He considers, but it still undecided, he strolls back out.

2010-04-22 17:59:46: Trickster of the coyotes Comrade Lukas chuckles after reading the files, god the communist days are back in action, he leaves a Flag that was once a USSR flag, maybe the movement can make a better design

2010-04-24 15:55:43: Sweetie Ditzodia can't exactly get her head around what's going on, but she LOVES it!

2010-04-25 13:36:52: Electric Eveline Reverb giggles as she mounts a wall-cam up in the rafters. A light blinks ON and she holds up a cardboard sign for it to read. "Dear Watcher, camera installed, enjoy the show. Love, Eveline."
2010-04-25 13:39:37: Electric Eveline Reverb makes like lightning and bolts.
2010-04-25 15:01:59: The Once-Wiise Ashtu stumbles down the spiral staircase, yawning. He heads for the coffee maker.
2010-04-25 15:07:07: as a fresh pot of coffee is brewing, The Once-Wiise Ashtu unlocks the filing cabinet, opens the bottom drawer, and pushes the PLAY button on the recorder hidden there.
2010-04-25 15:12:49: suddenly wide awake, The Once-Wiise Ashtu jerks his eyes up to the rafters and spots the camera. "Damnation!" Reverb has just earned a very special place in the filing cabinet.
2010-04-25 15:26:17: The Once-Wiise Ashtu knocks the camera down with a protest sign and stomps on it, repeatedly.

2010-04-26 03:40:39: The Watcher slams into the shop and glances around. She scowls, discovering The Once-Wiise Ashtu's conspicuous absence. She notices the bulletin board and grins evilly.
2010-04-26 03:40:50: The Watcher pulls out a marker and scribbles briefly on the bulletin board. She scoops up the smashed camera from the floor and storms out.
2010-04-26 13:04:40: Electric Eveline Reverb peeks in, notices the bulletin board, and staggers back out, giggling madly.
2010-04-26 13:06:34: Electric Eveline Reverb backtracks! What is that pile of pillows over there in the corner? Why, it's Ashtu! "Oh happy, happy day. ." she mutters, looking around for a marker, and sets to work.
2010-04-26 13:09:21: Electric Eveline Reverb scribbles carefully on Ashtu's face while he's sleeping. Comments include, but are not limited to; geeky spectacles, italian facial hair, and "insert carrot here" with an arrow pointing to his ear,
2010-04-26 13:11:00: Electric Eveline Reverb considers her result, and adds "I am a #1 Watcher fan!" on his forehead, for good measure.
2010-04-26 13:11:55: Electric Eveline Reverb snickers, and lures in a tree-mounted network camera to peek through the window and broadcast this to the world.
2010-04-26 17:31:26: Expedient Catboy Conchor peeks his head in, curious as to what this place is all about. He notices whom he presumes is the place's owne-what's all that writing on that poor sleeping person?
2010-04-26 17:32:33: Expedient Catboy Conchor kneels down beside the sleeping Ashtu to have a closer look. He peers for a bit before standing back up, one eyebrow raised.
2010-04-26 17:36:29: Expedient Catboy Conchor takes a quick look around the place, noticing the decorations and all. They're quite interesting to look at. . . especial-wait, what's that out the window?
2010-04-26 17:41:01: Expedient Catboy Conchor heads over to the window to have a closer look. It's a camera! Yes! A camera! A network camera no less. He begins having a moral dilemma, what should he do?
2010-04-26 17:42:54: Expedient Catboy Conchor has an idea. He feigns apathy while he slips out. Pfft, he doesn't care. It's not his problem.
2010-04-26 17:47:45: Expedient Catboy Conchor slips a towel over the tree-mounted network camera with shouts of "AH-HAH!" He's really doing it for the hilarity, completely oblivious to the seriousness of this situation. He then dashes off.

2010-04-26 23:43:41: The Once-Wiise Ashtu stretches, yawns, and slowly rises from the floor. He staggers over to the coffee maker and starts a fresh pot. Something flapping outside the window catches his attention. Is that a towel?
2010-04-26 23:51:26: The Once-Wiise Ashtu unlocks the file cabinet and pulls the recorder out of the bottom drawer. He pushes the PLAY button and his eyes slowly get bigger. He dashes up the stairs looking for his mirror. "ARRGGH!"
2010-04-26 23:55:32: Nothing is heard for a while except the sounds of scrubbing and muttered cursing.

2010-04-27 00:06:31: The Once-Wiise Ashtu comes slowly back down the steps, still rubbing at his raw-scrubbed face. He steps out the door and walks over to the towel-draped network camera. He pulls out a BANG grenade.
2010-04-27 00:13:16: A loud BANG is heard outide the shop. The Once-Wiise Ashtu walks back in, whistling. There is no longer a network camera outside the window, but it does appear to be snowing. . . . .
2010-04-27 00:13:54: . . . . . . .shredded towel?
2010-04-27 18:45:14: Electric Eveline Reverb sneaks in, carefully placing a folded note on Ashtu's bed. "Dear Ashtu. I've billed the replacement camera to your bank account. Play nice. Love, -W-". . . mission accomplished.

2010-04-28 02:48:01: ShapeShifter Da Spook walks in. Having fun with The Watcher and her lackey?
2010-04-28 03:00:50: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Humph. Not sure I'd call it fun, but it's being enlightening."
2010-04-28 03:05:00: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "But I'm off for a bit, so they won't be bothering me. My cousin Horatio has invited me to his place for tea, so I'll likely be out of touch for a few days."
2010-04-28 03:19:31: Sweetie Ditzodia's basket skitters in.
2010-04-28 03:20:09: ShapeShifter Da Spook Is sitting about, eating a sandwich. We just missed him.
2010-04-28 03:21:39: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "um - hello?"
2010-04-28 03:22:17: Sweetie Ditzodia's basket erms and sends up a note: sry im late. i kinda gt lst.
2010-04-28 03:23:26: ShapeShifter Da Spook Sits up, "Oh, never mind, there he is."
2010-04-28 03:23:32: The Once-Wiise Ashtu looks at the walking, talking basket. "Eep!"
2010-04-28 03:24:50: Sweetie Ditzodia's basket looks up at Ashtu and sends up a note: im hrmlss!
2010-04-28 03:26:23: ShapeShifter Da Spook Yeah, Ashtu, we have a bit of a problem.
2010-04-28 03:29:11: Sweetie Ditzodia's basket nods and sends up another note: We thnk th Wtchr knws about th rbllion.
2010-04-28 03:30:51: ShapeShifter Da Spook Well, that's agiven, but worse, It seems like she has possibly taken Ditz after she defeated the Drive.
2010-04-28 03:34:13: Sweetie Ditzodia's basket sends up another note: nd if it cood hppn t Ditz, it cood hppn t nyone.
2010-04-28 03:39:24: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Ouch. Yeah, I kinda thought something was going on. I didn't think she had agents like Reverb wandering around. I thought she stuck to the failboat and her cronies."
2010-04-28 03:41:22: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Oh, well. At least now we know, and can be a little more careful. And as for me, I'm gonna go out for some tea and then lie low for a few days. . . . . . ."
2010-04-28 03:42:06: ShapeShifter Da Spook Well, yea, I suppose it should have been expected that there would be some loyalists.
2010-04-28 03:44:12: ShapeShifter Da Spook but, were still lacking one Ditzodia. . .
2010-04-28 03:44:22: Sweetie Ditzodia's basket blinks and is about to bring up Ditz, but doesn't. Ashtu & Spook know what they're doing.
2010-04-28 03:44:52: Sweetie Ditzodia's basket smiles at Spook. Yay!
2010-04-28 03:48:49: The Once-Wiise Ashtu nods. "I wouldn't worry too much about that. Been around long enough to know that if The Watcher really wants you gone, you're GONE. The fact that her basket is still around. . . . .
2010-04-28 03:49:26: The Once-Wiise Ashtu . . . . .is supposed to just send us a message, I think. Ditzi'll be back."
2010-04-28 03:51:36: Sweetie Ditzodia's basket erms and sends up a new note: We cn hope so.
2010-04-28 03:52:10: ShapeShifter Da Spook True, if the Watcher meant to destroy her, she would have eliminated all traces.
2010-04-28 03:53:57: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Anyway, I've gotta run - got to tidy up some loose ends before I go visiting, but I'll be back in a day or two. Keep an eye on the shop, wouldja?"
2010-04-28 03:54:52: Sweetie Ditzodia's basket is promptly fourthwalled.
2010-04-28 03:56:33: ShapeShifter Da Spook Righty-o.
2010-04-28 04:09:44: ShapeShifter Da Spook looks around, having been left with nothing but a comatose basket. "Uhh, right, well, let me know if you find her. Or just tell her to tell me."
2010-04-28 04:13:16: ShapeShifter Da Spook Curls up in the corner an goes to sleep.
2010-04-28 05:11:57: Contestant Sneaky: makes his way inside. Without an introduction, "I, uh. . . followed a whisper on the wind."

2010-05-01 14:48:12: The Once-Wiise Ashtu limps in, looking quite disheveled and really somewhat shorter than usual. H scrawls something on the bulletin board and limps back out.
2010-05-01 22:20:32: Zolotisty inquisitively noses through the door. She pads nearer to the printing press, which doesn't look to be terribly Dada, then scrabbles onto it.
2010-05-01 22:21:24: Zolotisty crouches there, observing the room thoughtfully. She whuffles, ears flicking, then twists to root through her pockets. Maybe in- - cabinet!
2010-05-01 22:22:26: Zolotisty's head snaps up. She bounds from the printing press to thonk affectionately into the filing cabinet. "Hullo," she says to it. It being a file cabinet, it has little to say in response.
2010-05-01 22:24:15: Zolotisty pats it. The post-it comes loose; she tilts her head and scouts about for the source of the soft papery noise. Catching it up, Z inspects it and slaps it properly back onto the cabinet.
2010-05-01 22:25:23: Zolotisty judges the effect for a moment before blinking from note to combination lock. "Ouh." She thieves her way in, rifling through files. Much she does not read. Too many words she does not know. Boring.
2010-05-01 22:27:32: Zolotisty pauses curiously at drawer two. "What is a borgiozy, cabinet." She tilts her head, then fetches up the folders. Z holds them in her mouth while she rights the drawers and locks.
2010-05-01 22:28:47: Zolotisty listens intently. She doesn't know Ashtu very well, so it will be hard to find him by ear, but she reckons he will know what a borgiozy is. "Nuohmn," she decides around the folder after a moment.
2010-05-01 22:28:59: Zolotisty sidles out.
2010-05-01 22:55:32: The Once-Wiise Ashtu stops in, on his way from ImpCent to Kittan. He notes that the coffee maker is empty, again. He sighs, and prepares a fresh pot. Thought they were gonna keep an eye on the shop.
2010-05-01 23:01:42: The Once-Wiise Ashtu cocks his head to one side, and looks around. Something just doesn't seem right. . . . . are those footprints on the printing press?
2010-05-01 23:06:21: The Once-Wiise Ashtu nervously opens the file cabinet; he has to try three times before getting the numbers right. He opens the bottom drawer and pulls out the recorder. Yup, still running. He rewinds and hits play.
2010-05-01 23:10:48: The Once-Wiise Ashtu OMG OMG OMG What to do now?? Destroy the files and deny everything?? No, too late for that. He decides to just keep moving, try to stay one step ahead of them. . . . he puts the recorder back.
2010-05-01 23:15:09: The Once-Wiise Ashtu carefully closes and relocks the file cabinet - he should change the lock now, but why bother? If Zolotisty could get in that easily, there's really no point. He continues on to Kittania.

2010-05-02 10:12:00: Electric Eveline Reverb makes funny faces at Ashtu's secret camera.

2010-05-03 09:36:23: Ninja Waffles: wanders in wondering if he should really be here, then leaves a basket filled with home made cookies and a note that read's"biulding a house next door, nice to meet the neghbor's. I think."
2010-05-03 11:36:31: Electric Eveline Reverb nabs a cookie. There's nothing much to do here, otherwise, but cookies are always worth a detour.

2010-05-09 03:53:09: Sloth strolls in to grab a cup of coffee and peruse the bulletin board.
2010-05-09 03:57:13: Sloth opens up the filing cabinet and riffles through it's contents. He spots his name under the Proletariat and sighs. There should be a better name. He takes a sip of his coffee, then strolls back out.
2010-05-09 21:43:14: Metalloidal Elemental GeTh: rifles through the files. "Blah, blah, Improbability, blah, blah, shit no one cares about. . . wait. . . what is Ditzodia's name doing in here?" He leaves, looking more concerned than usual.

2010-05-10 01:12:01: The Once-Wiise Ashtu stumbles in the door, takes a deep breath, and starts climbing the stairs.
2010-05-10 01:13:43: The Once-Wiise Ashtu slowly emerges though the floor hole, hobbles over to the bottom bunk, and collapses in exhaustion and confusion.

2010-05-10 13:09:08: Electric Eveline Reverb tosses a handful of req in an empty can, and helps herself to some coffee and a -somewhat stale- cookie. Don't mind her, she's a regular here.
2010-05-10 13:12:34: Electric Eveline Reverb peeks up from the stairs. "Huh, asleep again.. Boring bugger." She opens one of the dressers' drawers and climbs in, vanishing from sight untill her groping hand appears, and snaps it shut.

2010-05-12 00:35:35: The Once-Wiise Ashtu gradually arouses from his well-earned rest. He looks suspiciously at the dresser, listens for a moment, then quietly withdraws hammer and nails from his pack and nails the drawers shut! He smiles.
2010-05-12 16:44:07: Electric Eveline Reverb pops her head up from the stairs. "Asleep again? How on earth does he even get around to putting up all those posters like that?"
2010-05-12 16:45:34: Electric Eveline Reverb wonders why Ashtu nailed his dresser shut. Maybe he thought his pants were out to get him? Oh well, the man is barking mad anyway. She ducks down again and out of sight.

2010-05-16 22:30:44: Ninja Waffles: leaves a basket full of fresh produce. with a note card. Fresh from the Rosemont Cottage Gardens enjoy.
2010-05-16 22:59:12: The Once-Wiise Ashtu walks in, notices the basket and reads the note, whilst munching a handful of the fresh veggies. So that's why the view from his window had changed!

2010-05-27 23:29:56: ShapeShifter Da Spook Yeah, are we ever going to actually, rebel?
2010-05-28 03:11:21: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says,"Shhhhh! Yes, of course we're going to rebel, but these things take time, planning, resources - we've only just gotten the backing of one of the oldest Clans!" He nervously glances around.
2010-05-28 03:55:20: ShapeShifter Da Spook We are in a room full of Anti-Watcher propaganda. they already know.
2010-05-28 22:42:43: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "I'm sure they suspect, of course, but they don't really know know, y'know?"
2010-05-29 02:28:41: Sloth strolls in to go through the filing cabinet and look at the bulletin board.
2010-05-29 02:30:19: Sloth leans over to say to the microphone, "Oh, I think they know know. I doubt they're worried, though."
2010-05-29 05:58:53: ShapeShifter Da Spook Speaking of, clan backing, do you want I should try to gather more of that?
2010-05-30 00:45:02: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Well - I've gotten the full backing of <SUGAR> now - I dunno if any other clans will touch it."
2010-05-30 00:47:57: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Feel free to try, of course - every little bit helps!"

2010-06-02 02:50:21: The Queen of Fables Reverb scowls at the contents of this pauper's hut. It speaks of rebellion against a great and terrible queen, and such is never a good thing, in her book. Then again, few things are. . .

2010-06-03 00:58:05: The Once-Wiise Ashtu walks in.
2010-06-03 01:46:31: ShapeShifter Da Spook Hey, so, We need a name, yeah?
2010-06-03 01:59:35: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "A name? What's the matter with the The Glorious Improbable Revolution?"
2010-06-03 02:03:37: The Once-Wiise Ashtu heads back out for Kittania.

2010-06-07 02:29:04: The Once-Wiise Ashtu storms back into his shop. How dare she! That - that woman! That Queen of Fables! Try to subvert him and soil the Revolution!
2010-06-07 02:32:12: The Once-Wiise Ashtu files the transcript of the foul meeting in the proper drawer and storms off again.
2010-06-07 09:50:57: Lieutenant Badass Unfairlady: peeks in, looking slightly worried. She notices Ashtu, frowns then sets about laboriously writing an encrypted note, which she signs with a riddle. The riddle points to a place.
2010-06-07 09:51:51: Lieutenant Badass Unfairlady places another cryptic note in that place and end it with another riddle, that points to another place. The last note, thus hidden, contains the code for the first.
2010-06-07 09:54:00: Lieutenant Badass Unfairlady:'s first note, would read, if properly decrypted, something like "I'd be more careful if I were you. There are things better left unsaid there,in the open. Signed: A friend, perhaps, but who knows"

2010-06-08 00:18:10: The Once-Wiise Ashtu awakes and stretches. A good sleep, after that ridiculous affair with that ridiculous Queen of Fables.
2010-06-08 00:22:29: The Once-Wiise Ashtu sees what appears to be a note leaning on his mirror. He reads it - or tries to read it - scratches his head, turns it upside down, and tries to read it again. A code. . . . .?
2010-06-08 00:25:59: The Once-Wiise Ashtu has a flash of insight and scampers down the stairs. He returns a bit later, still a little puzzled, and perhaps a little more worried than usual.

2010-06-09 05:57:11: ShapeShifter Da Spook walks in and shuffles through the files some more. He glances at the transcript and mutters "Stand strong brah, resist the temptation. . . . .

2010-06-11 22:02:11: Paste-pot calliaphone peeks in, dragging a tin-opener on a bit of string. seeing no tinned foods in evidence, she departs.

2010-06-12 14:42:08: The Once-Wiise Ashtu places a can of leeches on the filing cabinet, just for calliaphone!
2010-06-12 16:19:10: Paste-pot calliaphone, passing this way again (because she is lost, as usual), looks in and blinks. this place looks familiar! hasn't she been here before?
2010-06-12 16:23:00: Paste-pot calliaphone spies a filing cabinet. She frowns. Is this the GERM administrator's office? Is she still in Dunbernarding? She knows the hall is big, but she could've sworn. . .
2010-06-12 16:24:24: Paste-pot calliaphone takes in the posters on the wall. Now wait a minute. Whisplaw doesn't have posters. He has complaint letters and lost property and memos about not putting food items in the laundry chute and. . .oooh!
2010-06-12 16:25:31: Paste-pot calliaphone has spotted a tin of . . . something. She bounces forward, dragging her tin-opener on its string. "Look! Egbert, a TIN of . . . whassthisthen?"
2010-06-12 16:27:22: Paste-pot calliaphone picks up the canned leeches, and examines it eagerly. the picture is a little off-putting. but the label is at least easy to read. "LEECHES!" she says. "Egbert! Look! we gots LEECHES!"
2010-06-12 16:28:25: Paste-pot calliaphone's tin-opener does not reply. Callia seems unperturbed. She crouches down and shows him the can of leeches. "you wanna open it now, or later?" Still, he remains silent.
2010-06-12 16:29:42: Paste-pot calliaphone sighs. "alright, if you're gonna be like that, we'll do it later." she tucks the leeches into her pack and straightens up. "lessgo, get you some exercise, huh? loosen up those hinges a bit."
2010-06-12 16:33:29: Paste-pot calliaphone departs, dragging Egbert after her. On the threshold she pauses, looking back. What is this place? What're all those posters with words all over'em?
2010-06-12 16:34:46: Paste-pot calliaphone wishes people'd write in blueprints more and words less. but people are tricksy like that. with a shrug, she's out and away, tripping over her feet as she goes.

2010-07-05 21:05:16: ShapeShifter Da Spook Not much going on here, yeah?
2010-07-05 22:22:16: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Only on the surface, my friend - I have been quietly researching some of our 'friends' history here on the island, discovering their weaknesses, and am even now devising a way to. . . . .
2010-07-05 22:26:27: The Once-Wiise Ashtu continues ". . . .strike at certain of them in a particularly devastating manner."
2010-07-05 23:41:10: ShapeShifter Da Spook And when might we do that, hmmmm? growin' listless I am.

2010-07-06 03:28:16: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Patience - it will be soon, and it will be dramatic."

2010-07-08 00:03:39: The Once-Wiise Ashtu enters his shop with a look of determination on his face. Today, it starts. He sets the already prepared type in the press, carefully rolls out the ink, and places the first sheet of paper.
2010-07-08 00:04:10: The Once-Wiise Ashtu cycles the press, and replaces the paper with a fresh sheet. And again. And again. Until he has eight copies. One for each outpost. Or rather, one for each empty laboratory. . . . . . .
2010-07-08 00:17:33: The Once-Wiise Ashtu gathers the eight copies under his arm, and strides out the door.

2010-07-08 23:50:33: The Once-Wiise Ashtu walks in, looking tired but pleased. He unlocks the filing cabinet, opens the second drawer, and adds a new file. He closes the drawer and spins the lock dial.
2010-07-08 23:52:30: The Once-Wiise Ashtu stands in front of the bulletin board in deep thought for a moment, then adds another brief note. He turns and walks back out the door.

2010-07-10 00:44:43: The Once-Wiise Ashtu ambles in, thumbing his fine, new card case. He glances at the bulletin board and does a double take, then a TRIPLE take. There is a new sign up, but not one of his making. It reads:
2010-07-10 00:51:46: The Once-Wiise Ashtu takes a step closer, and sees a smudged, battered old four of diamonds stapled to the bulletin board under the hand-lettered sign.

2010-07-11 21:48:26: Major General bonzo Well, I found the place. Where am I again?
2010-07-11 21:53:09: The Once-Wiise Ashtu ambles in from Kittania, with an unsettled feeling, as if something just wasn't right. Like. . .like reality was slighty skewed, or something. He sees Major General bonzo waiting quietly.
2010-07-11 21:53:19: Major General bonzo dozes off for a minute. It's been a long day
2010-07-11 21:54:56: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Greetings, General! Here to sign up?"
2010-07-11 22:01:24: Major General bonzo wakes up with a start
2010-07-11 22:01:34: Major General bonzo That was the idea
2010-07-11 22:02:02: Major General bonzo saw your message in the Clan Hall when I was in Pleasantville so I came over straight away
2010-07-11 22:05:37: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Well, we'll just have to wait and see. Something's been bothering me all day, just not sure what. . . . ."
2010-07-11 22:07:36: Major General bonzo guess we'll just have to wait and see then
2010-07-11 22:08:20: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "It may be the fact that my evil younger twin sister showed up on the Island today, but I dunno. . . . . there's something else. . . . ."
2010-07-11 22:13:14: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "I understand she's calling herself The Wiicked sAshtu. Argh."
2010-07-11 22:15:33: Major General bonzo sounds like trouble
2010-07-11 22:19:40: A tallish man in a dark cutaway suit with a white vest walks in the door. He is balancing a covered plate of fine blue and white china on one hand.
2010-07-11 22:20:21: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Yeah, well, she's . . . .difficult. . . . ever since she was born, about ten years after me."
2010-07-11 22:21:22: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Welcome to my shop, good sir! How may I help you?"
2010-07-11 22:21:23: The man says deferentially, "Good evening, good sirs. Do I have the privilege of addressing The Once-Wiise Ashtu?"
2010-07-11 22:23:24: The Once-Wiise Ashtu frowns just a bit and says, "I am he. Do I know you?"
2010-07-11 22:24:51: Major General bonzo that's appropriately imprablable having a twin that's ten years younger
2010-07-11 22:25:39: Major General bonzo decides to shut up and see what developes.
2010-07-11 22:25:44: The Once-Wiise Ashtu shushes the General impatiently.
2010-07-11 22:26:07: Major General bonzo the time je's spent on teh island has left him wary of strangers
2010-07-11 22:29:35: The man mentions his name. It might have been Holland, hard to say. He reaches into his breast pocket and pulls out a familiar piece of paper. "Was this from you?"
2010-07-11 22:34:29: The Once-Wiise Ashtu snatches the paper from the man's hand. It reads:
2010-07-11 22:34:42: _"HORATIO - I need to speak with you about one of our mutual friends, and one of our mutual enemies. I wish to propose a deal that may interest you.
2010-07-11 22:35:22: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Yes, this is mine. How did you come by it?"
2010-07-11 22:41:38: Butler Extraordinaire Hallam says dryly, "You left it in the Laboratory near AceHigh. That is not an unfrequented place. May I inquire which persons you are referring to here?
2010-07-11 22:46:07: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "And what business is that of yours? I left that note there for a specific . . .person. . . - and his name is NOT Hesiod!"
2010-07-11 22:58:38: The Once-Wiise Ashtu crumples the paper in his fist.
2010-07-11 23:04:42: Butler Extraordinaire Hampton smiles in a superior way. "Indeed. Did you expect a message of Improbably Burny Fire writ in the sky?"
2010-07-11 23:09:01: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Look, Hektor, I don't know you are, or what you're trying to pull, but you might as well just forget about it. That message was for one person, and one only. So get out of my shop!"
2010-07-11 23:14:38: Butler Extraordinaire Holden looks about the'shop,' taking in the many painted slogans against the Watcher. Perhaps a different approach would be more fruitful. . .
2010-07-11 23:20:13: Fellow Revolutionary Hans hitches up his grubby work pants. "Hey mate. That Watcher is too much, i'nt she? You're set to do something about it. Just want to say, count me in!"
2010-07-11 23:24:52: The Once-Wiise Ashtu grins says, "Yes, indeed! It's high time we knocked her off her perch! Good to meet a person of such a like mind-set, Heracles. Now, how may I help you?"
2010-07-11 23:29:42: Fellow Revolutionary Hank grins back. "More like, how c'n I help you? You've got a plan, I c'n see from that there paper. An' mebbe I got, like, connections, y'know."
2010-07-11 23:38:26: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "You mean - you mean - you're the. . ." Ashtu starts giggling. ". . .the. . ." Ashtu starts outright laughing. ". . .Improba. . . . . ." Ashtu is now laughing so hard he is crying. . . . . .
2010-07-11 23:38:39: The Once-Wiise Ashtu just can't bring himself to say it. He wipes his eyes and says, "Right. Oh, this is just too improbable. Okay, what have you got to offer?"
2010-07-11 23:44:29: Fellow Revolutionary Howie looks cagey. "Didn't say that. But I bin on this Island a real long time. Y'gets t' know stuff. How t'pull strings, make things happen, y'unnerstand."
2010-07-11 23:48:40: Fellow Revolutionary Hughie puts his scratched, dented lunch bucket down on the desk. (What, it was always a lunch bucket. Wasn't it?) "So - 'friends and enemies' - what's the plan?"
2010-07-11 23:57:31: Major General bonzo sits in the, listening with considerable interest
2010-07-11 23:57:32: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Yeah, yeah, okay." and wipes his eyes. "I've heard a certain . .person. . might appreciate having a thorn removed from his - its - side. Well, obviously, we can't do that directly. . . ."
2010-07-11 23:58:48: Major General bonzo bit thinks that letting Ashtu handle things is definitely the best plan
2010-07-12 00:00:40: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, ". . .but I think that if we, perhaps, take one of The Watcher's henchman down a peg or two - it might show her we mean business. I'm thinking specifically of that toady,. . . . ."
2010-07-12 00:02:04: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, ". . . .Count Sessine. Know who I'm talking about?"
2010-07-12 00:11:44: Fellow Revolutionary Herman nods. "Hoity-toity bastard, thinks he's too good fer the rest of us. All Joker-y, walkin' on air, him with his DICE badge and fancy mod goggles."
2010-07-12 00:13:20: Fellow Revolutionary Harris says, "But how could we take him down a peg? You got an idea, right?"
2010-07-12 00:21:08: The Once-Wiise Ashtu nods at Hussein. "That's where I think that a certain . .person. . . . .with a good grip on - shall we say, complete control over, Improbable Happenings - may be able to help us out, hmmm?"
2010-07-12 00:24:42: An Acephalous Alik hears the talk from outside as he passes by and watches in through one of the windows from outside, patiently.
2010-07-12 00:29:05: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Everybody knows Sessine has been a Joker at least forever, right? Suppose - just suppose - that this . . .person. . . accidently, of course. . . changed Sessine into. . . oh, say,. . ."
2010-07-12 00:30:43: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, ". . .a Robot?" Ashtu grins evilly.
2010-07-12 00:33:11: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "And I just to happen to have here. . . . ." Ashtu spins the dial on the filing cabinet and opens the bottom drawer. ". . .five pounds of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans. . ."
2010-07-12 00:33:54: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, ". . . .and I've heard that a certain . .person. . has a weakness for fine beverages, hmmmmmmm?"
2010-07-12 00:36:57: The Once-Wiise Ashtu eyes Hotaka, waiting for an answer.
2010-07-12 00:39:09: Fellow Revolutionary Hartwell screws up his mouth comically. "Welll. Wouldn't call it a weakness, exactly. A field of experiment, might be a better way of sayin' it."
2010-07-12 00:43:58: Fellow Revolutionary Heyward says, "Probably we should sample it first, make sure it's a good batch. As fer the other thing, mebbe it could be arranged. . . "
2010-07-12 00:47:39: The Once-Wiise Ashtu pulls the bag of beans from the drawer, and casually flips it to Hikaru. "Take your time. Medium roast, by the way. I do detest bitter coffee."
2010-07-12 00:47:59: Fellow Revolutionary Henning thinks about it. "See, the problem is, Sessine has been through that meeting so many times, if it's the usual, he gets to choose. We'd. . ."
2010-07-12 01:03:38: Fellow Revolutionary Havelock says, "We'd need to catch him away from the usual place. In an outpost, say. Y'know, I may have just the thing right here!" He pats the lunchbox.
2010-07-12 01:09:03: Fellow Revolutionary Howell hefts the coffee. "But first, let's, er, check out the quality. . . You have a coffee-maker here. Brew us up a batch."
2010-07-12 01:18:43: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Righto!" He pulls a small grinder and jug of spring water out of the drawer and busies himself at the coffee maker. Grind it fine, add dash of salt. . . HOTHOT water. . . .drip drip drip. . .
2010-07-12 01:23:53: The Once-Wiise Ashtu pulls an assortment of coffee mugs out of the drawer, along with honey, cane sugar, sweet cream and soy milk. He arranges them all carefully, steps back and gestures grandly. "Enjoy, all!"
2010-07-12 01:27:34: Major General bonzo pours himself a mug and adds a sprinkle of sugar
2010-07-12 01:28:22: Major General bonzo takes a sip and sighs appreciatively
2010-07-12 01:28:34: Major General bonzo That's some good coffee
2010-07-12 01:32:53: Fellow Revolutionary Hanson plucks Ashtu's tail-mug, pours coffee, hands it back to him. "Allow me. Get Sessine to sink his teeth into what's in there. Then stand back."
2010-07-12 01:35:54: The taste of the coffee from the mug is. . . dizzying. By the time Ashtu's eyes focus again, the visitor is gone. So are the Jamaica Blue Mountain beans.
2010-07-12 01:37:36: The lunchbox, however, remains. And Ashtu vaguely recalls that the visitor's last gesture was in that direction.
2010-07-12 01:41:21: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Um, look, Hehewuti. . . . . . ." and eyes the scratched, dented lunch bucket dubiously.
2010-07-12 01:42:27: The Once-Wiise Ashtu looks up. "Hlengiwe? where'd you go?"
2010-07-12 01:46:21: The Once-Wiise Ashtu scratches his head. He picks up one of the regular mugs, fills it with coffee. Yup, tastes like really good coffee.
2010-07-12 01:49:20: The Once-Wiise Ashtu picks up his personal mug again, that he had watched the . . .person. . . - what was his name?- fill from the same pot.
2010-07-12 01:49:35: Major General bonzo that was interesting
2010-07-12 01:49:59: The Once-Wiise Ashtu sniffs the brew. It - smells - different. Impossible, of course, he made it just the same as he always does. He takes a sip. . . . . "WHOA!! That - that actually tastes as good as it smells!!"
2010-07-12 01:52:05: Major General bonzo finishes his coffee, more than a little glad he'd poured it himself
2010-07-12 01:52:39: Major General bonzo I'm looking forward to finding out what's going to happen next
2010-07-12 01:54:10: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Well. Hm. Um. Yes, well. I guess. . . . . I guess we wait for a chance to offer Count Sessine some coffee, eh?" He closes his eyes and just sniffs.
2010-07-12 01:57:56: Major General bonzo I guess so
2010-07-12 01:58:22: Major General bonzo well, if you don't mind, I'm going to find a quiet corner and catch up on some sleep
2010-07-12 01:58:38: Major General bonzo looks like things might be getting abit busy
2010-07-12 02:01:18: Major General bonzo props homself up in the corner and is immediately fast asleep
2010-07-12 02:02:25: The Once-Wiise Ashtu waits a few moments, then picks up the lunch bucket. He looks Major General bonzo and then An Acephalous Alik directly in the eyes. "I think - I'll put this somewhere. .safe."
2010-07-12 02:03:28: The Once-Wiise Ashtu walks out of the shop.

2010-07-18 22:49:29: The Once-Wiise Ashtu comes in, carrying a scratched, dented lunch bucket. He opens it carefully and finds - a cinnamon bun? "What kind of weapon is. . . . . . . . . ahh."
2010-07-18 22:54:02: The Once-Wiise Ashtu thinks deeply for a few minutes - he has a vague memory - was it maybe. . . . he unlocks and rummages through the filing cabinet. "Yes! There it is!"
2010-07-18 22:56:33: The Once-Wiise Ashtu lifts a fine blue and white china serving dish, with a perfectly fitted cover. He transfers the cinnamon bun from the lunch bucket to the dish, and places them carefully under his hat.
2010-07-18 22:57:48: The Once-Wiise Ashtu smiles and heads out the door, making for the outpost.

2010-07-19 00:08:32: Mostly harmless Freya: hmm nothing on the B-board. Hmmmm :(
2010-07-19 14:31:35: Mostly harmless Freya: Another day, still no card on B-board
2010-07-19 18:05:10: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Perhaps an out-of-kilter day, Freya? I guarantee there are cards being posted."
2010-07-19 18:07:18: The Wiicked sAshtu says, "Me, too, Freya!"

2010-07-20 07:20:25: ShapeShifter Da Spook :is intrigued by the sudden arrival of a She- Ashtu, but is quickly distracted by a card on the board. Score!
2010-07-20 10:20:46: Mostly harmless Freya: Day three and again no card on the board for me. And no, it's not an out-of-kilter day. Hmmm, improbable.
2010-07-20 15:31:35: Mostly harmless Freya: Day 4 and no cards on the B-Board yet. The amusement value of trains is becoming dubious.
2010-07-20 15:42:36: Mostly harmless Freya: Finally! Day 5 and finally I see a card pinned to the B-board. I'm not too keen on the 1/5 odds tho.

2010-07-21 17:19:06: ShapeShifter Da Spook Joker on the board, mine!

2010-07-24 03:21:47: First Sergeant Hamsterhuey: Woot! What luck! You find a smudged, battered old playing card stapled to the bulletin board under a hand-lettered sign that says EVIDENCE OF BOURGEOIS OPPRESSION. My first! :)

2010-07-25 15:31:43: The Once-Wiise Ashtu IMPROBABLE NEWS FLASH! The Watcher and the contestants possibly known as Reverb and Chimental are implicated in an Island-wide rookie abatement program!
2010-07-25 23:22:27: ShapeShifter Da Spook :Listens for a minute and scoffs "Ha!That's news? That's expected behavior from the Watcher, and i think Chimental probably eats at least three a day.

2010-07-26 19:18:15: The Figure known as Chimental may or may not have been by, and he may or may not have taken a bulletin off the wall.

2010-07-28 02:11:16: Rookie Salad wonders if this is a good idea. From what he gathered from that Watcher lady, she doesn't take kindly to people that step out of line. The Watcher-Plonker division and all that.
2010-07-28 02:11:53: Rookie Salad: :shrugs. It's as good a place as any to sleep though. At least it has a roof.
2010-07-28 11:41:23: The Architectrix Indika: "Rookie salad? Isn't that what they serve as an appetizer?"
2010-07-28 11:59:36: White Lady Eveline Reverb nabs a Joker-card from the bulletin board!

2010-07-29 22:52:20: Rookie Sinbad : Grins I think im gunna like this place

2010-07-30 14:29:23: Rookie Salad would not like being eaten, thankyouverrymuch. .
2010-07-30 16:43:21: ShapeShifter Da Spook If that's true, my good Salad, then you are on the wrong island.

2010-07-31 17:12:43: Card Collecting Alik rushes through, nevously looking for any cards. "I know you're HERE! wherewherewhereWHERE?!" He twitches, realizing that it must have been taken and runs out.

2010-08-02 04:29:32: Cuisinier Micha slinks in, nose a-twitch. Wall-hugging, she palms a bulletin and crumples it into her pack. Pitter-patter out through the door, quickquick while holding her arm in front of her face. Sneaky cameras.

2010-08-03 20:00:38: ShapeShifter Da Spook watches people come and go. "Hrpmh. seems all people use this place for anymore is the cards."
2010-08-03 21:04:03: White Lady Eveline Reverb protests that. She uses it to spy on Ashtu.

2010-08-08 18:46:59: The Once-Wiise Ashtu skips in the door and stops at the bulletin board. He scribbles a hasty note and pins it to the top of the board with a spork:
2010-08-08 18:51:40 BASTARD _RANK!

2010-08-09 01:24:14: Watchers Agent Eve Reverb grins, and adds; "We know you are, we just assumed we needn't tell you."
2010-08-09 01:25:33: Watchers Agent Eve Reverb found herself a bed! And Ashtu's bed, nonetheless. Oh, the things she can do with some carefully manipulated footage of this.
2010-08-09 12:13:13: The Once-Wiise Ashtu totally agrees. Carefully manipulated footage of his boot making contact with Eveline's arse, and her bouncing down the spiral staircase.

2010-08-10 06:46:05: Rookie Trones looks around at the papers, clippings, and other miscellaneous postings. Realizing the subject matter, he gets rather nervous and begins backing away stealthily.
2010-08-10 06:47:07: Rookie Trones spends enough time on the Failboat that being seen in this place could have very dire consequences. Very dire indeed.

2010-08-15 01:33:52: Agent of the Watcher Reverb is on patrol. Okay, so Asthu's place is the only one on her list of suspected breeding grounds of the insurgent. But still. Patrol.
2010-08-15 01:35:03: Agent of the Watcher Reverb wonders if it's mating season yet. She'd love to catch a young Insurgent and see if she can house-train it.

2010-08-16 18:03:00: TabbyMorph Buddleia sneaks in yet again, disguised as a not-very-insurgent-just-looking-honest-guv with a notebook and officious expression.

2010-08-25 05:06:10: The Architectrix Indika fixes a new pot of coffee. And steals some Nescafe crystals.

2010-08-29 23:32:57: Rookie Trones sets down a pound of hand roasted whole Columbian beans, and a grinder. Attached is a note that reads, "As thanks for your hospitality. If She asks, I was never here. . . - Anonymous"

2010-08-31 05:11:30: Rookie Trones tidies up a bit and finds Spilled Coffee Beans, what luck! Once these have been through the digestive tract of a Kittymorph, they can be quite valuable to so called "coffee connoisseurs!"
2010-08-31 16:35:13: The Wiicked sAshtu says, "Ah, yes - coffee toffee from a shitty kitty."

2010-09-08 09:44:12: Lord Iriri: :stops in to pick up a playing card, and thoughtfully pauses to start a fresh pot of coffee brewing.

2010-09-09 04:29:11: Sneaky coyote Comrade Lukas: :wipes his feet on the rug before entering, SEE HE LISTENS
2010-09-09 17:36:47: Contestant Trones does some cleaning, such as sweeping, and wiping down the coffee table. Unfortunately, he's recently had some bad luck with the Skronky pot, so the odor left behind rather negates the cleaning. . .

2010-09-11 06:23:31: General doppelheathen lies on one of the beds, one of his arms carefully positioned so that the hand points directly to the four stars on his shoulder, in case you missed it for the umpteenth time.
2010-09-11 21:51:07: Sergeant brandi wanders in and steps up to the file cabinate. she spends a few minutes leafing through the documents, the turns and waves to one of the cameras. when she finishes reading she closes the cabinet.
2010-09-11 21:52:46: Sergeant brandi grabs a mug and pours herself some coffee. her face twists in disgust as she tastes it. "Yech, this must be days old" she finds the supplies and starts another pot.
2010-09-11 21:53:03: Sergeant brandi gets distracted and heads out before the pot is done brewing.

2010-09-15 00:26:36: Still-Huggable Lynne comes in and climbs upstairs to find a bed to pass out in.
2010-09-15 00:27:04: Still-Huggable Lynne comes in, practically crawling on the floor, and collapses in a bed, passing out.
2010-09-15 01:13:19: Still-Huggable Lynne wakes up, well rested from her sleep and hops out of the bed. She skips down the stairs.
2010-09-15 01:13:34: Still-Huggable Lynne skips down the stairs and out the door.

2010-09-16 07:36:33: Contestant Trones stops in, and reads through a few files. After analyzing the coffee, he cleans up a bit and brews a fresh pot.
2010-09-16 14:26:43: Rookie Jaccorbeau does a double-take. She could've sworn the Marraketch was northwest from here? Maybe she got turned around going up those spiral stairs. . .

2010-09-17 23:08:54: Head of the Fan Club Sita bounces in with a large bag of special Kittania roasted coffee beans. She sets them next to the coffee maker with a note "Thanx for watchin' tha Watcher. Hope ya like tha special blend!"

2010-09-26 17:01:51: Agent of the Watcher Reverb pins a poster to the wall. It appears to be a screencap from the Network camera's showing Ashtu on a sunny morning, waking up to the attention of kittania's catnip-addled inhabitants. Oh my!
2010-09-26 21:25:04: Alaire Elie shuffles in, eyes scanning the room. He stares at the rookie for a while, nervously, before turning his attentions to the nearby signs.
2010-09-26 21:36:55: Alaire Elie shuffles over to the printing press, which he eyes with interest. Then to the bulletin board. His eyes shift over to the spiral staircase. He considers it.

2010-09-29 22:27:40: Buddleia stops in with a stack of cheap paper, hoping Ashtu won't mind someone using his printing press. She runs off dozens of the usual fliers for rookies - won't do to run out of those.

2010-09-30 00:01:47: The Once-Wiise Ashtu notices that someone seems to have been using his printing press. Good, it's been kind of idle lately - needs the exercise.

2010-10-01 03:16:58: Trones saunters in. Noticing the neglected coffee, rolls a single six sided die upon the table. It comes to a stop, having bounced off the air at the edge of the table. It's uppermost surface shows...
2010-10-01 03:19:25: Trones pauses. As he examines the freshly rolled die, the seven pips he thought he saw vanish as an urn of Dark Roasted Guatemalan Blend Whole Bean coffee takes it's place.
2010-10-01 03:22:37: Trones is quite satisfied with this. His few novice tries at creating coffee rendered Tariyaki Cocoa beans, Habenero green tea, and something that smelled like bleach and looked like jelly beans...

2010-10-03 01:34:55: Very Huggable Lynne skips in and flits upstairs in a haze of exhaustion.
2010-10-03 01:36:03: Very Huggable Lynne skips upstairs and collapses on a bed, exhausted.
2010-10-03 17:26:22: The Submissive Xel Unknown pays the place a vist. . . . "Wish I could for once meet someone hang'n out here. Oh well. . . At lest I got another Card."
2010-10-03 20:02:01: Very Huggable Lynne wakes up, feeling refreshed, and skips downstairs.
2010-10-03 20:02:30: Very Huggable Lynne skips down the stairs and out the door.
2010-10-03 20:48:32: The Once-Wiise Ashtu beat Lynne in from next door!
2010-10-03 20:50:54: Very Huggable Lynne skips in and races upstairs.
2010-10-03 20:51:58: Very Huggable Lynne skips upstairs and flops into a bed.
2010-10-03 21:02:09: Very Huggable Lynne hops out of bed and skips downstairs.
2010-10-03 21:14:46: Very Huggable Lynne skips down the stairs and out the door.
2010-10-03 23:32:09: Alaire Elie skips in, setting a sheaf of evidence papers on Ashtu's filing cabinet. They detail a plot to draft rookies into force cleaning labour in NewHome.
2010-10-03 23:33:23: Alaire Elie flips through the papers. Black-haired woman with a golden mechanical orb for an eye. Calls herself the Watchwoman. Tricks rookies into labour by tempting with promises of cookies.
2010-10-03 23:34:18: Alaire Elie taps the edges of the sheaf, straightening the pages into alignment. He glances about furtively, nods, and scampers out again.

2010-10-04 01:30:51: Clockwork OCD Alik lays back and cracks open a chronosphere.

2010-10-09 03:55:13: Returning Contestant DDR Hey, are these single beds really single, or are they lumped together in the middle of the room to form one giant bed?
2010-10-09 03:56:09: Returning Contestant DDR Either way, I'm sleeping on one.
2010-10-09 03:57:53: Returning Contestant DDR I mean, I know they're up against the walls, but how big is the room?
2010-10-09 04:02:41: Returning Contestant DDR lays down on a dart. "Bloody hell! Who left that here?", he says, throwing the dart at the watcher.

2010-10-16 05:43:38: Very Huggable Lynne skips in, covered in paint. She skips up the stairs, whistling.
2010-10-16 05:44:54: Very Huggable Lynne skips up the stairs and hops into a bed. Hopefully the paint she's currently covered in is dry. She falls asleep fairly quickly.
2010-10-16 06:24:18: Civilian DDR pens a note and posts it on the door. It reads simply: "What happened?"
2010-10-16 06:29:31: Civilian DDR crawls into a bed, half-dead from exhaustion. It is 8:30 am, and he has been out all night.
2010-10-16 20:24:27: Very Huggable Lynne hops out of bed and skips down the stairs, pausing only briefly to tilt her head at the note, wondering what it's referring to.
2010-10-16 20:24:57: Very Huggable Lynne skips down the stairs and out the door.

2010-10-17 06:27:43: Civilian DDR: Ah, I was wondering what you were painting. I found out, actually. The wall wasn't dry yet.
2010-10-17 06:28:43: Civilian DDR: Running around nekkid has it's. . . disadvantages.

2010-10-18 23:09:48: The Once-Wiise Ashtu gives DDR a what-are-you-talking-about look. "Really? I've never noticed any disadvantages. Have you, Sis?"
2010-10-18 23:09:53: The Wiicked sAshtu says, "Nope, I've always been good with it."

2010-10-20 05:06:38: Alaire Elie pokes a head around the doorjamb.
2010-10-20 05:11:41: Contestant Jenkins: Hello
2010-10-20 05:13:11: Contestant Jenkins: you there?
2010-10-20 05:13:23: Alaire Elie nips inside and pokes a head back out to make sure that no one has followed. Apparently no one has, or at least no one that Alaire can see. "Good. Safe." The door is closed behind them. "Looks like Ashtu's not in, though."
2010-10-20 05:16:39: Contestant Jenkins: I think ive met him on the failboat. . .
2010-10-20 05:22:40: Contestant Jenkins: Alaire?
2010-10-20 05:24:07: Alaire Elie: Sorry! Got snatched away! Back now!
2010-10-20 05:26:31: Contestant Jenkins: Mkay
2010-10-20 05:28:04: Alaire Elie looks decidedly interested. "Have you really? I haven't, unfortunately. Keep missing him. Nattered at him once, and meant to meet him here, but I must've gotten the time wrong."
2010-10-20 05:29:49: Contestant Jenkins: Yes, he and his sister do show alot of "love"
2010-10-20 05:32:50: Alaire Elie takes a seat at one of the couches. "Nnn. Seen some recordings of that." A hand waves towards the bulletin and filing cabinet. "Sister don't seem like the good sort." Alair does not mince words.
2010-10-20 05:35:06: Contestant Jenkins "She seemed. . ."picks his words carefully knowing he might be being recorded right now "somewhat blunt"
2010-10-20 05:39:57: Alaire Elie scowls and draws pyjama'd knees up. "An' Watcher friendly. Or just likes to mess with 'er brother. Bad news, that one. So. . .y've met Ashtu then? What's he like?"
2010-10-20 05:42:14: Contestant Jenkins shrugs "I dont really know I havent really talken to him, I just saw him around on the failboat, getting offered to the 'fail whale' by his sister"
2010-10-20 05:44:40: Alaire Elie stares, obviously quite alarmed. "The fail whale? Not hear of this. You seen it? This some creature o' Hers?"
2010-10-20 05:47:25: Contestant Jenkins nods "Yes ive seen it, I dont think it was hers but now I have a question for you, are you a guy or a girl?"
2010-10-20 05:48:17: Contestant Jenkins slaps a typo gremlin "hers"
2010-10-20 05:51:36: Alaire Elie just stares at Jenkins for a full ten seconds. Then, "Why's it matter?" Pause. "Don' mean to sount hostile or anythin'. Just don' put much stock into gender, y'know? People are people."
2010-10-20 05:53:51: Contestant Jenkins says "Human nature, you allways need to know more ya know? Knowing more is what makes the world go round"
2010-10-20 05:55:08: Alaire Elie considers that answer, violet eyes unblinking. It is an acceptable answer. "Don't got a gender right now. Bloody Drive made sure of it. Don't miss it none, though."
2010-10-20 05:56:50: Contestant Jenkins "Now that raises more then a few scientific questions"
2010-10-20 05:57:51: Alaire Elie frowns, but isn't angered, just curious. "Like what?"
2010-10-20 05:59:14: Contestant Jenkins points down to the crotch "Your urinary tract for starters"
2010-10-20 06:01:26: Alaire Elie just stares, expression completely blank. "I have one." And that is all that's offered on that. Alaire blinks.
2010-10-20 06:02:53: Contestant Jenkins points to the head "Then there is your hormones"
2010-10-20 06:04:28: Alaire Elie shrugs. "Got enough to keep whatever kinda biology I need for life goin'. Dunno beyond that. Never tested blood or anything."
2010-10-20 06:05:00: Alaire Elie: Or maybe it's Improbability keepin' me goin'. Could be anything in this place, y'know.
2010-10-20 06:06:33: Contestant Jenkins puts his hand down "If you ever do, tell me"
2010-10-20 06:07:58: Contestant Jenkins: Yeah, im still getting used to how weird everything can get
2010-10-20 06:08:31: Alaire Elie nodnods, and relaxes a bit. Alair can respect scientific curiosity! "Will do! D'y know anyplace I could get that tested 'round here?"
2010-10-20 06:09:18: Alaire Elie cracks a smile. "You'll get used t'it pretty fast. You either do, or you get gone an' no-one sees you again. Don't want that t'happen to you."
2010-10-20 06:10:40: Contestant Jenkins: No, but im sure there are some deviously brilliant people around here who would be more then willing to try it, ive met a few genius's here allready
2010-10-20 06:13:07: Alaire Elie ohhs, and is assuredly curious about that. "Who? And are they friendly enough and not like to get me killed none?"
2010-10-20 06:16:45: Contestant Jenkins: I only remember one of their names, girl named KFish, a rookie who keeps mumbleing about pi. Shes assuredly insane and tends to start talking in rhymes. Fun to try to outrhyme her if you wanna kill some time
2010-10-20 06:19:05: Contestant Jenkins: Lookie there, im still rhymeing on accident
2010-10-20 06:19:45: Alaire Elie blinks. "Oh." Pause. "Not one I'd trust with a needle near my arm. But does sound like fun." Another pause. "Don't get out much though. Too 'fraid of Her. She's had officials lookin' fer me before, y'know."
2010-10-20 06:20:15: Alaire Elie grins. "Rhymin' must be catching."
2010-10-20 06:22:40: Contestant Jenkins gets up "If you got a hair cut and some coloured contacts and they probably wouldnt notice you, but I got to go kill some monsters before I go to sleep, ill seeya later"
2010-10-20 06:24:12: Alaire Elie considers that advice, and waves goodbye to Jenkins. That was a most enjoyable meeting, yes indeed. "Thanks!"
2010-10-20 23:56:48: The Once-Wiise Ashtu stumbles down the steps, yawning and scratching. He starts a fresh pot of coffee brewing, unlocks the filing cabinet, and pulls out the recorder. He pushes and catches up on the latest goings-on in his shop. He chuckles and pours his coffee.

2010-10-21 00:05:08: The Once-Wiise Ashtu looks at the sheaf of papers still sitting on top of the filing cabinet. He picks them up and glances at them again. Nope, they're still some language he's never seen before. He wonders again when Alaire Elie will actually get around to explaining.
2010-10-21 05:40:50: Alaire Elie does not actually know that the papers need any explaining. Alaire, alas, cannot read echoes, and Ashtu has said nothing about needing explaining!

2010-10-22 00:18:21: The Once-Wiise Ashtu pauses in his search for a left-handed ganutzen valve and looks again at the papers on the file cabinet, now starting to gather dust. He scratches his head and wonders if the message he left for Alaire Elie ever actually got noticed.
2010-10-22 00:29:11: The Once-Wiise Ashtu can't even check the recorder, because it was broken for a few days a while back. He picks up the papers and steps over to the bulletin board, and affixes them to it with a stray grenade pin. He grabs his blue pencil from behind his ear and scribbles:
2010-10-22 00:35:34: Alaire - talk to me about this, please. - -Ashtu- -
2010-10-22 00:36:42: The Once-Wiise Ashtu continues his search for an obverse rachet hook, or whatever it was.
2010-10-22 03:46:01: Alaire Elie checks in, having made a note to appear at least once every day or so. A black coat conceals the pixie-like features, so Alaire is sure that no one has followed. Pitterpatters over to the bulletin board and oh? What's this? Alaire reads.
2010-10-22 03:47:58: Alaire Elie blinks. Oh, oh my this is important. So Ashtu did notice the papers left behind after all! Pale fingers twist anxiously, and then find a pen to write back.
2010-10-22 03:59:19: Alaire Elie leaves a note that is probably as indecipherable as the papers themselves, something to the effect of watching the contestant lists and nabbing a time to talk. Alaire will keep an eye out for Ashtu.

2010-10-23 21:38:49: Alaire Elie shies inside and finds a seat on one of the couches after checking the bulletin board, hoping perhaps to catch `JAshtu.
2010-10-23 21:40:17: Alaire Elie wonders absently why that didn't work before curling up in a tiny ball by one of the cushions.
2010-10-23 21:57:14: The Once-Wiise Ashtu walks in and sits down. He jumps up again when the cushion moves.
2010-10-23 22:00:13: The Wiicked sAshtu stops halfway down the steps and stares. "Bro, why are you sitting on the customers?"
2010-10-23 22:05:13: Alaire Elie mrflsqueaks and jostles upright, red hair sticking up in very Improbable manners.
2010-10-23 22:06:37: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says "Oh, stuff it, Sis."
2010-10-23 22:11:00: The Once-Wiise Ashtu walks over to the bulletin board, sees the note, and looks back at the seat cushion. "Is this you?"
2010-10-23 22:11:17: Alaire Elie blinks blearly, having clearly been asleep no more than thirty seconds ago. Confused violet eyes blink a few times before snapping sharp with awareness. ". . .Ashtu?"
2010-10-23 22:12:18: Alaire Elie wonders for a moment if it's wise to admit that. Paranoid little one. Alaire nods and holds a cushion up as a flimsy shield. "Yep."
2010-10-23 22:12:24: The Wiicked sAshtu glares at them at them and heads out the door.
2010-10-23 22:14:51: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Okay, good. Been wanting to ask you what this manuscript is all about." He sits down on a different cushion, which doesn't move.
2010-10-23 22:16:33: Alaire Elie quails under the sister's gaze and disappears beneath the cushion. Only pale, slender fingertips are visible anymore.
2010-10-23 22:27:29: The Once-Wiise Ashtu sighs. "Oh, don't worry about her. The only one she's mad at is me. I think."
2010-10-23 22:29:35: Alaire Elie isn't so sure about that, but is also paranoid, so isn't really sure about much at all. The cushion lowers down, and Alaire peeks over the top fringe to look at Ashtu. "I'll make sure t
2010-10-23 22:30:39: Alaire Elie continues, what an odd pause that was, "t'keep outta her way." Shifty glance towards the door, then back. "The manuscript?" Alaire thought it was pretty self-explanatory.
2010-10-23 22:39:43: The Once-Wiise Ashtu nods. "Yeah, your manuscript. Dunno if it's improbability or what, but I can't make heads or tails of it. It's obviously important, since you left it here, so tell me about it."
2010-10-23 22:43:04: Alaire Elie hnns. That's odd. But really, what isn't odd on this Island? So Alaire accepts this and shufflesa little closer with cushion still clutched to chest. He jabs a finger paper-wards and explains. "There was this woman at NewHome. . .while back now. . .
2010-10-23 22:44:55: Alaire Elie: 'an black hair an' this weird golden mechanical orb 'stead of an eye. Some lil' girl said she hoped there wasn't cleanin' duty in NewHome, 'cause there was candy everywhere an' a Z chasin' a Joker lady with odd hair.
2010-10-23 22:48:45: Alaire Elie has a point, really, and it's coming. Promise. "An' that black-haired Lady, called herself the Watchwoman o'NewHome, told 'er that yeah there was cleanin' duty and she needed to sign up 'an everyone did, an then tried to get peoples' -
2010-10-23 22:49:10: Alaire Elie: -names by promisin' they'd get cookies for it.
2010-10-23 23:00:25: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, " Hmm. Never heard that name, thought I'd heard of all the bad apples. Sounds like a woman I know named Reverb, 'cept she doesn't have a gold eye. I don't think."
2010-10-23 23:04:02: Alaire Elie doesn't know if Watchwoman was her real name or not, but she definitely had that golden mechanical eye thingy. Alaire says as much to Ashtu, then asks, "Reverb?"
2010-10-23 23:10:48: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Yeah, Reverb. Got a bunch of stuff on her in the files. Sounds like the type of thing she'd pull. She's an utter tool of The Watcher."
2010-10-23 23:12:47: Alaire Elie frowns thoughtfully. "Maybe she recruited someone else to help? I mean. . .if y'know all o' the bad ones, then makes sense for her to find new ones as you don't know of yet."
2010-10-23 23:16:37: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "True. Though I don't think she's smart enough. Or even cares."
2010-10-23 23:20:10: Alaire Elie thinks about that one a bit more, then offers, "She cares about ratings don't she? Maybe she's encouragin' this for the. . ." Hands flap, looking for words. "'Cause the viewers like a conspiracy war."
2010-10-23 23:27:54: The Once-Wiise Ashtu looks doubtful. "Maybe. Tell you what, lemme ask around - maybe even get my sister to help. If this is a new crony - well - got to be in league with Her. Which means another one to look out for." Sighs.
2010-10-23 23:30:39: Alaire Elie nodnods and clutches the cushion closer. You did not hear any of this from Alaire. Not a whit! "Yeah. Better to know than not." Shoulders skerunch closer and huddle, violet eyes tired from paranoia and stress.
2010-10-23 23:37:33: The Once-Wiise Ashtu grins. "Oh, of course not." Dunno about the recorder, tho, he thinks, glancing at the bottom drawer of the file cabinet.
2010-10-23 23:42:15: The Once-Wiise Ashtu notes that Alaire Elie seems to have passed out on the couch. He tosses a throw over him. . .her? and trudges upstairs for a nap of his own.
2010-10-23 23:55:34: The Wiicked sAshtu comes back in, looking tired. She glances at the figure asleep on the couch, and feels a sense of foreboding. She, too, heads up the steps.

2010-10-26 17:01:16: Agent of the Watcher Reverb once again admits that Sheila might be overcharging on a lot of her wares, but that Invisisuit is worth every token. "Mhh-hmm. . A Watchwoman, eh?"

2010-10-27 00:31:41: Alaire Elie peeks out from under the pillows and blankets on the couch and is blissfully unaware that Reverb has been here.

2010-10-28 03:12:55: Hug Ninja Haven notices Sessine and gives him a cheery wave before scaling the ladder to crash on a bed.

2010-10-29 01:38:23: The Once-Wiise Ashtu passes through on his way to a 11.5 step meeting and pauses to check the recorder. His eyes widen, and he shivers a bit. Sessine? AND Reverb? Right after that Alaire Elie person visited with that very odd intelligence? He shivers again.

2010-10-30 22:07:45: Alaire Elie would be highly disturbed by the knowledge that both a Sessine and a Reverb had been by, so shortly after the chat with Ashtu. Would've hidden in the deepest darkest most dangerous sections of the Jungle possible and not breathed.
2010-10-30 22:08:27: Alaire Elie doesn't know this knowledge, however, and therefore doesn't hide and isn't disturbed. Alaire makes a slow circuit around the Annex- -no leads recently, and therefore is feeling antsy.
2010-10-30 22:08:51: Alaire Elie tucks a cloak over unruly red hair and ducks out of the Annex again, searching.

2010-11-01 22:17:39: ShapeShifter Da Spook stumbles in, staggers over to the recorder, and listens. He mutters to himself "Ahh what's this, new faces in our humble little group? How interesting, it seems things have changed during my little "disappearing act."

2010-11-06 15:04:54: Sweetie Ditzodia has been both lost and killed, but she's made it.
2010-11-06 15:05:20: The Once-Wiise Ashtu spies Ditzodia. "Ah, there you are. Had to stop a couple of times to kill some pesky monsters. Are you okay?"
2010-11-06 15:07:43: Sweetie Ditzodia nods. "If I may ask, sir, why am I here?"
2010-11-06 15:08:17: The Wiistful sAshtu comes down the steps. "Ditzodia! You're back! I've been reading about you in the files!"
2010-11-06 15:10:48: The Once-Wiise Ashtu hugs his sister and nods at Omega. "Well, hopefully, these familiar surroundings will help jog your memories."
2010-11-06 15:11:50: Cluttermind Omega isn't here, actually. Shhh. But she should appear around this place. On this map-square. To be particular.
2010-11-06 15:11:55: Sweetie Ditzodia blinks. She sees no clan badge, and has only a passing interest. "Is that so?"
2010-11-06 15:14:55: Sweetie Ditzodia was referring to Wiistful. And is now talking to Wiise. "No luck yet."
2010-11-06 15:15:46: The Wiistful sAshtu smiles at Ditzodia. "Well, sure! My brother's talked a lot about you. Mostly wondering where you had gone."
2010-11-06 15:17:21: Sweetie Ditzodia raises an eyebrow. "Really?" She doesn't elaborate.
2010-11-06 15:19:24: The Once-Wiise Ashtu chuckles. "Don't worry about confusing us with each other - we are twins, after all. Just she's the one with the boobs."
2010-11-06 15:24:38: Sweetie Ditzodia is not worried. One has a clan badge. The other doesn't.One is important. The other isn't.
2010-11-06 15:32:48: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Anyway, look around, check thru the files - " (he whispers the next part) " - the combination's on the back of the cabinet - " (he resumes a normal tone of voice) " - help yourself to some coffee, check out the Clan's dwelling, next. . ."
2010-11-06 15:33:03: The Once-Wiise Ashtu: ". . .door. If you get tired, there's couches here for a nap, and beds upstairs if you're really tired. Feel free to hang around as long as you like - after all, you ARE a clan member!"
2010-11-06 15:36:07: Sweetie Ditzodia nods. "My eternal thanks. Is there anything I may do for you, sir?"
2010-11-06 15:43:30: The Once-Wiise Ashtu shrugs good-naturedly. "Just be around. Have fun. Make friends. Don't be boring. Stir up trouble. You know, usual anarchistic activities."
2010-11-06 15:56:41: The Wiistful sAshtu glances out the window at the darkness. "Hey, everybody - it's almost NewDay! Upstairs to The Upper Room and grab a bed!" She follows her own directions, hoping everybody follows.
2010-11-06 15:57:04: Sweetie Ditzodia nods. "Would it help if I took down the Watcher?"
2010-11-06 16:01:42: Sweetie Ditzodia abruptly faints. Some things never change.
2010-11-06 16:12:12: Cluttermind Omega suddenly appears on the edge of a step of staircase.
2010-11-06 16:13:26: The Once-Wiise Ashtu stumbles back down the steps, yawning. Short nap.
2010-11-06 16:13:36: Cluttermind Omega then, the Violet flash fading, stumbles on the step-of-iron. And falls flat on her face. Not a sound uttered.
2010-11-06 16:14:33: The Wiistful sAshtu adds to the traffic jam on the staircase, also yawning.
2010-11-06 16:16:33: The Once-Wiise Ashtu stops yawning, suddenly wide awake. Why are there suddenly unconcious women all over the place?
2010-11-06 16:17:47: Cluttermind Omega yelps"Get off! You're heavy." While trying to push Ashtu's twin over.
2010-11-06 16:18:57: The Once-Wiise Ashtu hurries over to Ditzodia, picks her up gently, and deposits her on a couch.
2010-11-06 16:21:49: The Wiistful sAshtu flails her arms for a moment and grabs the center pole of the staircase. "Hey! Where'd you come from?"
2010-11-06 16:25:02: Cluttermind Omega shakes her head. "Me? Where'd you all - And this room - come from? I'm supposed to appear in Kittania!"
2010-11-06 16:27:00: The Wiistful sAshtu looks at her brother, confused. "What?"
2010-11-06 16:30:57: The Once-Wiise Ashtu straightens up from the couch and looks up at his sister. He is also confused. He sees the voilent voilet lady. "What? Where did you come from?"
2010-11-06 16:34:16: Cluttermind Omega stands. Then steps down the. . .steps. Unjam-ming the "Traffic""Good question." Thinks for a short while."I've no idea what is it called, actually."
2010-11-06 16:37:39: The Wiistful sAshtu uhhhhs, "Well, this place is called Ashtu's Anarchy Annex. Kittania is one klick north. Not here."
2010-11-06 16:41:22: Cluttermind Omegaohs."Must be the clumsy one, then." Then pauses, and starts to explain"You see. I was experimenting on teleportation techniques using that-" She pauses. Then shakes a hand, wrist covered by a shining Bracelet."Thing. ."
2010-11-06 16:42:41: Cluttermind Omega continues"And I got stuck in another place. Some guy calls it a Limbo or something. It looked like an endless desert. We took some time. Then managed to teleport ourselves back into the Island."
2010-11-06 16:43:11: Cluttermind Omega finishes, scratching Her head"Though it appears we did it wrong."
2010-11-06 16:44:13: The Once-Wiise Ashtu now uhhhhs, while looking at the bracelet. "Uh - hope it doesn't suddenly self-destruct in a cloud of sparks, like a one-shot."
2010-11-06 16:47:23: Cluttermind Omega shakes Her head"It's tried and true, doesn't. But only a Joker could run it. I don't think I'm one anymore."
2010-11-06 16:51:37: Cluttermind Omega Shakes a head, "Either ways. Sorry for intruding."
2010-11-06 16:52:16: The Wiistful sAshtu looks closely at the the woman's eyes. Nope, not a hint of green. "Well, if I had to venture a guess, I'd say you're Human."
2010-11-06 16:53:49: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "And no problem - we're used to strange things happening here. Mostly."
2010-11-06 16:58:16: Cluttermind Omega ohs. "Well, anyway. Nice to meet you tw-three. My name is Omega."
2010-11-06 17:04:16: The Wiistful sAshtu grins. "Likewise, I suppose. Next time, try not to land on me, though, okay?. Anyway, that lummox over there and I are the Ashtu twins, and that lump on the couch is Sweetie Ditzodia."
2010-11-06 17:09:43: Cluttermind Omega nods, then "How far was this place from Kittania again?"
2010-11-06 17:15:12: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Just one klick south. Out the door, turn north. Can't miss it."
2010-11-06 17:15:50: Cluttermind Omega Oohs."That's close enough, Thank you both. I should stop intruding on this place."
2010-11-06 17:19:10: The Wiistful sAshtu says, "Oh, no, come back anytime - the Glorious Revolution always needs help."
2010-11-06 17:19:55: Cluttermind Omega huhs,"I'm not exactly a big help. You see. Being always too rule-following."
2010-11-06 17:21:11: Cluttermind Omega muses."Even though I choose what gets called a rule. . ."
2010-11-06 17:27:58: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "Oh, we follow rules too - just that we make them up as we go."
2010-11-06 17:32:56: Cluttermind Omega snickers"If that's the case. I might be here later. But I've got to go, for now." She smiles, then finds the exit.
2010-11-06 17:41:08: The Wiistful sAshtu calls, "Have a good trip!"

2010-11-10 17:52:44: Witch Doctor Makiwa wakes from a good night's sleep. After making the bed he leaves a small bag of humbugs on the dresser with a note attached 'Thanks Ashtu'. Makiwa gathers his senses and belongings and heads downstairs.
2010-11-13 04:45:28: Mongo: Hey Ashtu, I appreciate the bed." "Dan keeps sending me here, so I'll be dropping off a rock or a tree whenever I have extras." "Thanks. . .

2010-11-13 15:32:49: Major General bonzo passes through the room on his way out
2010-11-13 15:33:28: Major General bonzo: I didn't mean to sleep for a week
2010-11-13 15:33:40: Major General bonzo: must have been more tired than I thought
2010-11-13 15:34:13: Major General bonzo: I'm heading over to Kittania to find some breakfast

2010-11-14 22:09:13: Major General bonzo returns from a very long breakfast
2010-11-14 22:09:31: Major General bonzo: asmittedly there was a diversion to the failboat as well
2010-11-14 22:09:43: Major General bonzo: So, what needs doing on the clan hall?
2010-11-14 22:10:04: Major General bonzo: a bit of decorating, stone collection, lumberjacking?

2010-11-16 23:19:11: Hug Ninja Haven walks in from the jungle and sits down in a chair, withdrawing her zither from her bandolier.
2010-11-16 23:26:46: Hug Ninja Haven sets her zither down by the chair and stands up, unzipping the middle pocket on her bandolier and withdrawing and entire coffee plant, its boughs heavy with hard green and yellow fruits.
2010-11-16 23:35:20: Hug Ninja Haven looks around furtively and quick as a flash, dives into her zither, which vanishes with a mighty CRACK.

2011-02-20 01:37:51: Agent of the Watcher Reverb wanders about, wondering why it's so quiet in here. Obviously, the Rebellion isn't going as planned.
2011-02-20 01:43:53: Agent of the Watcher Reverb frowns. Asthu is safely asleep upstairs... but where's his sister?
2011-02-20 01:44:19: Agent of the Watcher Reverb decides to go look in Kittaia. You never know, after all.
2011-02-20 02:09:29: The Wiistful sAshtu returns from her jog around the neighborhood; her automatic check of the recorder reveals the return of her brother's nemesis. She grins.
2011-02-20 02:14:55: Agent of the Watcher Reverb superglues a note to Ashtu's hat. "I'm baa-aack! -R-"
2011-02-20 17:13:35: Agent of the Watcher Reverb tackles Ashtu! Reverb used Tackle! Enemy Ashtu evades attack! Reverb hurts itself instead!
2011-02-20 17:22:23: The Once-Wiise Ashtu shouts, "Back! Back! You foul fiend! I'm busy building a new, higher room to throw you out of!!"
2011-02-20 17:23:26: Agent of the Watcher Reverb uses the Big Sad Puppy Eyes. "Awwww.. but don't you love me anymore?"
2011-02-20 17:25:00: The Wiistful sAshtu appears at the top of the stairs, obviously awakened by the noise. "REVERB!" , she screams with joy, and launches herself off the landing.
2011-02-20 17:28:40: Agent of the Watcher Reverb is hit by an avalance of white fur! "Sawmpfwhu!"
2011-02-20 17:30:45: The Wiistful sAshtu sits on Reverb's chest and grins. "Where you been, girlfriend?"
2011-02-20 17:33:48: Agent of the Watcher Reverb glances sideways at Ashtu, whom pretends not to be listening in. .. "Can't tell, really. But I can say it wasn't supposed to take this long.. Wouldn't have, if the A!rplayne hadn't broken down on the way back."
2011-02-20 17:34:37: Agent of the Watcher Reverb manages a shrug. "But i patched it up, and managed to get back to 'Central, and here we are!"
2011-02-20 17:39:19: The Wiistful sAshtu says, "Well, you've been missed - by some of us anyway. You checked in with your clan? I know they were asking about you."
2011-02-20 17:41:49: Agent of the Watcher Reverb nods. "Yeah, apparently Bernard, the daft old fool, retired, and made Marly his replacant."
2011-02-20 17:42:45: Agent of the Watcher Reverb: Of course, th?ts when we discovered we're broke. Not a rusty req to the clan name.
2011-02-20 17:51:28: The Once-Wiise Ashtu comes back down the stairs, brushing stonedust, woodchips and paint out of his hair. "What? GERM broke? That's impossible! It's got to be the Watcher's doing!"
2011-02-20 17:53:55: The Once-Wiise Ashtu turns to his sister and grin. "You two might want to wander upstairs for a look-see - I've finished the redecorating."
2011-02-20 17:55:04: Agent of the Watcher Reverb: Um. Hello? Remember me? Affiliated with the Lady in Red? No, It's mainly because we're GERMans, and Bernard 'never got around' to paying our bar tab.
2011-02-20 18:01:00: Agent of the Watcher Reverb hoists a flag up from the Crow's Nest. It is, of course, a Network one.
2011-02-20 18:06:45: The Once-Wiise Ashtu snorts. "Whatever. Still probably her doing. I suppose you helped her out with embezzling? "
2011-02-20 18:07:50: Agent of the Watcher Reverb rolls her eyes in sympathy at sAshtu. "I almost forgot how horrid your life must be."
2011-02-20 18:09:06: The Once-Wiise Ashtu stomps back up the steps. "Humph. You two go do whatever you want, I'm going to go take a nap."
2011-02-20 18:10:08: Agent of the Watcher Reverb goes to fix up some coffee, GERM style, with the duct-tape to keep the lid closed. "Use your head, kittyboy. Why would the most dangerous individual on the island want to steal large amounts of a currency that has no value whatsoever outside?"
2011-02-20 18:16:58: Agent of the Watcher Reverbtakes a cautionary step back as the coffee maker starts to shake violently before producing a horrid retching sound, and a single drop of a tarry substance so black it appears to draw in light. "Ah, coffee's ready!"
2011-02-20 18:17:22: The Wiistful sAshtu looks thoughtful. "Well - She wouldn't need it, of course - but it sure would be a quick, easy way to shut down one of the most annoying clans." She pauses a moment. "Annoying in her eyes, of course," she adds hurriedly.
2011-02-20 18:21:12: Agent of the Watcher Reverb giggles. "You've been spending to much time with your brother. When has she ever intervened in what goes on on the island? Its more.." she pauzes, and points her stick at a camera threatheningly. It whirrs with a hint of panic, before shutting off.
2011-02-20 18:22:51: Agent of the Watcher Reverb nods in satisfaction. She's still got it. "Don't repeat this where people can hear you, but i think she's more of a janitor than a ruler. That's one of the reasons i work for her."
2011-02-20 18:28:53: The Wiistful sAshtu giggles. "Janitor? Is that why she's always cleaning up?" She sobers up. "Won't make any difference to my brother, though, no matter what. He's against her, period. Doesn't matter if you call her a janitor or a dictator."
2011-02-20 18:30:26: Agent of the Watcher Reverb shrugs, and turns the camera back on. "Does he still believe he's going to actually, you know, change something? It doesn't realy look like he's been making progress."
2011-02-20 18:34:54: The Wiistful sAshtu also shrugs. "So? He sees it as his mission, and if all you say is true, what's it going to hurt?"
2011-02-20 18:36:29: Agent of the Watcher Reverb suddenly remembers the coffee. She holds out the pot to sAshtu; "You want? No, you're right, he's not hurting anyone but maybe himself. I was just wondering. He's not exactly stupid, so you'd think he'd get over himself already."
2011-02-20 18:39:18: The Wiistful sAshtu says,"And, ya know, I'm not sure I disagree with him. You know as well as I do that she has an odd habit of saying one thing and doing another. How can you be so sure she's showing you her true colors?"
2011-02-20 18:40:00: The Wiistful sAshtu shudders at the offer of the ....... "coffee"
2011-02-20 18:43:49: Agent of the Watcher Reverb shrugs. Oh well, more for her. She adds water to the pot, which rapidly becomes infused with the Essence 'd Caffein. "No idea. I don't think she tells me more than she'd tell anyone else. It's just that nobody dares to ask her stuff."
2011-02-20 18:44:33: Agent of the Watcher Reverb belatedly adds "Except maybe 'Please don't hurt me?'"
2011-02-20 18:51:59: The Wiistful sAshtu giggles again. "Well, I'm going to follow my brother's lead and go take a nap. I'm pretty sure there's still some open beds upstairs, if you'd like to joi .... no, I'm not going to say that .... if you'd like a nap, too." She turns and heads up.
2011-02-20 18:53:27: The Wiistful sAshtu "Maybe see you in the Shady Spot later?" she calls back over her shoulder.
2011-02-20 18:53:55: Agent of the Watcher Reverb nods. "Maybe."
2011-02-20 18:54:53: Agent of the Watcher Reverb only now realises what sAshtu was about to say, and giggles. "Oh, he'd have kittens!

2011-02-28 04:48:02: Ebenezer stalks around. He leans in close to inspect the bulletin board. "Mn." Then he spies the filing cabinet. Chewing on his lower lip, he casts a quick glance over his shoulder.
2011-02-28 04:49:15: Ebenezer proceeds to the files and hastily has a look through each of the drawers. He spares no time reading any of the items he's rifling through. Seems he's looking for something in particular.
2011-02-28 04:50:10: Ebenezer doesn't seem to find whatever-it-is. Yet, he looks relieved. Once everything's back exactly as it was before he arrived, he slips out again, silent as a cat.

2011-03-02 05:21:40: Lieutenant Mandolyn heads up to the Upper Room.

2011-03-03 06:21:21: Ebenezer steps in waving around a certain note that he chanced upon. "I-I don't know who gave me this, but I'll have-have you know," he tells the empty room, "That I'm not a flunky and I'm not un-un-unusual!"
2011-03-03 06:22:50: Ebenezer narrows his eyes at the bulletin board. Making a V of his index and middle finger, he points to the lenses of his spectacles, then sharply to the board, then back to his eyes again. I'm watchcing you!
2011-03-03 06:24:54: Ebenezer: Satisfied in the idea that he must've convinced someone that he's a perfectly usual non-flunky sort of man, Ebenezer marches back out again.

2011-04-29 03:31:17: Stephenopolis smiles as he enjoys the view, then picks out a hammock to curl up in. Before long, he falls asleep, softly snoring.
2011-04-29 04:47:41: Survivor Kell makes his wat to a hammock near Stephen, sitting in it and watching. Maybe a little creepy, but he didn't want to wake the man!
2011-04-29 05:08:57: Stephenopolis stirs a bit, stretches, and yawns, rocking the hammock slightly. With a smile, he opens his eyes - and starts a bit at seeing Kell - but then realizes it's Kell, and he smiles again. "How did ya know I was here?"
2011-04-29 05:15:51: Stephenopolis frowns. Did he fall asleep now? He carefully gets out of his hammock and sits under Kell's. Grinning, with his tail flicking behind him, he starts poking Kell with his paws through the hammock ropes. This ought to wake him up. . .
2011-04-29 05:19:41: Stephenopolis gets a playful, annoyed look on his face. "Heeeeyyyyy, Keellllllll. . ."
2011-04-29 05:27:11: Stephenopolis frowns, and stands up. Then gets a mischevious grin on his face. If this doesn't work, nothing will. . . He begins lightly running his paws over Kell's sensitive foot pads, hoping to tickle him awake!
2011-04-29 05:30:26: Survivor Kell squirms awake, almost overturning the hammock. He's really ticklish. . .
2011-04-29 05:31:46: Stephenopolis grimaces at Kell hitting the floor like that, and kneels down next to him. "Are. . . are you okay?" His face filled with concern and guilt - he only wanted to wake him up!
2011-04-29 05:33:22: Survivor Kell rubs at his nose and jumps up quickly, narrowly missinghitting his head, "F-fine! Sorry. . . I followed you and f-fell asleep. . I g-guess. . ."
2011-04-29 05:35:36: Stephenopolis can't help but laugh at Kell's stammering and clumsiness. Reminds me a little of me. . . "It's okay." He chuckles. "Better you than that head case. . . For a second I was worried it was him who followed me here. . ."
2011-04-29 05:36:51: Survivor Kell's ear twitch nervously, "H-he was. . . enthusiastic. . ."
2011-04-29 05:37:26: Stephenopolis sighs and gives Kell a very serious look. "You have no idea."
2011-04-29 05:38:53: Stephenopolis then gives Kell what he hopes is a reassuring smile as he leans over to scratch his head. "As long as you stay out of his way, though, he'll stay focused on me. So you don't have to worry."
2011-04-29 05:40:24: Survivor Kell nods, but then frowns, "Wouldn't it be b-better for him to leave y-you alone too. . .?
2011-04-29 05:41:51: Stephenopolis sighs again. "It would. . . but I don't think it'll happen. He's. . . a very determined kittymorph." He shakes his head. "I don't think he'll stop until he wants to."
2011-04-29 05:44:08: Stephenopolis smiles. "But at least he doesn't want to right now. So there's nothing to worry about!" Or so he hopes. He tries to hide his worry from Kell, though.
2011-04-29 05:45:02: Survivor Kell looks rather disappointed to hear that, his ears drooping slightly. "I. . I see." ``He brightens though, nodding, "Right!"
2011-04-29 05:45:59: Stephenopolis grins as he removes his paw from Kell's head. "So, what are we doing today, then?"
2011-04-29 05:47:44: Survivor Kell smiles, "I. . . don't know. Is there anything around here. . .?"
2011-04-29 05:49:18: Stephenopolis lets out a "Pshhhh," before continuing, "Well when I'm around here, I usually just hang out in Kittania and wait for something to happen." He chuckles and smiles at Kell. "Like you falling out of a tree."
2011-04-29 05:51:01: Stephenopolis continues on without pause. "Uhm, other than that, there's the Borde-" He pauses abruptly. He seems kinda inexperienced. . . do I wanna rush that on him so quickly? "Well there's also that jungle gym at the KIND tower I told you about."
2011-04-29 05:51:13: Survivor Kell grins and adjusts his glasses nervously, blushing, "I h-hope that doesn't happen too often. . ."
2011-04-29 05:51:33: Survivor Kell: The Board. . .?
2011-04-29 05:52:56: Stephenopolis tilts his head at the first comment, and then laughs. "I'm sorry, you gracefully decended from the tree. Happy?" He grins at Kell, ignoring the second question.
2011-04-29 05:56:42: Survivor Kell tilts his head curiously as he nods, "Yes. . . S-so then. . . the tower. . .?
2011-04-29 05:58:00: Stephenopolis grins. "I've never been but I always wanted to!" He nods. "Yeah, let's go there!"
2011-04-29 06:00:06: Survivor Kell shyly reaches for his hand, "Which way. . .?"
2011-04-29 06:01:38: Stephenopolis pulls a map out of his pack, and points to the square marked (14,8). "It should be about there." He grins. "I'll race you there!" He seems to like doing that. . .
2011-04-29 06:02:39: Survivor Kell notes the location on his own map, A-alright!"
2011-04-29 06:03:10: Stephenopolis, grinning, quickly runs out.

2011-05-03 17:23:46: Sergeant Jolene looks around curiously. She starts reading the pamphlets.

2011-05-05 17:57:29: Witch Doctor Makiwa shuffles down the stairs. "Thanks for the use of the bed Ashtus." It's possible he may be back before too long.

2011-05-06 00:04:18: The Once-Wiise Ashtu winks. "Anything to stay on your good side, Doc."

2011-05-07 18:08:14: Blue Construct-o-bot Trowa enters, peering at the tattered poster in his hands, and looks around the room.
2011-05-07 18:09:25: Blue Construct-o-bot Trowa looks at the clipboard, and narrows his eyes. Looking around furtively, he signs his name, curious to learn more.
2011-05-07 18:11:33: Blue Construct-o-bot Trowa exits quickly, eager to not be seen.

2011-06-11 22:54:20: The White Knight sAshtu rides into the shop on her partially-decomposed zombie White Horse, shouts "Ahoy! Ahoy! Check!", and falls off on her head. Once she is comfortably back in the saddle, she shouts "You're my prisoners!", then rides slowly up the stairs.
2011-06-11 22:57:42: The White Knight sAshtu rides up the stairs on her partially-decomposed zombie White Horse, on her way to the Attic.
2011-06-11 23:00:25: The White Knight sAshtu rides up the stairs on her partially-decomposed zombie White Horse, shouts "Ahoy! Ahoy! Check!", and falls off onto her bed. She rapidly starts snoring. The Horse looks embarrassed.

2011-07-17 13:15:04: Private A Nefarious Monster snuffles it's way into the Anarchy Annex, lured by the shiny propaganda, and immediately begins to tra-, erm, investigate. Really, it's a genial monster.
2011-07-17 13:20:35: Private A Nefarious Monster plods along, and nibbles at the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet.
2011-07-17 13:25:12: Private A Nefarious Monster gets bored of nibbling on the filing cabinet, and brushes by, leaving a mark on the clipboard as it goes.
2011-07-17 13:27:04: Private A Nefarious Monster plods on out.

put it back in the drawer

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