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Sherpa Mountain Goat Guy is 1/2 Sherpa, 1/2 Mountain Goat, and 1/2 Guy. He is tall, blind, and can be seen on the Island wearind a Black Steward Plaid Kilt, a Jaguar Hide, and Neon Pink Sunglasses.

Sherpa's History

Sherpa was born in the Himalayans to a Scottish father and a Sherpa mother (Hence his 1/2 Sherpa and 1/2 Guy heritage. The Goat Part comes later), he was raised by Sherpas and Yetis in the mountains. He lived peacefully through that part of his life, and the only thing he accomplished was to build a Flying Guillotine from his favorite movie.

Then one day, while sitting around Mount Everest, a Time Warp ripped Sherpa into medieval Tenochitlan. Once in Tenochitlan, Sherpa became a citizen of the Mexica and bore the name Tletl Papalotl, which meant Fire Butterfly, and soon after a Pochtecatl, or travelling merchant. In Sherpa's numerous travels, he was awarded the rank of Jaguar Knight for his fights against the evil Chichimeca.

One day, in a fit of delusion, he decided to make a merchant run. When asked where he was going, he simply said 'North.' Taking several other Jaguar Knights, he moved Northward, travelling through many other countries and peoples, until he came to Newfoundland. Improbably enough, he came to Lief Erikson's Viking Settlement. He and the other Jaguar Knights then secured passage to Greenland, shortly before Sherpa was yet again ripped through time.

The timewarps became more frequent, and Sherpa had many adventures (he's still not sure, but he may have invented the wheel). Eventually, fed up with the Time Warps(to this day,Sherpa hates the concept of time), Sherpa then attacked the time rip, causing himself, the Time Warp, a Mountain Goat, and a passerbye's arm merged together. Sherpa to this day has three arms and Goat Horns. He also has wings, but he's not sure where those came from.

After defeating his hated enemy Time, he found himself on Improbable Island. He became a wandering Hobo, and thanks to a 'Will lead Secret Organizations for Food' sign and one strange fellow named Kakuzu, Sherpa soon became an officer of the CIA. Kakuzu then escaped to Real Life, and Sherpa inherrited leadership. Then came the Great Reset(Which the CIA was NOT behind. Or were we?) and the Island reformed itself. Sherpa went to AceHigh and proclaimed himself El Presidente de AceHigh. The Jokers, being the gambling type, saw Sherpa in leadership as one heck of a gamble, and took the offer.

Sherpa then later deemed it a good idea to pour chemicals into his eyes, blinding him utterly. He also became High Shaman of the Lords of Chaos shortly after his blinding. After several Drive Kills, he is now a proud member of the Jokerzombie race.

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