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Profile for Clockwork Artificer Silas.

In Brief

  • Name: Silas Lews
  • Age: appears to be 42 years old
  • Profession: clockwork mechanic and SAVOR leader
  • Hair: shoulder-blade length, black, fastened in an aristocratic ponytail at the back of his neck
  • Eyes: Joker green
  • Build: thin and wiry
  • Disposition: quiet, kind, and honorable


Silas appears to be a middle-aged man of medium height and a slim, wiry build. His face is long and narrow and somewhat severe when he isn't smiling. He smiles often (though he rarely shows teeth), however, and when he does, his Joker-green eyes brighten with kindness while his features gentle with warmth. Life has etched age into the skin by his eyes and mouth--laugh lines, smile lines, and frown lines--but he bears them well. He wears his dark hair long and usually keeps it in a loose ponytail that falls to just between his shoulder-blades, fastened by a ribbon at the nape of his neck in the manner of ancient English aristocrats. Typical of many Jokers, really.

Silas is a horologist and a mechanic specializing in clockwork and steam-power, so while he does enjoy wearing finer clothing during his time outside of the jungles, he is most regularly found wearing practical canvas vests and trousers, a western bow tie, and protective clear-lensed brass goggles (which he wears pushed up onto his forehead when not actively in need of them). His fingers are long and slender, and he avoids the use of gloves when working on small, delicate parts, as he dislikes the decreased sensitivity that they induce.


Silas is a gentleman, and tries to give that word meaning in a world that has all but scrubbed it out of the dictionary. He is politely pleasant to everyone he meets. If he doesn't like someone, he will interact with that person as little as possible, but outside of the most extreme circumstances, he will still treat people he doesn't like with careful civility. He's not very confrontational, as a result. In his own words: "I don't care to be involved in your disputes. If you like, I can mediate a diplomatic solution, but please leave me out of it otherwise."

This does not mean that Silas will allow himself to be bullied, however, or allow others to be bullied in front of him. Silas is a kind person at heart, and he does not like to see others suffer. He has a healthy level of self-respect and respect for life, and he will stick to his moral code as much as he can in any given situation (this moral code does not apply towards monsters that he encounters in the Jungle).

Silas loves people, and he loves to be around people (with some exceptions--Robots make Silas very nervous). When he's up and about town, or talking business, he is very formal, polite, pleasant, and properly reserved. When he's just with his friends or when he's in the process of working on a project, all of his inhibitions and walls fall away to reveal a vibrant, laughing, excitable, energetic, and eccentric man. He can be regularly found to hang upside down from rope scaffolding on the SAVOR airship, just to view what he's working on from a 'different angle'.

And Silas is brilliant at what he does, and he particularly loves airships. It should come as no surprise that he calls SAVOR his home.

Due to the nature of his background, Silas will often (and with complete honesty) recall doing something that he could not have possibly done, or remember events that cannot possibly be resolved with one another. He is, of course, a Joker, so perhaps this is not too strange after all.

Silas always tells the truth. He is incapable of lying. That being said, he can edge around the truth, and he has been known to carefully phrase his words when necessary.

Silas is homoromantic demisexual.


Silas is not involved in any current romance, and neither is he looking for any.

Friends and Family

Current Events


Silas has been on the Island for long enough that he doesn't know for certain what happened before the Island. He remembers far, far too many things--too many faces and places and happenings that don't fit together. He is himself in all of these memories, but sideways-shifted, like a bet made on a `@Joker`~ coin. Everything else about the memories fit together about as well as a Mutant.

Silas remembers living in Miami at the start of the twenty-first century, his life patterned by the deliberate, reliable brass footprints of clockwork seconds and the glass reflection of a warm, beloved face with brown eyes. He remembers the end of the world, and fire, and floods, and laughter both cruel and kind. He remembers escaping with the ones he loved, but when he tries to remember further than that, he--

Silas remembers living in Iowa at the end of the nineteenth century, his life patterned with cogs clickclacking in brass airship depths, and the reflection of a different beloved brown-eyed face in the steam-polished pipes. He remembers fighting Robots and gunslingers and ranchers and people from the Marsh who were a lot like Strangers. He remembers escaping with the ones he loved, flying into the sky on a ship with violet sails, but when he tries to remember further than that, he --

Silas remembers living in a world much more like the post-EMP one, but still vastly different. His beloved has grey eyes there, and Silas's life is patterned with stress, sharp words, and impossible choices. He remembers sacrificing his own morality to save his beloved's, and he remembers Automatons there, too. But when he tries to remember further than that, he--

Silas remembers living in London at the end of the nineteenth century, where the patterns of his life are broken by an Airship and a blue-eyed man with a violin. He remembers searching across the world for a fabled artifact. He remembers songs and storms and adventures and ridiculousness and names that would not be out-of-place on the Island.

He remembers...

Silas remembers many, many things. He is not troubled by this; he merely takes the best of what his mind has to enrich his life, and considers himself blessed.

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