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Background: An unstable character with a shady background who was interrogated by mysterious men, and somewhat later was shipped to Improbable Island. He suspects his being kidnapped was no random lottery event. Some bodies, or supposedly-confidential psychiatric records may have been found. Or somebody squealed. 1)

On the island, he gave a false name and kept his face down, used dirt and blood to reduce his recognizability.2) 3)

He "killed" the Drive, was changed to a Kittymorph, and mind-wiped. This included suppression of his pre-island memories, because Kittymorphs are unknown in the outside world.

Next DK, human again, but scarred and ugly. He refused the latest mind-wipe. Accumulating improbability began to interfere with the false memories from the mind-wipe process. Also, some old memories just began to escape suppression. He realized that outside-world enemies may be watching on "reality television" 4). He adopted the name Sillie.

From an in-game dialogue:

 "Then please state your name."
 "People call me Sillie."
 "Do people call you Sillie because your name is Sillie?"
 "You can call me Sillie."
 "That is not what I asked."

Third DK, now a zombie, a bit more memory recovery 5). He figures it is time to keep a low profile until the heat cools down and no one would be paying enough attention to identify him with a zombie or whatever the Drive transforms him into.

Fifth DK, now an intelligence-enhanced mutant, he is beginning to see discrepancies in events and official stories. Cenobite graciously granted Sillie lab space in the factory and mad scientist arenas of Cenobite's gym.

In the sixth through eleventh DKs, he developed a memory-support system. When the hordes of fans drag him off to fight the Drive, he avoids it (using a teleporter in his bandolier if necessary) then he builds and buries a 'time capsule' recording important facts about himself and what he has learned about the Island and Improbability. He hires messengers to carry a message (identifying the location of the time capsule) and run through the outposts yelling, "Message for <new rank Title> Sillie! if anyone knows where <new rank Title> Sillie can be reached, please speak up and tell me. "

This has allowed him to save knowledge from libraries, contestants, NPCs (including those accessed through Midway Station in the 38th century), items found abandoned in Doktor Improbable's basses, and his own experiments on devices such add Improbability Bombs and OSTs. He is making progress toward reaching, and hopefully surpassing, Dr. Hawton's understanding of the Fifth Force.

After the twelfth DK, the Watcher managed to persuade him to take the memory wipe (Sillie asked for a coin, flipped it, and said, "Tails! Drop the Baggage!"), and he thinks he spent his whole life on the Island, and isn't really noticing the obvious problems with that story (before he gets to his time capsule). It looks like the science project may be on hold for a bit.

He has discovered an ingress to (Terry Pratchett's) Universal Library (in a player-created Place), and its orangutang Librarian. The magic fields there unraveled some of the memory-overwrite, renewing Sillie's interest in the science program. The Library is VERY useful for this.

Significant plot summary: He is running a research program to master The Fifth Force.

Personality: Strongest traits: curious, quick to judge & act, fond of exotic persons (even comfortable with the outright alien). Weaker traits: bold, optimistic, expedient, sensitive, slightly lazy 6). Drive Kills may be eroding mental & emotional stability.

Apparent characteristics: Joker-bot looking ridiculous in bunny slippers, Hello Kitty mittens, dark sun-glasses. Wears Victorian-steampunk garb, or his current jungling armor:

Previous characteristics: (newest to oldest) Common to most: Appears about 60 years old. Light brown hair with almost no visible gray. Wears glasses. Usually seen in jungle-combat armor.

  • Big-domed mutant, with quite an array of sensors. Light brown hair with almost no visible gray. Wears glasses and a plain black fedora with a rainbow hat-band. He is usually found in whatever jungle-fighting armor he can get.
  • Pudgy Squat. Wears a plain black fedora with a rainbow hat-band.
  • Decrepit, nearly-unidentifiable 6' 6" tall zombie. Wears a plain black fedora with a rainbow hat-band
  • Human again, but scarred and ugly. Wears plain black fedora.
  • Kittymorph.
  • Human, used dirt and blood to reduce his recognizability.

Skills: Military Intelligence (field & analysis; technology recovery), monster hunting, fighting, escaping, wall reinforcement, confusing insults. Enhanced intelligence.

1) Or, he imagined it all.
2) Possibly, his grip on reality has been weak for a while.
3) Ya think?
4) Tea with Horatio may not be helping his grip
5) or damage
6) from the player's 23-trait personality system for GMs
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