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Hooligan Skoddy

Not much is known about this one. Rumor is that he's bastard son of Cryptic Questions Joker, tho neither him, nor Watcher, nor anybody else that's got some knowledge about it has confirmed or denied it. He was brought to the island same way as any other contestant, at least it appeared so, and that kinda confirms that Watcher had something to do with it, and she probably knows the entire story.

He stated as Human same as any other contestant though improbability levels were always extremely high with this one, but due to apparent scheme to enter one of the locals as contestant, he couldn't get to be joker since the start. Green, glowy eyes did raise some eyebrows to say the least. After short stints as all the other improbable races, he spent most of his time as Midget before finally being able to take his natural form of Joker. During the time as Midget he grew fond of them, and Squat Hole is still one of his favorite cities.

Usually seen traveling around the island, most of the time between AceHigh, Pleasantville and Squat Hole, with occasional appearance in any of the other outposts. Rarely, and I mean very rare, he makes his presence public in the outposts, and most of the time it's the ill-omen for that outpost. It's highly recommended to avoid him in wilderness due to same reason, as many of the contestants have disappeared after encounter with him.

Only place where it is relatively safe to encounter this one is his pub, so called Crow Bar (notorious for it's New Pittsburghian Zombie Rum and frequent brawls) that's just north-east from AceHigh on the plains near the city.

He's proud member of the quakiest QQQ clan.

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