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Snow Gray

Full Name: Snow Aimee Gray 1)

Sex: Female

Height: 5' 8"

Age: Undisclosed though she appears to be in her mid to late twenties.2)


Name: To summarize - her mother had an odd sense of humor, and she was born during a blizzard.

Skills and profession: Pre-Island, she worked as a midwife, not a profession that is much in demand on the Island, but it provided her with basic medical training. As a hobby, she sews - her mother was a seamstress, so she learned how to sew her own basic clothing as well as embroider. These skills combined have served her well, as she's been call to patch up various friends, one who needed stitches. When not doing first-aid work, her skill is mainly put to use in mending or sometimes making clothing. She used to spend time embroidering on the shirt that represents her memories of the Island. Each design holds meaning, and she added to it before each Drive kill, but it was given to her brother on his departure from the Island.

Origins: Beyond her profession and stories about her mother, Snow has revealed little of her pre-Island life.3) She prefers to live life in the present, having found friends and love on the Island, she strives to adapt to all that this new life brings her.4)

Family: On New Years, she married Neeip in a private ceremony, followed by one for their friends and family a few days later. He is the most important thing in her life.

Her dear friend GL was lovingly termed her brother, for their bond is similar to that of siblings, and she misses him greatly.

More recently, she's adopted Merrin as her brother, and he is a wonderful addition to her family.



  • A heart tattoo in the center of her chest, matching Neeip's
  • A red rose on her left shoulder blade
  • A gray tiger on her left thigh, fur matching her usual kittymorph form. When she is a Kat it appears shadowy, only the black outlines and stripes standing out against her fur.
  • A teal dragon whose body and wings spread over her right shoulder blade, it's neck draping over her shoulder. Eyes that match the color of Snow's peer out from the right side of her collarbone.
  • A colorful phoenix that rises from the base of her spine and reaches up to her mid-back
  • An ouroboros , a snake eating its own tail, wrapped around her left ankle.
  • A blue pentagram circled in celtic knotwork of the same color on her left hip.
  • A celtic swan along the left side of her torso.
  • A hummingbird, also matching Neeip's, on her left collarbone.
  • A celtic knotwork snowflake on her left shoulder in an icy blue.
  • A skull of celtic knotwork on her other shoulder.

Constants in Appearance, Personal Belongings: Snow always wears the necklace Neeip gave her, which now bears a gold heart-shaped charm with the letters N and S. She also wears another necklace, a thin chain with a bronze disk, engraved with a heart, that was a wedding present from Dave. The hat that Queen Genevieve made her for Christmas (black, blue, and gray stripes, and ear holes that snap shut, so she can wear it no matter what her form) has been replaced by a black pinstripe fedora. On her left hand she wears her wedding ring, a narrow gold band with diamond inset. On her right she has a a ring with a snow leopard insignia, forged by Korbel. It glows white when Neeip is nearby. On her right pinky she wears a dark blue ring that also has the tendency to glow. Her Club Seven dogtags are worn around her wrist, and she has silver hoop earrings. She carries all of her most prized belongings, including her medkit and sewing needles, in a chainmail bag made for her by GL. At her side, is a Damascus cutlass - her weapon of choice, also forged by GL.

She is a redhead, with blue eyes, and is almost always a joker, though her eyes glow bright blue rather than the stereotypical green.


Snow is a kind and loving woman who is fiercely loyal to her friends and loved ones. She has an almost maternal side in how she cares for her friends, but also a very passionate side that manifests whenever she is with her beloved Neeip. Overall, she is sweet in nature, with rarely a harsh word for anyone - but if someone hurts those she cares for, or seriously angers her in any way, she is a force to be reckoned with.5)

1) or Grey, depending on if you want her married name. Yes, she did marry someone with the same name spelled differently. No, it wasn't on purpose.
2) Don't you know it's not polite to ask a woman her age?
3) Or she doesn't remember most of it, who knows.
4) Sounds good, anyway.
5) It's then that the redhead temper comes out.
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