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Name: Solluxandra Cooper (Sol for short)

Sex: F

Height: 5'3".

Weight: Classified(as in don't ask a dragon her weight).

Race: Draconic Jokermorph

Initial Sighting: S2

Appearances: A kind-eyed young woman, with long chestnut hair and pointed ears. Her tail, long as it is, is somewhat prehensile. She's athletically-figured, a C-cup, and has blue eyes, with pale yellow schlerae. Her outfits change based on her moods, and whether she feels like wearing anything. Little-known fact: she's left-handed.

Accessories: Usually wears the Conell seal as a bangle around her right wrist, and a yellow ribbon around the other, over her tattoo. The seal is a dark-silver bangle with a garnet set in, and a Celtic wolf mark around the stone(http://tinyurl.com/Connelknot). Also has an engagement ring, the wedding band(with a glowy green stone), and a ring with a celtic design depicting a fox with emerald eyes, all on her right hand. Her left ring finger has a silver ring, inscribed in the Drow language with: "From this day on, even after death, we will live as one.", as well as a golden ring that has a band of onyx-backed ammolite set into it, with the inside inscription of LC+SC=(infinity). From Lysanne. Her black-framed glasses, oval frames, have a couple of prominent cracks to each lens. (Her rings have since been removed, and are worn a chain around her neck.)

Tattoos: As for her tattoos(which basically only show up if someone directly references them or points them out), she's got a red heart on her left buttcheek with the white initials LACC in it; a small fig leaf, about an inch-and-a-half wide, on her lower belly(just above the panty-line); a sleeping blue dragon hatchling with a golden dragonfly on top of its head...the whole thing circled by black, draconic runes(this whole thing starts about halfway between her shoulder blades and the top of her tail, and the runes touch her sides almost); a strange skullish symbol on the back of her neck, in gold(http://i.imgur.com/1s7DT.jpg); a blue daisy wrapped a couple times around her left wrist, the flower on top; an orange star(the more realistic glimmery-type one) on the back of her right hand; on the rare occasion, a glowing symbol appears on her forehead(http://i.imgur.com/FiZH9.jpg - the Tiger, symbolizing might and power, which is strength of mind as of where it is now); a Sakishima-Baikada(White Banded Wolf Snake) coiled around her left ankle and slithering halfway down her foot; a swan on her right ankle on the outside, traveling a bit up her ankle and leg(six inches tall or so); a phoenix, aflame, with wings above the beginnings of her own and three quarters above the way across her shoulderblades, clutching a katana in its feet between her wings; and a rainbow-colored hummingbird on the right side of her waist.

Piercings: Her right ear has a pair of white-gold rings in the top-outer portion that almost reflect like mirrors, and a slightly bigger silver hoop in the lower-outer portion with a little spectacularly-rendered drill hanging from it.

Powers: She's pretty much burned out her special abilities...however, she still heals marvelously fast, and has a great metabolism. Also has a sort of form mimicry.

Combat Ability: Not necessarily the best, but she's one of her mother's best, and only, students.

Acquaintances: Too many to count.

Relationships: If she could remember...

Familial Relationships: Endarr and Rachel - adopted mothers. Enna - adopted sister. Modesty - adopted sister(twin?). Ulharsjach - adopted brother. Phenopteryx - adopted daughter. Szara and Quinn - adopted grandparents. Thyme - niece(daughter of Modesty).

Organizations: CAKE, Moonlight League

Pets: Li'l Sugarcube, the Teenypony. She's sixteen inches tall, and looks a lot like (http://tinyurl.com/yu6fl2).

Other Notes: Twenty now, and a bit nerdy on certain things...loves food.

Special Stuff: Wolf's-Head umbrella(straight base, long umbrella(in pink!), thick and durable, conceals the Chikai No Okami), glass rose(Sin), stone rose(Valskyr), frying pan(Maiko), Chef's Jacket(Carter, for helping at the wedding of Meara and Cran), flannel shirt(Collin's), golden glowstick(Toby), Wizard's Hat(pointy top, wide brim...purple, with earholes), Eco-friendly Protective Glasses(lenses are a super-dense sand-stuff, and the frames are a very shiny wood, with a couple features), The Drive-Killer(A.K.A. the BHBB(A.K.A. BLOODY-HUGE BASEBALL BAT)(black, flanged by four steel rings, each shaped with double-rows of studs, about five-and-a-half feet long))(designed to act as a tetsubo(Japanese war-club)) with an ornate Dragonfly pin on a small chain linked into the bottom of it, Gwen-brary card(for magazines - it's kinda bent), a plain set of dog-tags with her name and rank(Colonel), a cactus-flower hairpin(Eggpie), a wizard trapped inside a chicken(http://i.imgur.com/HohIT.jpg)(Vriskhix)...

Valskyr Gear: The Dragonfist(white staff made of a dragon's tooth, straight and rounded, with a hand carved on top...which moves like a real hand when needed), round black dragonscale shield(Valskyr), Knight's Armor(Dirk: "The armor is burnished aluminum-titanium alloy, chased in gold in decorative patterns, with chain underneath, and a gambeson beneath that in green." Consists of greaves, bracers, pauldrons, and a breastplate, as far as plate goes, with golden decorative accents and a symbol(http://i.imgur.com/29hIB.jpg) emblazoned on the chest, chainmail in between, and a white-sashed green sarong over it all...her hands and feet are wrapped in white cloth over the broader areas for a bit of minimal protection).

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