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Born on a Monday, Christened on Tuesday, Married on Wednesday, Took ill on Thursday, Grew worse on Friday, Died on Saturday, Buried on Sunday. This is the tale of Soloman Grundy.

There is little to be said of the man himself. He wears a tattered suit from a bygone era, and his mind seems to be as ragged as he clothing. Even though his mind is obviously decayed, his simplicity is sometimes a wisdom in itself. He hungers for something, but what that could be is uncertain, even to him. Money, power, shiny bits of metal, he acquires it quickly and loses it just as quickly, discarding everything in search of what he wants most. Or maybe he just keeps misplacing it.

While he resembles a zombie most closely, his hair and ruined suit have twigs and dried leaves scattered throughout them. This has given rise to a rumor that he may in fact be fused with a tree, or perhaps even have once been a tree that was then given human form. Or maybe just just runs into trees a lot and doesn't think enough to remove them.

His most distinguishing feature, aside from his ghoulish appearance and over-large arms and hands, is his speech. Soloman talks in the third person, perhaps because he is unable or unwilling to identify with the abomination he has become. Or maybe just because he's dumber than a forest of stumps.

Soloman Grundy, often described as "violent, mindless and greedy" seems to fit in well on an island ruled by illogical logic, improbable probabilities and strange personalities. His superhuman strength and stamina, resistance to certain energies and lack of a need to eat, drink or breath mean very little in a place filled with zombies, probability warping entities and rampant time-flux. A place where ones imagination can manifest into power. Instead of thinking his way through situations, he often relies on brute force.

He was tricked into becoming a member of the Brewmaster's guild, but his raw strength and single-mindedness convinced the master brewer himself to reconsider Grundy's status. Grundy had since been promoted to officer in charge of morale and cig donation. His main method of improving morale was by crushing recruits until they donated more cigarettes to the cause. This earned him no good will from his guild-mates, but the master brewer's approval. Following a storm of complaints, retraining orders and at least one Summon Greater Lawyer, The Brewmaster eventually decided to fire Grundy. Three times. Out of a cannon.

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