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SOUR (Society of Unlimited Requisition)

SOUR (Society of Unlimited Requisition) was founded by Yuna in Season 2 as the third sister clan to SWEET.
It is part of the SWEET network of clans, consisting of SWEET, SUGAR, SPICE, SOUR, and SAVOR1).
Its symbol is the "thumbs up" hand gesture.

Miscellaneous Information

Is obviously the best clan in the SWEET network.

SOUR Leadership

* Yuna - Clan Founder
* Cake Ninja - Clan Leader
* The Arsehole Stumour - Clan Leader
* The Epic Cucumber - Clan Leader
* SWEET Network Liason Obvious - Clan Leader
* Buffy - Clan Officer
* Raiment - Clan Officer
* LadyRavenSkye - Clan Officer

1) and Super Awesome Fantastic. The little known 6th clan
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