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SPARC, aka the Sweet Playful Amusing Renegade Clan

As the word indicates, SPARC is a renegade clan which was formed out of disagreement strife discontent censorship unhappiness out of pure madness by MadMad 8-O 1)

Currently it is still a 1-man formation, that incredibly succeeded in gained the 15th place as the clan with most DKs. Not bad for a solo-act! 8-)

Its primary focus is is having the most fun possible without having to resort to multiple personalities and kill a drive or two once in a while.

No-no words are: diplomacy, secrecy, espionage, politics, intimidation, alts, hypocrisy, exclusion, autocracy
Yes-yes words include: fun, honesty, fun, communication, fun, democracy, fun, helping one another, fun, consensus and did I mention plain old fun?

And yes: SPARC does have their own tent on the Improbable Outpost forum!

1) he really is as hat as a madder
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