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1.) Newbies should read through the entire Advisory before beginning 1)

2.) Newbies should then just jump in with both feet and start playing the game

3.) Newbies should then come back and re-read the Advisory. It makes a lot more sense the 2nd time around.2)3)4) 5)6)

4.) The Butler did it. 7)8)

5.) Colonel Mustard, in the library, with the candlestick of death9). 10)

6.) When in doubt, Spy-Check.

7.) He was dead the whole time.

8.) "Spy Check!"

9.) The future11)

1) Trust us, it'll make WAY more sense if you only read every other character
2) If not, go back to step 2.
3) What do I do after I go back to step 2? Do I then go to step 1?
4) The full sequence is available at Reverb's for a measly 100 cigarettes. Dont forget; customer satisfaction, or your money back!
5) But not the cigarettes
6) Hush!
7) Mountjoy swears he was busy plotting the demise of one of our Rookie guests at the time, so, not likely.
8) No way! I'm absolutely sure it was the gartener!
9) or cake
10) Thanks, now you spoiled my whole reason to play clue.
11) Unless it is the past already, which would be the case if you were a time traveler.
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