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The Squat Hole Project Index

Alexander Quandle

"Squat Hole born and Squat Hole bred, thick of arm and thick of head."
Pleasantville saying.

"Squat Hole born and Squat Hole bred, what jolly clever folk they all are."
Pleasantville saying in the presence of squats.

"Why study the squats?" I was asked by a friend recently "Surely they're just a bunch of squitty psychopaths best avoided." While the description "squitty psychopaths" is undeniable, and "best avoided" would be considered by many as scarcely less so, I would take issue with the word "just", there is more to Squat Hole than this. The squats of Squat Hole have a dense and closely knit social structure which has more byways and folk customs than the casual observer might suppose, and I would suggest that a study of Squat Hole society is both timely and relevant to understanding the Island as a whole. The Squat Hole project attempts to document for posterity this dangerous, yet fascinating culture, and this page provides an index of relevant documents. Of course, such a project can never be called complete, and so this is inevitably work in progress. 1)

Authored Predominantly by Alexander Quandle

A Treatise Concerning Squat Hole - A general overview of Squat Hole society.

Who's Who in Squat Hole - A list of some of the more prominant personalities in the outpost.

A History Of Idiocy: The Rise Of Squat Hole - The history of Squat Hole is traced from it's beginnings to the present day.

The Wit and Wisdom of Mundungus Hobbes - Regarded by the squats as Squat Hole's greatest philosopher. A useful insight into what passes for thought in Squat Hole.

A Guide To The Squat Chav Dialect - A useful aid to understanding what squats are saying.

Collected Other Documents

Squat Hole - A seperately written introductory guide to Squat Hole.

Squat - A seperately written introductory guide to squats.

Tales From The Hole - A collection of documents recounting various events in Squat Hole.

1) The principle researcher would like to thank Wise clan for their continued support of this ongoing project.
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