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These were created by Legolos's desire to help and the power of a strange die1), after the events of consequences. They depict the final rolling of the dice2) by Count Sessine

The Statues themselves appear to be made of 4 basic materials, Jokers made of Jokerstone, a rare stone able to take on the characteristics and color of almost any other stone, the spectators and nonjokers (besides robots and gobots) made of normal stone, polished to match the color of their skin, clothes, fur, etc., Robots and gobots made of metal (of course) and the representation of the Wind of an insubstantial crystal, which allows visitors to walk among the statues while still being visible to the naked eye of a human.

The fact that Legolos was a Newbie at the time brings up the question of how he had enough power to create the statues3). The energy required left Legolos in a 3 day coma along with a hole in his memories completely encasing the event.

As of this day the statues still stand, including the only existing statue of K.K. Victoria4)5)6).

As of recently, the statue of Count Sessine was blasted into a plasma dust by the Count himself.

Legolos seems to have a compulsion to clean around the statues any time there is something amiss.7)8)9)10) 11)12)13)

Following Sessine's recovery by Zolo, Tor also allowed his own statue to crumble away. 14)15)

As per the time of this writing, only one of the original statues remains undestroyed, that belonging to Paper Rabbit. All the others were somehow destroyed by those whom they depicted.

1) Currently in Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen's posession
2) a completely different die then the one mentioned above
3) as of yet nobody, including Legolos himself knows the answer
4) Unless he destroyes it
5) Which probably will end up badly for someone
6) It's a myth. There's no such thing as a KK Victoria statue.
7) If to do nothing else, keep KK Victoria off of them.
8) At least thats what he told US
9) Wait.. . There's a statue of me there too? Huh.. . That'll have to come down soon. ..
10) Oh dear, thats not good.
12) Oh & while Legolos was Dissappeared too! Low Blow![he had a big plan for that too...]
13) I really kind of doubt that Legolos could've stopped KK if he really wanted to destroy his statue...
14) he felt that the reminder was no longer necessary
15) it should also be noted that Tor's statue was never actually in the common grounds, but far far off in the jungle.
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