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Gem Stones (Hereinafter 'Stones') are a great way to waste spend extra cigarettes!

Note: Anything beyond this ruins the pleasure of discovery and can be considered a spoiler. At this time, Stones are fairly new, so it might be quite rewarding to discover this all on your own! But, if you want to keep on reading... go right ahead!

Stones can be obtained from the Wizard's Sleeve in Kittania.
After obtaining Stones, one can upgrade them by naming them in the Mineral Appraisal Hut in AceHigh.

Types of Stones

Arony Bizetal Itonaniss Metamiranite
Arony Bizetal Itonaniss Metamiranite
What do Arony is nicknamed the Stamina Stone. It gives extra Stamina. Biz gives you extra attack and defense. Iton heals you in combat. Meta improves your 'luck' and gives a small amount of extra req (5% at huge?).
When Named When Named, Arony improves your 'wisdom,' which allows you to learn more from your actions. Bizetal is usable in combat, increasing your attack drastically-high. At least +200 at Huge. Also usable in combat, heals a percentage of (missing?) HP (100% for Huge). Possibly increases your luck even further - Huge stone made Stonehenge appear four times in a single NewDay.

MORE TO COME. See http://enquirer.improbableisland.com/forum/viewtopic.php?showtopic=33985 in the meantime.

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