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The Suggestion Box

Season Two suggestions. Put 'em here.

A note from CMJ - I'm gonna go through these and mark them with a number, 'cause it's quick. Given that this is a pretty important document, it should be considered outside of the usual Wiki guidelines (guidelines like "Please vandalise the Wiki" and "Make sure you lie your arse off"). To save anyone else the downer of being a big spoilsport, I'll say it myself: Please don't fuck with this page! Just add suggestions - nothing else! If you want to discuss the suggestions, do it in the linked Forum post. Ta!

Here's what the numbers mean:

  • 0: Not gonna happen. No way, absolutely not, you can fuck right off.
  • 1: Unlikely, for technical or balance reasons, or because the amount of hassle involved isn't proportional to the amount of awesome the changes would create.
  • 2: Still thinking. Maybe about whether to do it, maybe about how to do it.
  • 3: It's likely that this will turn up one day, not sure if it'll be at the start of Season Two though.
  • 4: Definitely going in Season Two.
  • 5: Coding is done and the feature is completed.
  • x: Something else is being done that serves a similar purpose, rendering this moot.


  • Suffixes on the name as a preference.
  • Don't filter single letters "u" and "r" (and others I haven't noticed) when followed by colour codes.
  • Increase the limit of colour codes allowed in a comment.

Improbable Events

  • Replace something by or add the ICMoD as an event, and/or add it to the Common Grounds. It has weapon turrents. Would allow for cheap-ass copying of the presentation text in that article. 1)


  • Implant affecting Mercenaries (heal, attack, defense) or
  • Buffs for Mercenaries altogether (probably a bitch).

General Gameplay


User-Generated Content


CMJ COMMENT ON SCAVENGING IN GENERAL: The Scavenging system, like the Vending system, is a pain in the arse, and it may be one of those things that I'll end up making significant changes to, or even scrapping altogether and replacing it with something better.

  • 3 Allow players to create x number of lower-level items for the same amount of XP and req that they would receive to create one upper-level item. See Fodder Kid's comments.
  • 2 Allow upper-level Scavengers to create any item in the shop with one supermetal after maxing their Scavenging level. See Icterid's comments.
  • 0 Allow customization and gifting of Workshop-created items. Same thread, see CTP's comments. CMJ COMMENT: Weapons and Armour gifting is going away for S2, being replaced with gifting of consumable items instead.
  • 2 Be able to acquire scrap in other places -- monster drops, improbable events, etc. Same thread, see CTP's comments.
  • 3 Make scavenging and assembling more efficient.

The Hunter's Lodge



  • 4-5 (one subplot already done) Add additional quests: Outpost-thematic, non-Jungle related (trading or puzzle quests), etc.
  • 2 (every charstat hook is pretty server-intensive) Add quest information for Dan's quests to the player sidebar (quest location, item).

The Hall of Fame


Integrating the World Map


  • 2 A limitation of three of any given type of home, and/or a limitation on BUILDING but not PURCHASING those for sale.
  • 2-3 Allow players to purchase additional rooms or chatspace in a house.
  • 1-2 Increase basic security of cottages and mansions so that to PvP someone in a Cottage or Mansion, you have to bribe someone to let you in. See Icterid's comments. CMJ COMMENT: I'm thinking more along the lines of a negative buff, as you're fighting on someone else's familiar territory. Perhaps. Maybe.


  • x (rendered moot by the introduction of consumable item gifting) Institute a free box in NewHome or ImprobableCentral where players could leave unwanted backpack items and Improbable items.
  • x (rendered moot by the introduction of consumable item gifting) Institute free boxes in Clan Halls. See Icterid's comment in the above thread.
  • x (Equipment gifting is being removed for Season Two, making this a moot point - CMJ) Allow players to regift Equipment items.
  • 3 In-game realization of the notion behind Snickerer's distribution of Awesome Points: Allow moderators to reward players for helpfulness, creativity, etc. See cowtessa's comments.
  • 4 Allow gifting of one-use Improbable items.


  • 3 Make PVP opt-in, rather than opt-out.
  • 1 (fantastic idea, but a bitch to do technically - CMJ) Allow posses of players to gang up on a single PVPer.
  • x (if we make PvP opt-in, then this is no longer relevant -CMJ) Turn on PVP only after the first or fifth DK.
  • 0 (people will naturally focus on different areas of their stats, and those who want more PvP will increase their HP. I don't want a level playing field, because it's boring -CMJ) Change PVP targeting requirements to be HP-dependent rather than level-dependent (i.e., if you have 150 HP, you can only attack people in the 125 * 175 HP range). See CTP's comments in the previously linked thread.
  • 2 Change PVP targeting requirements to be DK-dependent AND level-dependent. See Icterid's comments in the previously linked thread.
  • 1 (this is just as unfair as the other way around - higher-level players have no option to retaliate -CMJ) If PVP becomes DK or HP dependent, allow the little fish in the pond to challenge any of the big fish without restriction. See Sessine's comments in the previously linked thread.
  • 1 (maybe, although I do like the element of risk when PvP'ing -CMJ) Display maximum HP in player bios. See Sessine's comments in the previously linked thread.
  • 4 Make the PvP System message more LOL. See Sessine's comments.
  • 3 Be able to hire a Hitman to send after a contestant. See Icterid's quote of CTP's comment in previously linked thread.
  • 2 Add a bit of Improbability to PvP (such as buff salves, random weapons to use for the fight, random events during the fight). See Icterid's comments.
  • 1 (good idea, but pain in the arse to code) Bundle PvP distractions into one distraction, or make a PvP page triggered at log in. See Icterid's comments in the previously linked thread.
1) And all sorts of disgusting flavours, maybe with effects depending on played Race.
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