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Vital Statistics

  • Real Name: Sahen Mieda
  • Male.1)
  • Height: Between 170cm and 200cm.2)3)4)
  • Weight: 180 pounds.5)
    • Maybe 150, if he woke up a Kittymorph this morning.
  • Eyes: Good ole Improbable Green.
  • Hair: Shoulder-length black hair, with a ponytail.



Suziku wears a thick maroon Chef's Coat, emblazoned with the logo of the Red Valley Smokehouse in Carter's Cottage. Under it, a plain white t-shirt and long, loose, black cargo pants that end in heavy combat boots. His black hair falls to his shoulders, a ponytail in the back reaching midway down his torso. His eyes softly glow the Island's own shade of Green.


Usually quiet and reserved. When he is around friends, however, he is very outgoing and often a joker.6) He has a very pronounced sense of loyalty, helping and protecting his friends and clanmates whenever possible. He also has a strong sense of justice, and will attempt to right any wrongs he sees.

Before The Island

He lived in a flat with his sister, Szi, and their parents and spent most of his time either working or outside in the woods behind the building. Over time, he grew both bored and irritated with his life and family. Around age 19, he ran away from home, travelling far and wide across the world.

On The Island

Life changed for Suziku in a number of ways after being dropped on The Island.7) Most notably, he learned that spontaneous human combustion wasn't actually impossible; merely highly improbable. On first contact with the improbable radiation, it took the power of The Watcher to keep Suziku from reaching critical mass and decimating a quadrant of NewHome. Since then, he has learned to control the explosive power within him, and to sense when it begins to break loose. At times he can unleash it with devestating results, but he refuses to harness his power; he claims it is too dangerous to others on The Island.8)

Soon after, he became a close, personal friend of CavemanJoe.

Another major event in Suziku's new Island life happened not long after he arrived. While hunting in the jungle, he stumbled upon the great Stonehenge. As he weaved his way through the massive slabs, it's magic resonated within him. It drew him back, again and again, eventually making him all but obsessed with the mystical formation. Some nights he ventures into the jungle and sleeps in its center, drawing strength from it's improbability. One day, he hopes to learn how to fully harness its power; he believes that with the power of Stonehenge, he can finally destroy the Improbability Drive once and for all.

His friends think he's strong. The masters in the dojo know he is. The Jokers find him delightfully sneaky. His more leonine foes have bestowed him the title of Honorary Sneaky Bastard. His warrior style has brought him success in the Jungle, and his ratings are reasonably high among viewers.


On his travels around the island, Suziku learned he was not the only one to become combustible. He sought out others with his condition, and eventually they banded together to form the Improbably Explosive Contestants.

1) When he has a gender.
2) Depending on?
3) How many of his dead enemies he's standing on
4) So, usually 170cm?
5) Been spending a lot of time in Joe's Diner, I take it?
6) That's joker, not Joker.
7) Apart from the obvious, of course.
8) Really? All the things on this island, and he thinks a simple explosion is too dangerous?
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