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The SWEET Clan

One of the top clans in Seasons 1 & 2, and the top clan in the Pilot episode.

Known for their many top-performing players, their near total dominance of outposts in Season One, and in Season Two, for their Hall of Fame performance, and the advent of the SWEET Network, making them the largest affiliated clan network on the Island. Bar none.

The SWEET Network, founded in Season 2, featured five clans: The SWEET Clan, The Bureau of Improbability Generation (aka SUGAR), The Society for Preservation of Improbability (aka SPICE), the Society of Unlimited Requisition (aka SOUR), and the Soaring Amphitheatre Venture (aka SAVOR). The forums (featuring live chat and lots of wicked research) were located at improbableisland.ning.com

Dissolution of the SWEET Network

The SWEET Network dissolved during Season 2, when crashtestpilot, Indika, General MacArtair, and Third Degree Burn all vanished from the Island without warning. While the five affiliated clans are still in existence, the 'Network' binding them no longer exists.

Season 2

As the maximum limit of clan membership was lowered (again) to a mere 20 in Season Two, the concept for the SWEET Network began to germinate among former S1 SWEET leadership.

The first member to gather enough resources to open up the clan for business was The Wickedly Wilde ChicagoPolska (aka CHiP). She was joined by prior Season One leaders including Severa, CrashTestPilot, and others.

Quite soon players from Season 1 joined up as well as one illustrious player from the pilot and S1: the incredible Yrk (Now after 100 DKS, who bears the title Bloody Yrk) who needed less than one week to establish himself as the absolute number 1 on the island1).

However, the 20-member limit proved to be some problem, which is why it was collectively decided that some players would leave the main clan to establish the founding clans of the SWEET Network: SUGAR, SPICE and SOUR, and later SAVOR.

To solve the problem of inter-clan communication, it was decided to establish their own forum which, after a few redesigns, became known as the The Improbable Outpost. The outpost is currently expanding to address wider Island needs, thanks to the tireless efforts of MadMad, who is now the founder of SPARC - a highly successful clan in its own right, but alas, not part of the SWEET Network.

In November of 2009, the SWEET Network moved its primary forum to Ning, because of its richer feature-set. That forum is now known as Improbably SWEET. It features live chat, which helped significantly with inter-clan coordination, clan rotations, role-playing preparation, and research assistance.

At the time of its dissolution, the SWEET Network was the largest group of affiliated clan members on the Island, in keeping with its legacy as being the largest clan, period, during the Pilot, and among the most powerful and influential clans in Season 1.

Season Two Leadership

* ChicagoPolska
* Editor-in-Chief CrashTestPilot
* Goddess Severa Dawn
* BigCheese

* General MacArtair - General of the Army, Ret'd. (founder)
* Galactic halo - Chief Executive Officer
* XaNe - Chief Disinformation Officer
* Silcatra - Chief Confusion Officer
* Ferryn - Chief Insectology Officer

* Carnivorous Indika - Founder, Mistress of Ribeyes
* King Badass Reynai - Leader, King of all Monsters
* Lieutenant General vastatio - Leader, Divine Hammer
* Patchwork Brunor - Leader, Head of Research
* Alphamazing (currently participating in Clan Rotation at SOUR)

* Yuna - Clan Founder, Summoner of Most Excellence
* ValiumNewt - Clan Leader, Procurer of Cigarettes and Recruiter Extraordinaire
* Alphamazing - Clan Leader, Mathematical Super Genius (on loan from SPICE)

* Third Degree Burn - Founder
* Makiwa - Leader
* Trowa - Leader
* Silas (formerly Shiloh) - Leader

Season 1

The clan was reinstated2) in Season One by Meremidia and was currently rebuilding under her leadership with the assistance of the Count of Saint Germain and Snickerer.

During a period in which Merry was sick, CSG was off beyond reason, and Snickerer was busy, the clan fell from a major position of power. Without an active leadership, the major players in the guild weren't able to do anything.

This period ended when CSG returned from infinite eternity, and became an active leader again. He appointed Cheshire_Cat as another leader to prevent such a period from occurring again. SWEET managed to max out it's clan buff once more, and become a player in the Great Game.3)

Recent investigations into to The R.I.M 4)5)6)7)8) 9)10)11) shows that they are again attempting to gain Great powers by Summoning Demons and forming Dark pacts with them through means of blood sacrifice, 12) and dancing naked in the rain 13) 14) However, given that one of their leaders is also in CIA, it possible that summoning demons is a joint operation.15)

With allied clans, they were the first 16) to gain complete political control of the entire island. After learning what the bonus was, they decided that the task of keeping everyone in order was not worth the pay offs, and decided to focus on regional rather then national politics.17)18) They have managed to maintain control of a sizable chunk of the island, and would like to point out to those who didn't know, that SWEET and Tridux, Rockin' into Mordor are the same clan.

At some point things changed again: CSG left the premises and Editor-in-Chief CrashTestPilot (aka CTP) took over, assisted by Goddess Severa Dawn,the mysterious Big Cheese and The Wickedly Wilde ChicagoPolska (aka CHiP)19). Under that management SWEET continued to keep a majority of the cities under its control. Late in the Season, SWEET enjoyed a brief marriage of convenience with CIA and it's Officers and Leaders retained their positions after the move.20)

In any case, the management changes created the core group of leadership poised to move into Season Two with a vengeance, and near-perfect coordination.

Season One Leadership

The Season One positions of importance in <SWEET> are as follows:21)22) (Those marked with ???? are mysteries to all you non-SWEETers;)

Glorious Leader - Count of Saint Germain
Generous Leader - Snickerer
Gregarious Leader - ????\\23)

Head Thespian24) - Lady Rosin
Voluntary Political Donation Coordinator - Zog The Disturbed 25).
Competitor - Icterid
Grassroots Hero - ????
Executive Producer - ????
Truth-Agent - ????
Lie-Forger - Max Dougwell
Record Label - ????
Post-Master - CrashTestPilot
Pie Taster - ????

King of the Beavers26) - Bard-Knight Ryuuou


Rockin' into Mordor was first founded by Bannakaffalatta.

They were the first clan to max out the clan buff, an action that was taken through benefits gained from demonic rituals. They were also the largest guild, being over three times the size of the second largest guild at the time at the height of <SWEET>.

At the time of the reset, they had more players in the top ten players then any other clan, and had The Count who was the strongest player on the island.

Reasons that they were unreasonably powerful are attributed to demonic rituals, and massive recruitment efforts by Rhiannon. These recruitment efforts caused Caveman Joe to implement a limit on guild size, first at 200, and then at 50 after the reset.

1) And as some type of ciggie making robot, don't forget that part.
3) information about Great Game restricted by Admin
4) Insert bad sexual innuendo here
5) . . .please don't, actually.
6) yay someone actually noticed my edits, you just made my day :D
7) Heh. What, you really thought I wouldn't?
8) Well so far your the first person to edit/say anything about them, i actually edited most of the clans pages
9) Did notice that. But this is the only one that seemed to need a response.
10) A response? Response response response.
11) well either way i appreciate every response, and i hope you enjoyed my edits
12) there is no actual evidence to support the theory of sacrifice
13) Though several eye witnesses have reported naked rain dance parties near SWEET HQ
14) Which is, admittedly, right next to the CIA HQ. . .
15) Furthermore, the person in question is an immortal alchemist, those who naysay his abilities to overthrow Gods believe that he may have already made a pact with a Demon Lord. However there are those who believe that he is a Demon Lord himself.
16) and currently only clan to get the complete control bonus
17) Of course they didn't have Improbable Central, but do to fluxuations in time and space (believed to be the Count's fault) they still got the bonus for complete control of the island.
18) Nah. It was Kitty-Kat's fault, as a small subdominant religion of the Counts believes... *is beaten to death*
19) Chip wasn't a Leader silly. She was an Officer who asked too many questions and stalked Severa.
20) Or rather, it was a marriage of intense desire for Island control. Whichever.
21) If I've missed any, please add them.
22) Where does the Kitty Kat Go?
23) You mean Chess? Cless? Mess? Katess? Caress?
24) Has anyone else noticed how odd this word sounds?
25) Aided by his faithful henchmen, Mongo and Thud
26) You cannot deceive us, and you can't fool owls!
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