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Tales From The Hole

Squat Hole is a very active community and there is often something interesting happening. Sometimes these events get recorded. Here we have an index of some of them.

This page is part of The Squat Hole Project.

For a general list of all scenes recorded on the Island see here.


Urban Planning In Squat Hole - In which a new one way system is implemented in Squat Hole.

Skronky Towers: Squat Hole's Revolving Restaurant - In which an ill-considered attempt to enhance Squat Hole prestige and reputation is undertaken, with unfortunate results.

The Siege of The Squat Hole Branch of the Improbable Bank - In which an ultimately unsuccessful attempt is made to redistribute the banks wealth.

Squat Hole Record Breakers - In which is recorded an attempt to break the world record for Most Squats in a High Quality Restaurant. Although the attempt is unsuccessful, several other records are broken, and more revealed.

Industrial Skulduggery in Pleasantville - In which an unsuccessful attempt is made by the Skronkys to eliminate competition to Kebabs 'N' Shite.

Squat Hole Moonshot - In which an attempt is made to send Cantankerous Biggs in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong.

A New Sport is Invented. - In which the squat's playful and inventive nature is revealed by the introduction of a new sport.

The Skronky Prizes - In which we see the awarding of the very first prestigious Skronky Prizes for Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, and Peace.

The Provision of Civic Ammenities. - In which the basic infrastructure of Squat Hole is enriched by the provision of a bus service. Other useful services are inadvertently also provided.

The Squat Hole Telephone Service. - In which Squat Hole is provided with a telephone service. The squats believe this to be "groundbreaking" and "leading the way forward" despite the fact that they've been trying unsuccessfully to mug contestants for their phones for years.

Coarse Insult lessons. - In which the squats' entrepreneurial spirit is demonstrated by Cantankerous Biggs setting up a school in coarse insults.

On Her Skronkyness' Secret Service. - In which the Big Su Skronky Fan Club appears less popular than expected. The diagnosis and remedy for this state of affairs.

Scenes illustrating general Squat Hole life: Daily events and special days

The Squat Hole Rules Football Championship Match - In which we are privileged to spectate at one of Squat Hole's top sporting fixtures.

Squat Hole's Got Talent - In which we are privileged to witness some of the finest entertainment that Squat Hole has to offer - including knife throwing, Talkydoor's gymnastics, and Pirate Queen Carlynne's famous ping-pong ball trick.

Party Hearty in Squat Hole's Premier Drinking Establishment - Shows that Squat Hole isn't all about hard work, there's hard play as well.

The New Day's Failboat Delivery to Squat Hole. - In which we are priviledged to witness a daily tradition in Squat Hole.

Accosted by Sapphire

The Squat Hole Carnival. - Squat Hole's annual carnival is considered by some to be the highlight of the Squat Hole calendar. Here we see all the excitement that it has to offer.

The Squat Hole Carnival - Consequences. - An insight into the Squat Hole's idea of restorative justice.

Daedalus Receives a Valuable Gift.

The Game - An insight into some of Squat Hole's more intellectual activities.

The Squat Hole Olympics - An invitation to the International Olympic Committee receives less enthusiasm than expected, but this is no bar to the outpost hosting their very own games.

Scenes documenting the ongoing power struggle between the Skronkys and the McThuggers

The Great Train Robbery - The now defunct train service was once used by the Skronkys for the distribution of cigarettes. This was once a target of an attack by the McThuggers.

The Siege of Booz - The McThuggers attempt to storm Booz and take Chlamydia hostage. All does not go according to plan.

The McThuggers go for the Pot - The McThuggers attempt to storm the Skronky Pot and take it hostage. All does not go according to plan.

The kidnapping of Impudencia - The McThuggers mount an audacious attempt to kidnap the K&S manager and hold her hostage. All does not go according to plan.

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