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It's been so long since talky landed on the island that she barely even remembers being human, and will probably just deny it. As far as she's concerned, she's midget through and through except for the occasional accidental ingestion of bad Deathor cake that makes her hallucinate all sorts of improbable conditions.

She is generally friendly and talkative, but has an appalling memory, so may stare at you blankly when you meet again. Or, more likely, just pretend she remembers and then be all awkward. This is especially true after her recent long absence. Feel free to ask her where she's been, but she'll only make it up.


  • She loves her rank sevens, and has been known to run around screaming: I'm invincible!
  • A while ago she achieved 100 dk's, and got given a huuuuuge century cake by Tyr. This means she considers any advice given by herself to be invaluable. This is unlikely. (Any milestones since have gone unnoticed)
  • She has written one of two The Questing Songs, hers being sung to a wholly plagiarised tune and rhythm. She can normally be heard humming one of them when Dan sends her to obscure, out-of-the-way, or rookie-infested outposts.
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