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Improbable Tarot

As with all wiki pages, this page is a work in progress, and improvement is welcomed

The FoolYou
The MagicianeBoy
The High PriestessKate of the Kittania Bluerock Chapel
The EmpressEmily
The EmperorDoktor Improbable
The HierophantDavid Abraham
The LoversThe Dancer, accompanied by Havelock and Stern
The ChariotBudget Horse
JusticeThe Watcher
The HermitRohit
Wheel of FortuneChronosphere
StrengthTynan, presumably wrestling some sort of cat
The Hanged ManStox
The DevilThe Stranger, accompanied by Havelock and Stern
The TowerThe Improbability Drive
The Star Smoking Spiderkitty Constellation
The MoonMidnight
The SunNew Day
JudgementThe Bomb
The WorldMap of Improbable Island
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