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Tarot Readings

At the COME AS YOU AREN'T revel, Sessine Ona Tko Vidi wandered the grounds with a shimmering blue crystal staff, a Tarot deck, and a blue silk scarf over 'her' eyes.1)

Two fortunes were told: Symar was informed by the cards that she had, indeed, once been human. Zolotisty asked a larger question, the answer to which may be of general interest: "What of Season 2?"

Season Two

[04/19 03:30am] <DICE> Sessine Ona Tko Vidi does not offer the deck to be cut this time. He shuffles, lays out the cards, and holds his hands spread wide, a little distance above the table, as if warming them at a fire.
[04/19 03:38am] <DICE> Uncle Zolotisty's gaze is sharp with interest.
[04/19 03:38am] <DICE> Sessine Ona Tko Vidi touches the Death card in the place that represents the question. "Not death, but Transformation."
[04/19 03:43am] <DICE> Sessine Ona Tko Vidi taps the ten of disks reversed, crossing it. "That's the obstruction: Wealth, or the lack of it."
[04/19 03:49am] <DICE> Sessine Ona Tko Vidi touches the card that crowns. "The potential for what can be achieved - The Universe.. everything."
[04/19 03:51am] <DICE> Uncle Zolotisty chews on the inside of her mouth with an abstracted expression before she remembers herself. Hmh.
[04/19 03:55am] <DICE> Sessine Ona Tko Vidi moves a finger to the basis card.. results of the past. The two of disks. "Change. The influence of the past is not fixed. There is free choice about how the past will apply."
[04/19 04:09am] <DICE> Sessine Ona Tko Vidi touches the card of passing, showing how current influences are changing. "The Star. Old ideas are being reshaped, discarded, poured away."
[04/19 04:10am] <DICE> Sessine Ona Tko Vidi moves to the card of arriving - new factors entering. "Art. Creativity is happening at this very moment, new ideas are being born in the crucible."
[04/19 04:18am] <DICE> Uncle Zolotisty makes a mental note to go look up the word crucible later. She found a dictionary the other day and it was an earth-shattering experience. She doesn't take much notice of the crowd.
[04/19 04:19am] <DICE> Sessine Ona Tko Vidi touches the card of the querent. The Ace of Cups - for the costume? the wearer? All on the Island? Perhaps all three. "A transforming fountain radiating creative energy."
[04/19 04:22am] <DICE> Sessine pauses to reflect how well that card symbolizes Zolotisty's nature, at least.
[04/19 04:34am] <SPOON> Midget Tor as Sessinelvis looks to Uncle Z, "Are we's ready?"
[04/19 04:34am] <DICE> Sessine Ona Tko Vidi goes on to the Family card. "The Chariot. This is about.. what you can take with you. Take or discard as you choose. You are in control of the things that really matter."
[04/19 04:36am] <DICE> Uncle Zolotisty holds up a finger to Sessinelvis. A bit more, this isn't quite done here.
[04/19 04:44am] <DICE> Sessine Ona Tko Vidi touches the final card, the outcome. "The Wheel of Fortune. A cycle, a resetting, like a Drive Kill for the entire world at once."
[04/19 04:45am] <DICE> Uncle Zolotisty nods.
[04/19 04:47am] <DICE> Sessine smiles. "And, speaking quite unofficially.. you will love it. There will be destruction and violence aplenty for those who crave it, there will be an overarching Story we're all part of, and.."
[04/19 04:51am] <DICE> Sessine grins wider. "..if a notion I heard tonight turns into reality.. there will be.." He stops, bites his tongue and says nothing further. But he can't help looking most inordinately pleased.
[04/19 04:53am] <DICE> Uncle Zolotisty won't question that mischievous look about him any more than he questions her when she's grinning like a lunatic in clan hall. She nods, reaches briefly to squeeze his hand. "Thank you, for that."
[04/19 04:53am] <SWEET> Dragon Goddess Severa looks over at Sessine. Sessine pleased can either be a really GOOD thing..or a really BAD thing. Either way, it's mildly unsettling..

1) Curiously, not colliding with anyone or anything in the Grounds.
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