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Teague's Engineering Depot

Background on Teague

Teague is quite the accomplished engineer, and he is capable of making a lot of things engineering-wise. After all, he's been several different types of engineers and had quite a few different skill sets over the course of his island career, the most important of which is definitely his technokinesis. What's Technokinesis, you ask?1) The ability to make, modify, and move around technology with one's mind.2)3)4)5)6)7) It took him awhile to get to being a full-blown technokinetic, but it was well worth it.8)

Payment Options

Teague will typically accept Requisition, items, or scrap metal as payment for making requested items. The amount varies based upon how valuable the requested item is.

Improbability Warnings

All newly made products have Improbability in them. This may result in unwanted effects from those products. If you had any of these products made before this warning was added, said products should not be affected, but ones made after this warning are still susceptible to the improbable effects.9)10) In addition, prolonged exposure to the island may very well have caused said "unaffected" products to become improbable enough to exhibit the same effects. All footnotes starting with an IW stand for Improbability Warning and list known common improbable occurrences with said product.11)

Items and Armor

Hover Drones

These drones are very compact! Despite their small size, they come with a variety of armaments, including small guns, force-fields, tractor beams, recording equipment, or medical equipment! They'll also be able to follow you around while floating in the air and respond to voice commands! Because sometimes all you need is an extra set of hands!12)13)

Available Options
  1. Gun Drone: Has two small improbability guns attached on the underside of it that help you out while you're fighting!14)15)
  2. Shield Drone: Has a internal, spherical forcefield that deflects projectiles fired at you! Said forcefield is centered on the drone itself.16)17)18)
  3. Cargo Drone: Need a hand? Well, hands are a bit impractical and costly19), so why not have a tractor beam instead?20)21) This drone is quite capable of lifting heavy objects with its tractor beam! Or hands, if you really want those.22)23)
  4. Surveillance Drone: Has a camera attached to it that records things going on around it. You also get a handheld remote control for it too-so you can control the drone from far away. Said remote control also has a small screen on it-how else are you going to see what the camera of the drone sees?24)25)


Is it a jetpack? Is it a backpack?26)27) It's both! It is mostly dedicated to storage space, but the anti-gravity motors are more than enough to lift you into the air under a normal load! And even under an abnormal load, the backpack can still help by using its anti-gravity field to help lift the abnormal load up, albeit without flight capabilities.28)29)


Because rolling around in a ball is so much cooler than crawling! Just strap this around your waist and whenever you crouch, you'll reform into a ball of rolling awesomeness! It has a built-in gyroscope too, to keep you from getting dizzy! And all you have to do to go back is rise into a standing position.30)31)32)

Morph-Belt Mk. 2

An upgraded version of the Morphbelt! This version allows you to transform into a rough motorcycle shape (Two wheels and a chassis) and roll around in that! Includes the same upgrades as the original Morph-Belt! Plus, you can even carry somebody on you in the alternate form this belt provides!33)34)

Nanotech Gauntlet

It's a gauntlet! That allows you to control nanobots! By thought alone! Isn't that cool? If you like nanobots, and you don't have any, you should definitely buy this!35)36)37)38)

Stealth Suit

It's hard being stealthy. You've got to be quiet and remain unseen. Fortunately, the Stealth Suit is here to help. It has a sound dampening system, shadow generator, and Oder eliminator built-in. The sound dampening system actively calculates the sounds your suit will make, and makes them sound much quieter by generating the opposite sound-wave from the various speakers on it so the two sound-waves cancel out.39) The shadow generator literally absorbs light to make it where you can easily hide in plain sight!40)41) The Oder eliminator, is, well, self-explanatory.42)


The Berserker's Battery

Ever feel your melee attacks need a little more punch? Just attach this power pack to your existing melee weapon, and you'll get an extra attack in for every wound you inflict! Just took down a titan? Enjoy slaughtering that swarm of hover leeches that just came up to you! Having trouble with that one enemy? You can stack attack on attack on attack until you miss!43)44)45)

Spirit Railgun

No Longer For Sale. All copies have been destroyed. No description is needed.

The Surgeon

No Longer For Sale. Description Kept For Reference Purposes Only.46)47)

Are you a doctor? A medic? A paramedic? Well, this weapon is for you! Not only can it heal, it can hurt! And you can bring the pain48) right where it counts with the built in targeting system! Just aim at the target and look at the display screen built into the weapon until you see what you want to aim at, clearly displayed in text and pictures! If that takes too much time, just use the arrow buttons underneath the screen! It has three modes: Growth, Healing, and Damage. Enjoy using all three, and being the best combat medic ever to walk the earth!49)50)51)

The Shield Gun

Do you prefer sitting back while your allies do the work? Well, instead of being criticized for doing nothing, try using this defensive weapon to protect them while you let them do the work for you! Just point it at who you want to protect, and a shielding beam will come out and make a forcefield around them!52)53)

The Awesome Arsenal

Can't just pick one weapon? Why not have them all? With the Awesome Armory, you can! Just move your hands and body into the position you would use to hold a weapon, and a weapon of that kind will form out of plasma! Awesome, isn't it?54)55)56)57)

Note: Weapon can fire improbable projectiles.58)59)

The Imploder

No Longer For Sale. All copies have been destroyed. No description is needed.

The Disassembler

Nanobots are cool. Weaponized Nanobots are cooler. Weaponized Nanobots that can be fired out of a gun in a variety of patterns and disassemble anything they're fired at is one of the coolest things on the Island! With this adaptable weapon, which looks a lot like a high-tech rocket launcher, you can easily fire "Rockets", spray your enemies with "Flames", or fire barrages of "Bullets". All made of nanobots that will take them apart, atom by atom, on contact! You can also select what you want to be taken apart, or switch the nanobots around to the Repair Mode!60)61)62)63) Note: Not all functions are listed.64) You do not want to know all the functions.65)66)

The Speed Smasher Suit

This suit allows you to run really fast!67) But wait, there's more! With this suit, you can turn speed into a weapon! Just go against all normal common sense and run into your enemy! They'll feel like they've been hit by an aircraft carrier,68) and you won't feel a thing! Breaking Newton's Third Law can be insanely awesome!69) Plus, it's thin enough that you can wear it under your normal clothes without notice, but thick enough it can take a hit! And it comes in all the colors under the sun!70)

Available Options
  • Form Factor
  1. Slim & Tight71)
  2. Thick & Bulky72)
  3. Normal Size73)
  4. Form-Fitting74)
  5. Stripperrific75)
  • Helmet Options76)
  1. No Helmet
  2. Helmet with Tinted Visor
  3. Helmet with Clear Visor
  4. Tactical77) Helmet with Tinted Visor
  5. Tactical Helmet with Clear Visor
  6. Goggles and a Headset78)
  7. Tactical Goggles and a Headset79)
  8. Goggles80)
  9. Tactical Goggles81)
  10. Headset82)
  • Colors
  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Purple
  7. Violet
  8. Magenta
  9. Pink
  10. Brown
  11. Black
  12. Gold83)
  13. Bling84)
  14. Silver
  15. White
  16. Glow-in-the-Dark85)
  17. Other
  • Upgrade your current suit of Power Armor with the software used in this suit86)87)

The Crystal Beam

What's better than a beam weapon? A beam weapon that can be practically anything! The large crystal on the end of this weapon collects heat energy, and based upon how far the metal shield around it is spread88)89), it fires different beams! There's a knob on the side to adjust what it's set to, and several convenient markings indicating features like a freeze ray, heat ray, standard lazer, lightning ray, and more! It also includes improbable features like a bubble ray, rubber ducky ray, flower ray, and more!90) It can be yours for the cost of 5 easy payments of 1 One-Shot Teleporter! Just 5 easy payments!91)

Warning: Glass Prisms are less durable than crystals.92)

Available Options
  1. Pistol-Sized Version (Crystal)93)
  2. Pistol-Sized Version (Glass Prism)94)95)
  3. Rifle-Sized Version (Crystal)96)
  4. Rifle-Sized Version (Glass Prism)97)98)
  5. Heavy Weapon Version (Crystal)99)100)
  6. Heavy Weapon Version (Glass Prism)101)102)
1) I didn't ask...
2) So, crappy telekinesis.
3) More like overly-specialized
4) So, cripplingly overspecialized telekinesis.
5) It also makes him hungry
6) Or, if he's a robot, drains his power supplies.
7) Improbability has now become the main way this works. Beware improbable unintended effects.
8) But having the technokinesis be improbable sucks. Still, better than no technokinesis.
9) Some items can no longer be made due to improbability screwing with them too much.
10) Their descriptions may or may not have been kept for reference.
11) Improbable occurrences are not limited to those in Improbability Warnings.
12) Hands not included.
13) IW: May experience unwanted AI errors. May also start snarking.
14) Or not.
15) Could result in hilarity.
16) Also has great offensive capabilities. Simply kick the drone at an enemy.
17) IW: Projectiles turning into different things upon hitting the forcefield is perfectly normal!
18) IW: Prolonged exposure to the forcefield may have unintended side effects.
19) Not really, they've got great prices in Pitts.
20) A beam that shoots tractors?
21) No, Mr. Bond, it's a beam that pulls objects toward it. Like your head towards that spiked wall.
22) IW: Items picked up by tractor beam may be affected by concentrated blasts of improbability
23) IW: This drone may pick inconvenient times and places to drop things.
24) IW: Controls may be screwy at times.
25) IW: Video Feed may lead to a nearby camera instead of the Surveillance Drone.
26) Is it bloody ridiculous looking?
27) If you'd consider wearing a large metal box on your back ridiculous, yes.
28) IW: Items placed in the jet-back-pack for prolonged periods of time may be affected by improbability.
29) IW: Anti-gravity motors are prone to not working as intended at times.
30) Now includes the spiderball and jump ball upgrades, allowing you to roll up surfaces and jump while in the morphball.
31) IW: The internal gyroscope may be difficult to activate.
32) IW: There have been instances of people being stuck in ball form for extended periods of time.
33) IW: May change you into unintended forms. No guarantees will be made on the comfortableness of the user while in these forms.
34) IW: There have been instances of people being stuck in the alternate form for extended periods of time.
35) Designed primarily for engineering and metalworking applications.
36) No, this is not the same thing as the Disassembler. The Nanotech Gauntlet has less nanobots, but is more effective at doing tasks that require precision than the Disassembler.
37) IW: Nanobots may not work as intended. They might develop a collective personality too.
38) IW: Improbability is used when the nanobots preform an action in minute amounts. Beware extended use of this gauntlet on the same object.
39) IW: This part of the suit has played unwanted sounds from time to time. Sounds vary from a roaring lion to techno music to horrible singing.
40) This won't work if there is nothing that can conceivably cast a shadow near you.
41) IW: Or it may very well work if there's nothing you can conceivably cast a shadow near you. Good luck getting noticed.
42) IW: This part of the suit may produce unwanted smells instead.
43) IW: Try not to miss.
44) IW: Or... even worse, hurt yourself with the weapon.
45) IW: You have been spared the mental imagery.
46) But... but... I WANTED THIS!
47) Too late now.
48) Or the healing
49) Warning: This weapon is hard to use on oneself.
50) IW: May cause unintended side effects.
51) Note: The Improbability Warning is included because Improbability could still affect this weapon.
52) IW: The strength of said forcefield can be highly variable. Use at your own risk.
53) IW: Exposure to the forcefield generated by this weapon may cause improbable side effects, some of which may be undesirable.
54) Warning: Bigger weapons have longer recharge times.
55) IW: Weapon may refuse to turn off, and/or force you to hold a specific weapon.
56) Until that happens.
57) IW: Weapon may fail to do the intended amount of damage, or do way too much damage. The chances of either happening are independent of the size of the weapon you're currently using.
58) Sounds like fun!
59) IW: Shots intended to be normal may fire improbable projectiles, and vice versa.
60) No, this is not the same thing as the Nanotech Gauntlet. This weapon has more nanobots that are more effective at killing.
61) IW: Nanobots may gain a collective personality. This... tends not to be a good thing...
62) IW: Weapon may discharge at inconvenient times.
63) IW: Nanobots may cause improbable effects to occur upon hitting something.
64) For a good reason, too.
65) Pervert.
66) IW: Weapon may very well try to use one of these functions upon an accidental discharge. Or intentional one. *Shudder*.
67) Warning, you may have control problems with this suit.
68) IW: The strength of the hit will vary, but hits of that strength are not unheard of.
69) IW: It can also be disastrous when this suit fails to work properly. Use at your own risk.
70) IW: Suit may develop a personality of its own.
71) IW: Developed personalities with this form-factor tend to act caring and feminine.
72) IW: Developed personalities with this form-factor tend to act macho and masculine.
73) IW: Developed personalities with this form-factor can be anything.
74) IW: Developed personalities with this form-factor tend to reflect that of what your species is, and, to a lesser extent, you.
75) IW: Developed personalities with this form-factor tend to desire and seek out sexual attention.
76) All helmets include a Comms System
77) IE: Added sensors and stuff
78) Includes a Comms System!
79) All the added benefits of the Tactical Helmet without having to wear a bulky, stuffy helmet!
80) Does not include a Comms System.
81) Includes the benefits the Tactical Helmet gives you, besides the head protection and the Comms System!
82) Just the Comms System here.
83) Expensive!
84) Costs a fortune!
85) Costly
86) 50% Discount! Plus, you get to keep your current armor!
87) IW: To a lesser extent, the Improbability Warnings for this item apply to any suit of power armor upgraded with this feature.
88) Note: It only opens up when the trigger is pulled, to protect the crystal.
89) IW: Sometimes the metal shield opens up more or less than intended, causing a different beam to be fired than what was originally intended.
90) I have yet to test all the options.
91) IW: Weapon passively emits improbability.
92) IW: They also have a greater chance of something improbable happening.
93) Discounted, but less effective.
94) 50% Discount!
95) Warning: Minor durability issues may ensue.
96) That crystal is about half the length of the rifle. Don't put your hand on the shield protecting it. Standard Price.
97) 60% Discount!
98) Warning: Durability issues may ensue.
99) Can be yours for 5 easy payments of 2 One-Shot Teleporters!
100) More powerful than the other versions, but it's a pain to carry and the recharge time is longer.
101) 75% Discount!
102) Warning: Significant durability issues may ensue.
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