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Tent By The Shore

Just South of NewHome (11,4), a small little tent sets upon the sandy shore. It's owned by a group of people, who have made the humble dwelling a home1). Of course, everyone is welcomed there, for a free meal, a place to seat, and if a certain house member is home, a free outfit.

The Tent's permanent residents

The tent has seen a lot of people come and go, however, a group of beings and creatures have taken akin to a few rooms 2) in the tent.

  • Unseen Force3)

An invisible being who lives in the house. He is seen in several rooms in the Tent. The Turkish Sitting Room, Behind the Trees, The Garden Terrace, and The Door to A Good Time4). He is only noticeable by his bow tie, gloves, and very sexy black boots.

  • Wiggles The Elephant
  • The Tank of Scorpions
  • The Lemon Bots

Unseen Force

The following takes place in the Turkish Style Sitting Room

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye walks in, and smiles to Force. They exchange pleasant greetings. Force fixes up Skye a cup of tea, and they begin discussing the weather. It's always sunny, they conclude.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye asks Force about the tea. It's the one she gifted him, he tells her, he goes on about how thankful he is for it. Skye blushes, and says it was nothing. Force waves a hand, he is very grateful.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye is then asked about how she is doing. She smiles, she is happy. She even spins so Force may see her new outfit. Force's gloves clap together. She asks him then about his job.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye is informed by Force he doesn't do this as a job, but a hobby. His real job, he no longer has it. You see, he starts to her. . . Skye sits down to listen as Force informs him of his beginnings.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye sips her tea while Force's quiet voice tells of a time he was a thought. An invisible savior, a protector, but was just that . . . a thought. The imaginary friend of a child on the Mainland.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye frowns, and asks of the mainland. Force tells her not to worry. She asks who was the child, he says the child is a grown woman. Skye bites her lip as she makes a guess.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye asks then, how he came to be. Force informs her that some thoughts, upon entering the bubble . . . they become reality. Skye nods, she gets this. She then asks why he lives here at the tent.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye is informed by Force, about before her memory wipe, she was outside, planting stakes into the ground for her leather curing. She nods, encouraging him to continue.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye watches Force's gloves as he moves them about when he talks. They make giant sweeping movements as he talks. He says, he has been sitting on the beach for years. Watching. Waiting.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye nods, taking this in, sipping her tea, while Force points at her. You ran into me, he says, I hadn't moved in so many years . . . I was unsettled. He wiggles his fingers.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye sips her tea, while Force says, he was over thrown with joy at someone feeling him, he hugged her. She was small like a child then, and started tickling her . . . Then Skye, he says -

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye had beaten him with a stick to make him to stop. They managed to start talking. You needed someone to take care of your house, and yourself, he says, and . . . I needed something and someone.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye smiles with a blush, she informs him how sweet that is. Force only says that is how it was meant to be. He is more than thankful for this life he has been given, as the belief in him . . .

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye is informed, that the belief, it makes him stronger. At first, all he could do was give drinks. Now, Force is helping take care of the garden, and keeping the house clean.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye smiles, looking around. She has wondered about who was cleaning the house . . . and how Force can be in so many places at once. She asks about that. Force points at her, and clicks his tongue.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye is told, that it's how power. He is everywhere people want, and need him to be. Force explains, that it is the magic of an imaginary friend, and sometimes, people see him differently than most.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye asks what different people have seen as. Force informs her, that one person, sees him as different movie bartenders. He also informs her, that before she removed her memory -

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye used to see him as her brother. Skye opens up the amulet around her neck, and points at the man Hawk said was her brother. You look like a much younger version of him, she says.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye giggles as Force refills her tea. He looks at the picture as well, informing her that he obviously was important to her, and Skye nods. He is her brother, he must of been . . . or he were a hero.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye asks, then Force about the house. She wants to know where things hard, but is worried about the teasing that will occur if she asks for help. since this is supposed to be her house.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye sips her tea while Force does a quick tidy up in the room. He offers to show her around. He does not mind, and is always available to do it. He asks her when she would like the tour.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye finishes up her tea, and stands, informing him she would love to go now. Start with the upstairs, she suggests. Force takes her tea cup, and cleans is, thinking.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye grins, as Force agrees. He picks up his own cup of tea, informing her he'll drink his tea first, before they go. Skye nods, understandingly, and watches Force drink his tea.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye seems to change her mind, as she sits back down, and asks for another cup of tea. She lets Force know that they spent some time talking, and can do the tour later. Force agrees.

<OCD>The Forgetful LadyRavenSkye accepts a nice cup of tea, and sips it quietly. She gives Force a grin, "I'll pick you up some more tea if Oni takes me back to the market," She says. Force gives her a thank you wave.

1) Namely Oni. Despite what you hear he lives there.
2) or more
3) He also answers to "Lloyd"
4) every hour is Happy Hour!
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