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Test Server Feedback

A summary of things that have been encountered, or that have been reported in comments on the server, to avoid everyone reporting the same thing.

Note from CMJ: Before reporting any new bugs:

  • Allow seasontwo.improbableisland.com to open popups
  • Read the MotD's
  • Give this page a quick check through to ensure that nobody has already reported the same bug. Ta!

For new suggestions, see the Suggestions Page.

For the official, CMJ-written list of things that have been dicked about with for Season Two, see the Official Season Two Changelog.

Suggestions for improvements go in the forum, so we can all talk about them. Same goes for Questions. Ta. -CMJ

Things that //might// be bugs

Odd behaviour you've noticed that isn't in the Bugs or Not Bugs section.

Note from CMJ about PHP warnings and errors, and sudden resets of Stamina and action costs: If you notice one of these, it's probably because I'm screwing around with the Stamina system. I most likely already know about the thing being broken, because I broke it myself. This goes for double if you notice that I'm logged in to the test server. There's no need to report these unless they've been happening consistently, in the same place and while doing the same thing, for more than a day.


  • Hunting costs aren't refunded when encountering an Improbable Event (may be changed)


  • They're different - and that's cool. Keep fighting and you'll see how they work.
  • Setting the Skull-Mounted Laser to negative power will restore battery while it heals your enemy. Do not try setting it to -100, then fighting. CMJ: Now fixed. You cannae take yer power level to less than one kilowatt.
  • Turns out not only Glory gets negative when you're fighting with more than your max. HP. I'm losing points with every round: "Special Abilities/Chemical Pack (-262/1017)/800 points needed" CMJ: Fixed.


  • All square types have now the possibility of an monster encounter when riding a Mount - including River, Beach and Ocean. CMJ: now fixed. Each Mount now has the ability to affect standard encounter rates.
  • Can gain a billion levels of Travelling - Ocean or Travelling - River by moving around, as 0 stamina doesn't affect anything. (Going to assume this is tied to the multiply noted "Stamina not tied to world map yet", but thought it best to post it anyway.) CMJ: Now fixed. Possibility of a monster encounter increases as you get into Amber stamina. While in Red, you'll encounter a monster with every square you move - and, of course, fighting while in the red will eventually KO you for sure.


  • CMJ note: No Races have any Stamina balancing put in yet.


  • Restoration takes away Race Buffs and Political Buffs (assuming Marriage and everything else with Permanent Rounds too, can't remember if Clan Buffs were affected), since there is no New Day any longer. 1) CMJ: Not a bug. Fighting is now actually dangerous. 2) CMJ: Oh, wait, I see - race buffs too. OK, will take a look at this.


Abadoned Factory

  • "Lucky Day! You find 200 req!" Actually not. Not a single token.



  • This is a non-Stamina System related php error, and it's consistant. While on the "Clan Buffs" page in the HoF, clicking "Return to NewHome" causes the following error message on a white page:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/improbab/public_html/seasontwo/modules/worldmapen/lib.php on line 663

This happens every time. However, returning to the HoF and then returning to the city works just fine. {Arouette}

  • Any PHP errors, warnings, divisions by zero et cetera, accompanied by sudden resets of Stamina - please see notice above. These are most likely happening because I'm logged in and screwing with Stamina right now. Report them here only if they happen consistently, in a reproducible way, and have been happening for more than a day. Ta.


Not hooked into the system (Turns):

CMJ note: I'm experimenting with a sort of "Turns approximation" feature for the Stamina system that should prevent me from having to go through and add the Stamina code to each of these modules. It basically watches your turns - at the end of every page, it checks to see if your turns are set to ten, then adds or subtracts Turns (along with Stamina points) until they're ten again. This should hopefully result in me having a lot less work to do, and S2 opening a little faster than it would have done otherwise. However, please do keep submitting areas where you see Turns being talked about, as the text will still need to be changed. Ta. 3)

Tor note: Turns approximation seem to be working, but exhaustion buffs are staying on even if you get enough points to get back in the green.(working now)4)

  • DWELLING Construction is not currently possible(Tor, Sicpuess, Caroel)
  • Restoration (detracts Turns)
  • Flawless Victory CMJ: The whole "Flawless" mechanic is one of the things that unbalances even the most basic LotGD installation, and we're removing the whole concept of it for S2.
  • Prolonged Travel moot
  • Scavenging moot
  • Damaged Camera 5) CMJ: The abandoned mine (aka broken camera) module is far more of a pain in the arse than it's worth, and I think we can get rid of it for S2...
  • Buying "Forest Fights" in the Hunter's Lodge

Partially hooked in:

  • Cage fighting on the FailBoat (stamina decreases while fighting, all the way to zero, but there does not seem to be any effect on fighting ability. Starting a fight costs nothing.)
  • Potent Pill (correctly adds Stamina equivalent to two turns if used anywhere except during combat, where it only adds the buff and travel, no Stamina)
  • Pinata 6)

CMJ NOTE: As of 31/01/09, no random events are hooked into Stamina. They all still use Turns, and then the Stamina system gives its best guess by looking at the Turns that the player has available, which are still in the game as a hidden value. If it says "You gain/lose some Stamina," it's hooked in - if it mentions Turns, it isn't.

Things that are tied into the Turns Approximation System, not the actual Stamina System:7)

  • Bank interest (the bankers provide 'overnight' interest as before - unknown what Stamina level you must have at the end of the day in order to trigger this feature)(Tor: didn't appear to be working on my last three new days, despite stamina at various stage s of orange. not sure if i'm just missing the sweet spot for a kittymorph, of if this is related to the 'turns' approximation fix.)(Enada: I'm not getting any interest either)
  • Crazy Audrey's Kittens, and Hedgehogs 8)
  • Seth the Bard
  • Race specific turns at New Day (Confirmed for Meatbags, Fluffies, and Stinkies.)
  • Mounts at NewDay (Confirmed for Son of Budget Horse and Gelding)
  • Heidi's Blue Candle
  • Complete Political Control
  • Cryptic Questions Joker
  • Energy Drink (Improbable Event!)
  • Seducing Seth/Emily
  • Saucy's Kitchen
  • Kissing Booth
  • Grassy Field (awww.)
  • The other trail
  • Gauntlet
  • Dan's "Drinks"
  • Glowing Stream
  • The Old Man
  • The Ferryman
  • Energy Drink (Equipment)
  • Camera Poking
  • Hangover
  • Stonehenge
  • Julia's Midget Massage
  • Tynan's Gym
  • Villager's Hut
  • Field of flowers 9)
  • Stonehenge

Not really sure what's supposed to happen with it:

  • Abandoned Factory (combat within the Factory is on the new system, but will entering or moving around cost Stamina?) 10)

Other Issues

  • "Next Round: Malevolent Rejected Monsters's Hitpoints (Level 15): 3 YOUR Hitpoints: 166 Your enemy beats at the flames, but it's still on fire! 9 damage has been done in this round! End of Round: Malevolent Rejected Monsters's Hitpoints (Level 15): DEFEATED"

Not a single hit in this round, yet it stole me a fighting's stamina.


  • FoilWench does not seem to be able to affect them yet, unless it's happening behind the scenes - couldn't tell.11)moot
  • I've found that if you're using Servo Arms when you OST out of a fight, the batteries NEVER RUN OUT. Leveling up may stop this, I don't know. I'd used a new day in between the One-shot and discovering this fact, so day change doesn't effect it. When I enter a battle, my sevos are already active. I suspect that turning them off will stop this from working.12) CMJ: Fixed


  • You'll see a lot of the Blonde Heiress, and she's really tough to beat.
  • You'll get a ton of cigs.Nope, fixed.
  • Bizarrely-dressed woman asks for zero req.

Output Bugs

  • First screen of the WorkShop says "Assembler's whatsit" twice in the description, instead of "Scavenger's whatsit". moot
  • Giving FoilWench a cig apparently kills your master and gives you... something for your implant. 13) moot
  • Damaged Camera: "You dismount your your Gelding, so it won't distract you as you work." moot
  • Mount Addons says gold and gems.
  • Slashes: "The Gelding\'s Saddle buff has worn out for some reason?"

The "Death of Budget Horse" text on the New Day screen has lovely \'s by all the quotation marks. The Blonde Heiress' description, now with a new record of 15 in a row. Vending Machine with indication of possession.

  • The monsters L10 Pacifist and L13 Concerned Parent are missing their descriptions:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/improbab/public_html/seasontwo/lib/extended-battle.php(540) : eval()'d code on line 1

  • Kittania's Calm Springs Cafe says Cool Springs Cafe in the description.
  • Monsters in plural, such as "Feral Kittybikes", should have an effect on the following verb:

lunges, hits, ripostes, tries

"Your enemy beats at the flames, but it's still on fire!"

"You pull the pin on your grenade and toss it at Feral Kittybikes, shielding your eyes. After a blinding flash, your foe is left dazed and confused!"

"Feral Kittybikes is blinded, deafened and thoroughly confused, and flails wildly while you pummel it!"

"Feral Kittybikes's Hitpoints"

"Feral Kittybikes surprises you and gets the first round of attack!"

  • Headline "Use Equipment" gets blue when the implant Tesla Frame is available for use.
  • ... and turns green when entering the Jungle on Lvl 15.
  • Huge Rat's (Factory) combat text says it's HP were "???", but they are showing in the Health Bar (it was 26 HP.)
  • "128/128 (108--20)" and"29+4.5 (27--2)" are my current HP and Defense after visiting Tynan's. They should be "128/128 (148--20)" and"29+4 (31--2)", as 148 and 31 were the respective base values before the visit. Attack is shown correctly as "32+16 (28+4)".
  • Servo Arms Implant's options are broken. It took me a while to find out that that line does contain both options. It stays like that, all the time. The text is changing correctly, though. (CMJ: what browser are you using?) (Sic: It's Opera, 9.6. Seriously, some day I'm gonna install both Safari and FF3 just for testing S2.)
  • "`7The Ferryman`0 You have encountered..."; "`@The Improbability Drive`0

You have encountered..." Concerning the names beside the Health Bars.

  • Fought several Masters, won, found that above the LEVEL UP message: "Glory points awarded for this fight: 0

You have defeated !" (Masters' names are missing.)

  • Combat Message "The waters of the White Spring seem to be making everything a little easier." shows up multiple times per round (up to eight times)

=== Concerning Commentary ===14)

  • Status Bar Icon shows characters as online, while I know for a fact that they are not. Probably comes from not actually logging out.
  • Icons and Bio do not work on the MotD page.

Concerning AI-Scripts/The Blonde Heiress

  • In the round that that horrid woman vomits bees, the "End of Round" line is attached to the "BEEEEEES!" line, instead of being in a line of its own. In another encounter, I hit 5 Rounds at the start of the fight. This happened. 16)
  • ZAP and WHOOMP grenades target the first bee in line, instead of the Heiress, who is selected. BANG goes for the Heiress instead, but with odd effects.
    • Notes to that image: Actually, the Heiress got zapped before she had spit a single bee. This was applied correctly, until the BANG grenade was thrown (meanwhile, bees showed up.). Suddenly, it's one of the bees that now is zapped! Though, the effects of the WHOOMPH grenade, which too was thrown before the first bee showed up, stay on the Heiress. Also, note that the text of the BANG grenade is split into two parts.

Changes that are deliberate but may look like bugs

  • Stamina debuffs do apply in the Dojo and PvP.
  • FailBoat Restoration no longer triggers a New Day - it just dumps you back on the Island. No Stamina refill, Mount refill, or anything else that would happen at newday, although you will have your hitpoints restored to full. This eliminates the benefit of deliberately getting yourself KO'd.
  • Riding the Stamina into the red can and will send you to the Boat.
  • No Travel Agents
  • No Scrapyard or Workshop 17)
  • No Foilwench
  • No Dan's Potions
  • No Elias
  • No Vending Emporium
  • Mike won't feed your Mounts. Ever.
1) Basically, I'm noting this because I don't want to be a grenadeless human-aequivalent after each Restoration, therefore, focus is on the Race Buffs.
2) Well, Restorations are pretty pointless anyways now... since you usually need to get one heck of Stamina back to even survive a single fight after it...
3) Events adding or detracting only travel points are not affected!
4) However, when rising stamina while keeping it in the amber will do nothing at all for me. {Caroel}
5) Success works, Zapping is untested.
6) Turns work, single Travel doesn't
7) Delete when the text of an event is corrected, see above for what that means.
8) Praise the Three!
9) but somehow, it detracted me 46k Stamina at a level of 128,8%... is it two turns' worth now?
10) Not yet. {Caroel}
11) Works now for: Chemical Pack, Servo Arms. Please confirm other implants [Hermein - didn't seem to work for Chemical Pack for me. No change to the max level after FoilWench adjusted]
12) Two charges left in battery, using Offensive Mode, fighting Blonde Heiress, Used New Day after escaping with One Shot. It should go away when I get new batteries.
13) "Foilwench grins... "All done. Now sod off and let me smoke in peace!" Your defeated master hands you a new battery for your Servo Arms!"
14) "Eeew it's just ugly kill it" goes into the forum thread.
15) I take it you don't want us to level up, so that we're stuck with testing the most buggy monster on the entire Island, which is totally capable of summoning the demonic powers of The Server?
16) The time I post this, I can't even remember what it was. Go me!
17) No Scavenging, at least currently
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