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Skins are a method of changing what the Island's interface looks like to you.

You can change your skin1) before you login, or in the preference2), under Display Preferences.

Alt. Text Colors

Skins change many things! The most major change3) is the colors! What follows is a list of all the skins and their list of text colors. Enjoy!


Experimental - Black

This particular skin is the most used, besides default! It's specifically designed help those who don't do the best with hard to see colors and some other stuff. Yeah.

Character Sample Name Hex Value Chat? Bios? Ext.? Int.? Comments/Notes
Number row - - - -
`~ N/A colBlack #ffffff Y Y Y Y Yes, it is called colBlack. No, it is not black.
`1 N/A colDkBlue #5555ff Y Y Y Y
`! N/A colLtBlue #8888ff Y Y Y Y
`2 N/A colDkGreen #55b055 Y Y Y Y
`@ N/A colLtGreen #88ff88 Y Y Y Y
`3 N/A colDkCyan #55b0b0 Y Y Y Y
`# N/A colLtCyan #88ffff Y Y Y Y Nickname: "Newbie Blue"
`4 N/A colDkRed #cc5555 Y Y Y Y
`$ N/A colLtRed #ff3333 Y Y Y Y Nickname: "Watcher Red"
`5 N/A colDkMagenta #b05590 Y Y Y Y
`% N/A colLtMagenta #ff88ff Y Y Y Y
`6 N/A colDkYellow #b09033 Y Y Y Y
`^ N/A colLtYellow #ffff88 Y Y Y Y
`7 N/A colDkWhite #b09090 Y Y Y Y
`8 N/A colBrightRed #800010 Y Y Y Y `8 and `* are the most recent colors. They were added when CMJ did his Rusty-Ass HorrorVan fund thing.
`* N/A colBrightOrangeRed #a00500 Y Y Y Y Neither `8 nor `* are changed from normal skin to Experimental.
`& N/A colLtWhite #b0b0b0 Y Y Y Y
`0 Y Y Y Y This tag will end the last color used. Use this if you've changed the color and want to go back to default.
`) N/A colLtBlack #666666 Y Y Y Y
Top row - - - -
`q N/A colDkOrange #804033 Y Y Y Y
`Q N/A colLtOrange #ff9900 Y Y Y Y
`e N/A colDkRust #8D6060 Y Y Y Y
`E N/A colLtRust #B07878 Y Y Y Y
`r N N N N Apparently this will preview as colRose, but does not actually show up. Only kept in for completion's sake.
`R N/A colRose #9F819F Y Y Y Y
`t N/A colLtBrown #8F7D47 Y Y Y Y
`T N/A colDkBrown #6b563f Y Y Y Y
`y N/A colkhaki #F0E68C Y Y Y Y
`Y N/A coldarkkhaki #5F5B35 Y Y Y Y
`p N/A collightsalmon #8F6859 Y Y Y Y
`P N/A colsalmon #7F5D4F Y Y Y Y
Middle row - - - -
`g `G N/A colXLtGreen #009900 Y Y Y Y
`j N/A colMdGrey #444444 Y Y Y Y
`J N/A colMdBlue #0000F0 N N N N This color is strictly used for telling of important information5), and not available for player use. (This one is rather difficult to see on Experimental - Black.)
`k N/A colaquamarine #7FFFD4 Y Y Y Y
`K N/A coldarkseagreen #8FBC8F Y Y Y Y
`l N/A colDkLinkBlue #004C7F Y Y Y Y
`L N/A colLtLinkBlue #0069AF Y Y Y Y
Bottom row - - - -
`x N/A colburlywood #DEB887 Y Y Y Y
`X N/A colbeige #F5F5DC Y Y Y Y
`v N/A coliceviolet #6D7B9F Y Y Y Y
`V N/A colblueviolet #9A5BEE Y Y Y Y Nickname: "Omega Purple" (Same as Default skin.)
`m N/A colwheat #F5DEB3 Y Y Y Y
`M N/A coltan #D2B48C Y Y Y Y Nickname: "Sneaky Bastard Tan", because in the Default skin, this color is almost exactly the same as the background, making text very difficult to read with it. However, it's very much readable in Experimental - Black! (Same as default skin.)

Accessible and Accessible (Navigation First)

Color codes do nothing. NOTHING





Console - Midnight


Default - (various colors)

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Turquoise

These color's all use the ones listed here. Only thing that changes between these guys is the header6) and the color of links. And the default text, a little bit.

1) Not the skin you're wearing, silly-billy!
2) Found in any Outpost, under other.
3) besides, perhaps, the background or size of text or...
4) Yes, I am just going to steal the table from the text color list. No, I am not at all lazy.
5) Such as when you try to emote in Player Chat.
6) Thing at the top of every page. Ya know? The thing with the person getting humped on the head by a rabbit inside a triangle inside a circle? That thing.
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