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Narrator's Note

So Cherri, lacking her tiny friend -Rude Reggie- and slightly fascinated by Kittymorph Adder, decided she would create a plushie in the likeness of her clan leader's adorable Kittymorph form, much to his chagrin. Or, well, it would be if he knew.

Almost Caught in Pleasantville

2010-08-05 13:16:29: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: trundles into Pleasantville, looking at the currently detached head of her stuffed toy with a thoughtful expression, "Is missing something." Nod nod nod

2010-08-05 13:23:55: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: flops down at the entrance to the alley between Sheila's and the steakhouse, her dress floofing out into a puddle around her.

2010-08-05 13:29:10: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: 's left eyebrow furrows her eye into a squint as she stares hard. Suddenly she smooths her features and grins, "Eyes! That's what it needs." She sets down the panthzer fur head.

2010-08-05 13:34:59: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: roots through her bag and pulls up a container of glass beads and small stones and looks through them. She plucks up a tiger's eye and frowns. "Can't change this.. there's gotta be someth- AHA"

2010-08-05 13:39:33: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: pulls out four glass beads, two brown two yellow, and sets everything else beside except for one of each coloured bead. Green creeps in from the edge of her iris as she focusses on the beads.

2010-08-05 13:45:08: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: holds the yellow bead in her palm, the glass slowly melting flat in her palm, but not entirely liquifying the glass before carefully dropping the brown bead in the centre.

2010-08-05 13:47:41: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: blows against the warm glass and smiles at the small flat bead that will serve as an eye before doing the same with the other two small pieces of glass.

2010-08-05 13:51:15: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: , once finished, retrieves the head and her glass sewing needle before releasing a sound of dismay as she realizes her mistake, "Well damn.."

2010-08-05 13:56:33: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: looks at her need and threads some string through the eye before setting the glass eye to the face of the cat shaped head, her eyes glowing a little brighter.

2010-08-05 13:57:37: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: presses the needle through the soft glass, a triumphant grin curving her lips as she swiftly sews the glass bead to the left side of the face. She then does the same with the right.

2010-08-05 14:01:00: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: looks at the finished face critically before shaking her head, "Now, now, Cherri - don't be like that.." She digs through her white canvas bag and pulls out a smaller bag.

2010-08-05 14:07:41: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: sets the head in her lap and begins stuffing it with a mix of glass pellets and rinsed magpie down, the face slowly filling out as she stuffs it full.

2010-08-05 14:18:34: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: looks at the finished head and pulls out the finished body, pressing the two against each other experimentally.

2010-08-05 14:19:51: Tactician Adder Moray: :, hands in pocket, hood up, stetson on his back, enters Pleasantville heading for munchies.

2010-08-05 14:24:28: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: , engrossed in her work, begins threading the needle through the head and torso, unaware of her company at the present.

2010-08-05 14:27:36: Tactician Adder Moray: :, packaged steak in hand, exits the restaurant. Before leaving he spots Cherriki hard at work on.. something. He approaches. "Hello," he says.

2010-08-05 14:33:07: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: nearly jumps out of her skin and plops her canvas bag on her lap, over the project, wincing as the needle pricks her finger.

2010-08-05 14:33:49: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: looks up at Adder with a look she hopes portrays more innocence than a newborn kitten and smiles too brightly, "Hiiii Adder"

2010-08-05 14:34:48: Tactician Adder Moray: : doesn't ask, if she does not want him to know what she is doing it is none of his business. Although it is extremely suspicious. "How are you, Cherriki?"

2010-08-05 14:44:04: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: smiles serenely and gestures vaguely, "Ah very well, very well. Reggie got turned back to his normal size and went off and I have taken on a couple projects as of late"

2010-08-05 14:44:49: Tactician Adder Moray: Projects?

2010-08-05 14:49:39: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: hesitates and glances around to make sure no one is listening before nodding, "I am making a water bell for a fellow named Wongo, and then I took on the task of making some clothes for a rookie

2010-08-05 14:50:14: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: taps her lip, "Oh and I told Charly I would make her a mask.. and ah, that's it!"

2010-08-05 14:52:03: Tactician Adder Moray: I am glad you are keeping yourself busy. And, hopefully, enjoying it.

2010-08-05 14:57:00: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: grins, "Oh definately enjoying it! What about you? What have you been up to?" She tries to slide the stuffed toy into her bag inconspicuously.

2010-08-05 15:01:57: Tactician Adder Moray: I am on the last stage of my own little side project. Pod and I were together for the first time in a while the night before last, otherwise not much.

2010-08-05 15:02:42: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: perks at the mention of Pod, "Oh, how is she doing? I haven't seen her in a long time."

2010-08-05 15:06:37: Tactician Adder Moray: She is as well as ever. As energetic as ever.

2010-08-05 15:09:54: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: chuckles, unable to help herself, "I think that is part of her nature."

2010-08-05 15:11:40: Tactician Adder Moray: : nods "It is, and I love it about her."

2010-08-05 15:18:04: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: eyes him thoughtfully and smiles. "Y'know, you two really are quite perfect for each other.. If you could extend a hello to her when you see her next, I would appreciate it"

2010-08-05 15:20:30: Tactician Adder Moray: Absolutely.

2010-08-05 15:21:32: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: smiles brightly, "What are you doing out this way anyways?"

2010-08-05 15:26:30: Tactician Adder Moray: : holds up his boxed steak and shakes it a bit. "Lunch, yourself?"

2010-08-05 15:29:03: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: : nearly lifts the toy to show him when she realizes what she is doing, "Oh well, I was in Ace High but ah, decided to come down and spend some time in Pleasantville" Well, it wasn't really a lie

2010-08-05 15:30:55: Tactician Adder Moray: The occasional change of scenery is nice, yes.

2010-08-05 15:37:37: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: nods and fidgets a little, glancing down at her lap nervously. Seeing the grey tail sticking out she swiftly tucks it back in the bag, "Ah yes, change of scenery. Very nice"

2010-08-05 15:44:23: Tactician Adder Moray: : cocks an eyebrow at the suspicious behavior. "Something wrong?"

2010-08-05 15:50:56: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: clears her throat, "Ah no.."

2010-08-05 15:56:33: Tactician Adder Moray: : replies, a note of skepticism in his voice, "Alright then. Good."

2010-08-05 15:59:58: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: shakes her head and smiles, "So, have any plans for today?"

2010-08-05 16:03:58: Tactician Adder Moray: Burn off some energy in the jungle, spend some time with Pod. Other than that, no. You?

2010-08-05 16:07:59: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: shakes her head, "Not really. Just going to finish up the waterbell and mask, maybe start making some clothes today"

2010-08-05 16:18:24: Tactician Adder Moray: That sounds like a plan. Anyways, I think I should be on my way. I will see you around Cherriki.

2010-08-05 16:25:34: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: smiles chipperly, trying to hide a small look of relief - she can finish it. "It was lovely seeing you again Adder! Have a good day"

2010-08-05 16:32:05: Tactician Adder Moray: : nods, "Thank you Cherriki, you too." And with that, he exits.

2010-08-05 16:34:16: Warrant Officer Mr Roivas: wanders in flicking trhough his cards. he looks around and asks does anyone have any playing cards to trade? I'm after 5s

2010-08-05 16:37:50: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: shakes her head at the fellow before standing and heading toward the clan hall.

The Clan Hall Unveiling

2010-08-06 06:13:14: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: 's humming preceeds her entrances as she bounces down the stairs, a grey kittymorph plushie clutched in her arms and an extremely proud look on her face.

2010-08-06 06:13:32: Rookie Eudora: : grins. "Yet another reason they need to stay with him, sweet as they were for offering to come with me." 2010-08-06 06:13:43: Corporal Harris: :'s servos respond with a casual (if weary) 'Can't blame bionic limbs for trying.' Harris, meanwhile, is merrily lapping up his coffee. "Ow. Slurp Ow. Slurp Ow. Slurp Ow.."

2010-08-06 06:14:23: Rookie Eudora: : squees a little. "That is absolutely adorable, Cherriki!"

2010-08-06 06:16:23: Corporal Harris: :, in an impressive display of robotic efficiency, catlike grace, and six-year old enthusiasm, manages to launch himself at Cherriki, while holding his coffee compleletly upright in his tail.

2010-08-06 06:17:11: Corporal Harris: : yowls "Cherri!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

2010-08-06 06:18:07: Rookie Eudora: : winces as Harris' servos try frantically to keep him from hurting him or Cherri. "I can see why they wanted to come though."

2010-08-06 06:18:13: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: skids to a halt at the squee, turning to look in the direction of the squee but finds herself launched at by a Harris! Holding the newly made toy close to herself, she topples over with a laugh

2010-08-06 06:18:56: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: giggles and looks up at Harris, "Hallo Harris!"

2010-08-06 06:19:50: Corporal Harris: : hugs her fiercely, his servos folding themselves behind his back in surrender.

2010-08-06 06:20:01: Corporal Harris: 'sup???

2010-08-06 06:20:27: Guardian Colossus Korbel: Ho, Cherri. Long time no see.

2010-08-06 06:21:32: Corporal Harris: This's Party Us, and Eudora! They're in the CLAN now!

2010-08-06 06:21:56: Rookie Eudora: : waves. "The squee was me, Cherri. That is amazingly adorable. I kind of want one now." Her mug squees in response.

2010-08-06 06:23:10: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: laughs again at the enthusiasm of Harris before glancing around shiftily. She leans in and whispers conspiratorially, "I made a top secret toy that Adder can never see.."

2010-08-06 06:25:17: Rookie Eudora: : leans in too. "Where is it?" she grins.

2010-08-06 06:26:48: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: sticks a hand up from the mass of Harris and waves to Kor before looking at Eudora, "It's this.." She offers the plushie to Eudora and whispers, "It's an Adder Kat Plushie."

2010-08-06 06:27:30: Rookie Eudora: : takes the plushie from Cherri. She cuddles it, then holds it out. "That..does kind of look like him!"

2010-08-06 06:28:08: Corporal Harris: : plunks himself down next to Cherriki to peer at the secret. His eyes widen.

2010-08-06 06:29:25: Corporal Harris: That's amazing! Quite a likeness! That is EXACTLY the size fo Adder when he's very far away!!

2010-08-06 06:30:55: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: puts her finger to her lips, "But shhh, Adder does not like being a kittymorph.. I feel he would greatly dislike this thing if he ever laid eyes on it.."

2010-08-06 06:31:27: Rookie Eudora: : cuddles the plushie again. "And it's soft! Reminds me of the teddy I left behind." Her face softens for a second. "Someone really special made that for me." She hands the plushie to Cherri.

2010-08-06 06:31:56: Rookie Eudora: : gets back to the table and resumes sipping her coffee. She's annoyed at her lapse of emotion. "really?"

2010-08-06 06:33:24: Guardian Colossus Korbel: I want to see how he would react to that. I'm..Not sure how he would. He does respect you Cherri.

2010-08-06 06:35:01: Brigadier Partius: is still here. Sip! Ahh..

2010-08-06 06:35:27: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: smiles and takes the plushie back before smiling at Korbel, "Oh, I don't think that's the issue. He might want it burned when he sees it though.." She pauses and looks thoughtful

2010-08-06 06:36:15: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: grins suddenly, "I know! I'll show it to Pod and then if she likes it, Adder can't have it burnt!"

2010-08-06 06:37:12: Guardian Colossus Korbel: If he does send him to me. Either I'll convince him not to, or I'll protect it myself. He needs to take friendly ribbing a bit better anyway.

2010-08-06 06:37:14: Rookie Eudora: : finishes her coffee and rinses her mug out before placing it in the cabinet. "Well, I'm off, everyone. It was great to meet you, Partius, Harris, Korbel."

2010-08-06 06:38:08: Rookie Eudora: : gently disentangles a couple of Harris' servos from her hair. "I'll see you later, you guys. You know how it is, monsters to kill, outposts to reinforce, all that good stuff."

2010-08-06 06:39:06: Lance Corporal Pod: : bangs the door as she enters the Tree. "Oops," she says, turning to check the wall for damage, but is promptly distracted by voices from the kitchen.

2010-08-06 06:39:09: Rookie Eudora: : picks up her pack. "Someone tell me how Adder reacts to that plushie!" with that she turns to leave.

2010-08-06 06:39:31: Guardian Colossus Korbel: Take care Eudora. You and I must have a more private talk at some point, soon.

2010-08-06 06:39:49: Lance Corporal Pod: : says, "Hello!" to everyone in the kitchen.

2010-08-06 06:40:03: Guardian Colossus Korbel: Ho, Pod. Join us!

2010-08-06 06:41:45: Brigadier Partius: waves to Pod, mug in hand. No spills though, it's half empty.

2010-08-06 06:43:26: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: laughs and waves to Eudora before looking at Pod, "Pod! I was just thinking about you! Come, I have something to show you"

2010-08-06 06:44:53: Guardian Colossus Korbel: I think its cute. Which, I suppose, is saying something, coming from me.

2010-08-06 06:46:24: Lance Corporal Pod: : raises her eyebrows and takes a few curious steps closer to Cherri, letting her pack fall on the floor behind her. "Ooh, what is it?"

2010-08-06 06:49:09: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: giggles at Korbel's words, sounding and looking much like a child in her excitement. The excitement is suddenly tempered by an unusual shyness as she holds up the Kat Adder Plushie for Pod to see

2010-08-06 06:50:51: Guardian Colossus Korbel: See? I told you. Its Cute. And Cherri is afraid Adder would burn it if he found out. I wouldnt let that happen if I had any say.

2010-08-06 06:51:17: Lance Corporal Pod: : covers her mouth with both hands and emits an uncharacteristic squeal of delight. "OhmygosheessoCUUUUTE!" she babbles, and hugs Cherri and Plushie simultaneously.

2010-08-06 06:53:04: Brigadier Partius: winces at the shriek. The violin music coming from his mug goes slightly out of tune.

2010-08-06 06:53:56: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: is gathered up in squeeful, delighted hug and she begins laughing as she tries to hug Pod back, "You really think so, oh thank you!!"

2010-08-06 06:55:02: Lance Corporal Pod: : finally releases Cherri and her creation. "Found out?" she asks Korbel. "Why on earth would he find out?"

2010-08-06 06:55:13: Guardian Colossus Korbel: : rubs one ear and winces.

2010-08-06 06:56:00: Guardian Colossus Korbel: Accident? Adder's always finding things out when I dont expect it.

2010-08-06 06:59:17: Lance Corporal Pod: : says, "Look, all you have to do is keep quiet about it, and everyone's happy. How hard can that be? ..Oh, and keep it out of sight of anyone else who might mention it to him.."

2010-08-06 07:00:09: Brigadier Partius: casts shifty eyes around the room. No one here would do that, he hopes. 2010-08-06 07:00:50: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: fluffs up the Panthzer fur of the plushie and looks at Pod and Kor nervously before murmuring, "What if he doesn't like it..?"

2010-08-06 07:00:59: Guardian Colossus Korbel: I'm telling ye, that man of yers is freaking magical when it comes to secrets, Pod.

2010-08-06 07:01:18: Tactician Adder Moray: : asks "Who might mention what to whom?"

2010-08-06 07:02:11: Lance Corporal Pod: : jumps, then turns around slowly, keeping Cherri behind her. "Uh.. nothing?"

2010-08-06 07:02:26: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: blushes and then proclaims quite boldly, "Well! Even if he does find out.. Well.. he'll have to like it because you like it.."She looks a Pod, her words sounding a little desperate

2010-08-06 07:02:30: Guardian Colossus Korbel: Told you. Freaking magical.

2010-08-06 07:02:55: Brigadier Partius: is suddenly nose down is his coffee cup. Don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact. Sip and survive!

2010-08-06 07:03:31: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: gasps and hides the toy. Shit, shit shit!

2010-08-06 07:03:49: Tactician Adder Moray: : cocks an eyebrow. Suspicious.

2010-08-06 07:04:04: Lance Corporal Pod: : grins as innocently as she knows how, which is unfortunately not very.

2010-08-06 07:04:23: Guardian Colossus Korbel: : nudges Partius and leans down to whisper to him. "Wont work. Yer in the room, yer guilty. He'll probably see you regardless."

2010-08-06 07:05:21: Brigadier Partius: didn't feel a nudge, none at all! The music playing from his mug transitions to a rather tense thematic score. He flicks it to no avail.

2010-08-06 07:06:30: Tactician Adder Moray: : notes"The score just changed, I am curious as to why."

2010-08-06 07:07:24: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: decides to stay hidden behind Pod. She's small enough, right? Adder'll never see her.

2010-08-06 07:07:39: Brigadier Partius: announces, perhaps too loudly, "Because my coffee has gone cold! A terrible turn of events!" Face down again.

2010-08-06 07:07:49: Guardian Colossus Korbel: That..is a good question.

2010-08-06 07:09:14: Tactician Adder Moray: : nods "I see. So, allow me to address the elephant in the room. What are you all trying to hide from my notice?"

2010-08-06 07:10:08: Lance Corporal Pod: : says, "Hide? What on earth are you talking about, dear?" without moving.

2010-08-06 07:10:09: Brigadier Partius: spluttercoughchokes on his current sip of still quite warm coffee. This renders him unable to reply, of course.

2010-08-06 07:10:31: Guardian Colossus Korbel: The bananas on the ceiling that some one planted there. Harris is the suspect in my book. Unless I did it in my sleep.

2010-08-06 07:13:08: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: stays perfectly quiet though she has to cover her mouth with her hand to restrain her laughter at Kor's comment

2010-08-06 07:15:10: Tactician Adder Moray: : glances first at Pod, then Korbel. "Doubtful," he says. Then spotting Cherriki and Partius both virtually cowering he asks "What about you two?"

2010-08-06 07:16:54: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: does not cower! She was merely hiding behind Pod because the other woman had made an effort to hide her.

2010-08-06 07:17:15: Brigadier Partius: manages to keep a straight face through, "I think it was Harris too, who else could it be?"

2010-08-06 07:17:49: Guardian Colossus Korbel: No, I'm serious! I've been wondering about those bananas for a while now.

2010-08-06 07:18:37: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: clears her throat and stands up straight, her hands seemingly clasped behind her back, "Hide? I wasn't hiding - I was merely picking ..er.. dustbunnies off of Pod's back. Yes, thats it"

2010-08-06 07:20:16: Lance Corporal Pod: : nods. "Stupid Feral Sofa spat them all over my bulletproof vest."

2010-08-06 07:20:29: Tactician Adder Moray: : looks unconvinced, however he acquiesces ".. Right. Whatever it is I am sure it is no danger to the clan, or else you would tell me. So I will just allow you to continue about your business now."

2010-08-06 07:22:43: Guardian Colossus Korbel: Can I lay out Harris Traps (TM)? I wanna see if it was him who did the bananas, and the Regnans isnt helping.

2010-08-06 07:26:54: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: smiles weakly before looking at Pod, "If you'll just excuse me.." She tears off to her room, a flash of grey appearing momentarily as she clutches the plush toy to her as she runs up.

2010-08-06 07:27:24: Lance Corporal Pod: : yells after her, "Thanks for the de-bunnying!"

2010-08-06 07:27:24: Tactician Adder Moray: No laying traps for other clan members, Korbel.

2010-08-06 07:29:32: Guardian Colossus Korbel: But its just a bunch of cameras! With shiny stuff as bait. And nets. And..Oh fine. I'll do it the old fashioned way. How the hell did he get the bananas to grow up there?

2010-08-06 07:39:32: Lance Corporal Pod: : looks thoughtfully at the ceiling. "Improbability?" she muses.

2010-08-06 07:39:51: Guardian Colossus Korbel: : wanders off to his rooms muttering about banana trees and idiots.

2010-08-06 07:40:22: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: calls downstairs, "Goodniiiiight!"

2010-08-06 07:46:43: Tactician Adder Moray: : returns the goodnight wish to Cherriki, then turns to Pod. "Seems to be just us now."

More Mischief in Pleasantville

2010-08-09 19:08:34: Accomplice Teh Dave: : dodges around a particularly nasty bit of poetry threatening to trip him up, gives the reciting mutant a raspberry, then bounces off into the jungle, humming the questing song to himself.

2010-08-09 19:20:56: Accomplice Teh Dave: : can be heard in the jungle, yelling "AUDREY WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT HERE?" A moment later, "HEDGEHOGS? HEDGEHOGS!?" Then a brief reel of a Can-Can theme, then normal jungle sounds after.

2010-08-09 19:25:18: Accomplice Teh Dave: : returns from the jungle following a loud, strange *pop*. He shakes off the Monster-sealing disorientation, grins to himself, and bounces out into the Island at large.

2010-08-09 22:41:07: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: walks into Pleasantville with a plushie in her arms and looks around, a pout slowly working it's way onto her face, "No one here either..hmm"

2010-08-09 22:45:51: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: glances around shiftily before grinning. She plops down outside of mutated munchies and looks at her Adder plushie, "What do you think Adder, should we play?"

2010-08-09 22:46:49: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: imitates Adder to the best of her ability as she gets the plushie to reply, "Play? What is this play you speak of?" Cherri giggles, impressed with herself.

2010-08-09 22:50:14: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: lets her laughter subside before affecting a look of surprise, "Why?! Adder, you don't know what playing is?! I'll have to teach you" She makes the plushie cross his arms and stick his nose up

2010-08-09 22:54:12: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: tsks, "Now now, Adder don't make me pet you." The arms drop and the plushie's head is turned back to her. She leans and whispers, "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.."

2010-08-09 22:55:06: Zombie Holden Caulfield: : looks at Cherriki in wonderment. There are a lot of very bizarre people on the Island.

2010-08-09 22:55:54: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: imitates Adder again, "I don't want to play Cherri. I want to sit here and look stoic all day." She sighs dramatically, "Awww, come on. Just for a little bit?"

2010-08-09 22:56:41: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: doesn't notice Holden. She might be extremely embarrassed if she did. Either that, or she'd ask him to play.

2010-08-09 23:03:45: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: twists the Adder plushie so that it is standing with its back to her, "Cherri, I said no! Leave it be." Cherri pouts before giving her best puppy eyes, "Please?"

2010-08-09 23:12:50: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: furrows her brow and pouts quite childishly "Fine." The plushie's head turns. She sighs for it, "Fine but don't tell anyone!"

2010-08-09 23:14:02: Nova Iriri: wanders into town, intent on procuring a bellyful of steak.

2010-08-09 23:16:44: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: smiles brightly, "Okay! Promise - I won't let anyone know."

2010-08-09 23:17:31: Nova Iriri: got some steak! He is pleased. He heads back out to do more hunting.

2010-08-09 23:17:50: Taciturn Lysander: remains nearby in the shade of a tree, staring at nothing in particular.

2010-08-09 23:23:47: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: gazes around shiftily, just in time to miss Iri, and she doesn't notice Lysander of course. She sits the stuffed Adder down in front of her before looking thoughtful, "I think you need friends"

2010-08-09 23:27:03: Taciturn Lysander: 's eyes, for a moment, seem to flicker with their usual amusement..but could be easily mistaken for a trick of the light. He watches Cherri in silence, facial expression passive.

2010-08-09 23:27:35: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: imitates an Adder huff, "I have friends thank you very much." She smiles cheekily, "Where? I don't see any" He folds his stubby plushie arms again, "You're one, aren't you?"

2010-08-09 23:30:45: Taciturn Lysander: takes a couple of steps closer, casting a shadow as he emerges from the shade.

2010-08-09 23:32:41: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: : shrieks slightly as she spots a flicker of movement from her peripheral and quickly hides her plushie behind her back before looking up at the backlit figure, wide eyed

2010-08-09 23:33:55: Taciturn Lysander: stares blankly at her, his hood lowered. Apart from the rather vacant eyes, definitely Lysander Tempest. He mouths something she probably doesn't catch. Hello Cherri.

2010-08-09 23:36:24: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: puts her hand to her chest as her vision clears, "Oh Lysander, you startled me"

2010-08-09 23:38:30: Taciturn Lysander: nods, the ghost of a smile settling upon his face. Sorry. Have you been well?

2010-08-09 23:58:55: Accomplice Teh Dave: : bounces through, humming the Questing Song to himself.

2010-08-10 00:01:26: Accomplice Teh Dave: : waves to Lysander and Cherri and continues on into the Jungle.

And Then..

2010-08-10 00:33:52: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: blinks at the bright flame, rubbing her eyes to clear them before glancing around again. She offers a cheerful wave to Celestyal with one hand while the other grips her bag tightly.

2010-08-10 00:36:06: Countess Celestyal: : waves her hand lazily, restoring the grass damaged with his departure before going to Kitten and sitting beside her.

2010-08-10 00:37:48: Countess Celestyal: : waves her hand lazily, restoring the grass damaged by her husband, with his departure before going to Kitten and sitting beside her.

2010-08-10 00:39:25: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: : glances down nervously at the canvas bag in her white knuckled hands before glancing at Celestyal and Kitten surreptitiously. She looks back down. Are they watching? Will they see it?

2010-08-10 00:42:01: Countess Celestyal: : doesn't much care what Cherri has to hide. She leans back against the wall, her hood covering her face as she waits for Kitten to awaken.

2010-08-10 00:44:43: The Effervescent Cherriki Ten: decides the risk is too great and sits back against the wall, drumming her fingers against the canvas bag, her eyes darting about.

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