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The Ballad of the Kind Joker

Written by SinkOrSwim

Sung in a delightful murder-ballad-esque style, played simply on mandolin and guitar

I wandered the land,
With no purpose to my life;
No firm place to stand,
Born to live and forced to fight.

Just a simple man,
Making his way in the world alone.
No kin, no clan,
No city here to call my home.

Then came a Kind Joker to me
Showed me a diff'rent way to be

His glowing green eyes
They took in my despair
"A roll of the dice,
Could settle all your cares

You wish for a home?
A family beside you?
You'll ne'er walk alone
With a dice-roll to guide you"

Like a fool I shook his hand, the Kind Joker led me
Took me into his clan, they housed and they fed me

But soon came the change, a Joker they made of me
The glory they claimed, deformed and reshaped me

And now here I lie,
Wracked and tormented.
When the dice rolls high,
My life is lived contented.

But when low fall the dice,
My twisted body is plagued with pain.
I curse the Jokers life,
Whose kindness laid me to waste.

So kinsman, beware, learn from my blindness.
Be wary of villains who offer their kindness.

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