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2010-04-16 23:39:57: Accomplice Teh Dave finds a spot where he can see the arena clearly, and cheers on the blue gladiator.

2010-04-16 23:40:58: Rawr enters the coliseum and looks about with wide eyes.

2010-04-16 23:41:46: Rawr pulls a RED GLADIATOR flag from somewhere and begins waving it merrily!

2010-04-16 23:41:49: Piper with a frustrated noise, holds the brim with either hand to see what on Ear-ohmygoshballoonanimals!.

2010-04-16 23:41:54: Accomplice Teh Dave places a rather sizable bet on the Blue gladiator, and resumes watching, scanning the crowd for Rawr and Piper.

2010-04-16 23:43:04: Piper is very visible. She has a giant hat on!

2010-04-16 23:43:59: Accomplice Teh Dave spots a familiar sombrero and pushes through the crowd to Piper and Rawr. "I put 20 Aes Rudes on the Blue guy. Either of you know what an Aes Rude is?"

2010-04-16 23:44:48: Rawr looks about to discover that he appears to be amongst a large crowd of blue-hued balloon fans. They make squeaky-plastic noises as they turn to scowl at his flag.

2010-04-16 23:45:55: Rawr raises an eyebrow. "Something that shouldn't be discussed in public?" he asks, rather curiously... but obliviously.

2010-04-16 23:45:57: Accomplice Teh Dave blinks at the crowd, and threatens to rub them on his head and stick them to a wall.

2010-04-16 23:47:51: The blue-hued fans turn back to watch the match, grumbling in their squeaky balloon-voices.

2010-04-16 23:48:01: Piper is absoluetly delighted by the spectable. "Who's winning?" she asks suspicously.

2010-04-16 23:48:45: Accomplice Teh Dave hears a loud POP and looks down to the arena to see the remains of the Blue gladiator floating about, and the Red gladiator waving his toothpick about victoriously.

2010-04-16 23:49:37: Accomplice Teh Dave laughs, and glances at the bookie, who shrugs at him, before disappearing into another bit of the crowd. He turns to Piper and smiles. "I think We're winning." I mean...balloon gladiators?

2010-04-16 23:49:52: Piper looks to the sound of the POP and smiles. Her favourite colour won!

2010-04-16 23:50:27: Rawr turns at the sound of the POP and cheers, waving his flag more enthusiastically! He's immediately mobbed by squeaky blue-hued fans. What? Oh, okay, he's just crowd-surfing now.

2010-04-16 23:51:44: Accomplice Teh Dave laughs, and watches a new Blue gladiator get inflated, and pointed towards the tigers and giraffes. It hangs its head in shame, and goes to train again.

2010-04-16 23:51:51: Piper stands very still, watching with an extremely confused face. She doesn't know what to do.

2010-04-16 23:53:07: Accomplice Teh Dave smiles and pats Piper on the shoulder. "I'm sure he'll be fine. They're just being friendly." He hopes. He looks around, and spots a popcorn vendor. "Ooh! Popcorn!"

2010-04-16 23:55:12: Piper cranes her neck towards the popcorn vendor and scans the crowd for Rawr. He couldn't have gotten too far.

2010-04-16 23:55:48: Rawr is presently laughing as he continues to crowd-surf. He's on the other side of the coliseum at the moment, laughing as ballooney hands support him on his adventure!

2010-04-16 23:56:06: Rawr is laughing. Couldn't you tell?

2010-04-16 23:56:13: Piper spots him with a happy laugh and waves excitedly!

2010-04-16 23:57:45: Rawr spots an excited wave and returns it! Oh, hey. What's going on here? He seems to be getting closer to the field in the... hey, what?

2010-04-16 23:58:41: Piper watches on in half-amusement and the other half in morbid curiosity.

2010-04-16 23:59:42: Rawr is plunked down out of the stands and into the field of combat! "Knew I shouldn't've brought that flag." he mumbles as he stands up again and brushes himself off.

2010-04-17 00:01:21: Accomplice Teh Dave returns with two funnels of popcorn, and holds one out to Piper, as he watches the field. "Did they give him a cocktail-sword at least?"

2010-04-17 00:02:29: Rawr is approached by a rather officious-looking group of balloon people. They wrap strings of sausage-shaped balloons around him and plunk a balloon-helmet upon his head.

2010-04-17 00:03:12: Piper rescues the funnel from his hand with a grateful nod. Her gaze settles on the field, watching Rawr excitedly!

2010-04-17 00:03:43 The leader of the officious balloon people steps forward and reads something written in crayon on a napkin in an officiously-squeaky voice. Unfortunately Rawr doesn't understand balloonees

2010-04-17 00:04:34: Rawr is handed a dinner fork and prodded forward into the middle of the ring!

2010-04-17 00:05:59: Piper raises her hands in the air and cheers loudly! Her vision is obscured as the mischevious hat slips over her eyes once more.

2010-04-17 00:06:20: Rawr looks about curiously, his helmet making squeaky noises against his armor. An ominously large gate at the opposite end of the coliseum grinds its way open and a ROAR! can be heard from within.

2010-04-17 00:06:56: Piper winces. That doesn't sound good.

2010-04-17 00:06:57: Rawr looks between his dinner fork and the ROAR!ing portal with no small amount of concern.

2010-04-17 00:07:07: Accomplice Teh Dave watches with interest, cheering Rawr's name in between chews of popcorn.

2010-04-17 00:09:07: Rawr drops into a defensive stance as the sound of thousands of cubic meters of air-filled balloons approaches the gate! A LARGE GREEN BALLOON DRAGON emerges!

2010-04-17 00:09:30: Piper decides to stay positive. "Go Rawr! Whooo!" Her voice isn't challenging the roars inside.

2010-04-17 00:10:28: Rawr looks again at his dinner fork, this time with a bit of incredulity. He shrugs and then charges! The DRAGON turns, revealing the word DOOM! that has been written on its side in magic marker.

2010-04-17 00:11:31: Rawr leaps towards the LARGE GREEN BALLOON DRAGON of DOOM! and yells ridiculous-sounding things in the loudest voice he can manage!

2010-04-17 00:11:42: Piper lowers her hands and lifts up the brim. She watches with bated breath.

2010-04-17 00:12:56: Rawr's dinner fork slices through air and plastic, poppity-popping dozens of balloons as he goes. Where one deflates two others seem to appear! Oh no!

2010-04-17 00:14:01: Rawr ducks beneath a vengeful SNAP! of the DRAGON's maw and continues to hack away, but apparently to no avail!

2010-04-17 00:14:53: Accomplice Teh Dav starts throwing bits of popcorn at a few of the fans jeering at Rawr, and continues munching. "GRR RWRR!!"

2010-04-17 00:15:10: Piper's fingers tighten as she watches, ducking almost simultaneously as he does.

2010-04-17 00:15:20: Rawr hops upon the DRAGON's back and continues to lop ineffectively at the re-appearing balloons! This doesn't make any sense! "WHY WON'T YOU DIE?!" he screams.

2010-04-17 00:15:38: Accomplice Teh Dave ponders for a moment, then ducks into the crowd, leaving the funnel of popcorn hanging in the air.

2010-04-17 00:16:31 The LARGE GREEN BALLOON DRAGON of DOOM! opens its terrible maw and belches out FOUL BLACK SMOKE at the Rawr on its back!

2010-04-17 00:17:00: Accomplice Teh Dave emerges from a side door of the arena, wrapped nearly head to toe in Blue Balloons, wielding a spork. Teh waves its crochet hook around menacingly.

2010-04-17 00:17:33: Rawr, stunned and more than a bit confused, sniffs at the FOUL BLACK SMOKE. Confusion fades to understanding as he looks down and examines the creature beneath him.

2010-04-17 00:18:45: Accomplice Teh Dave calls out. "Need a hand?" As he makes his way towards The LARGE GREEN BALLOON DRAGON of DOOM!, wielding the Silvered Spork of Truth.

2010-04-17 00:20:22: Piper claps excitedly, cheering for Rawr and Dave as loud as she can!

2010-04-17 00:20:28: Rawr nods and grins. "Help is always welcome!" he says before looking down at the beast again. His concentration is rewarded by the DRAGON snapping him up in its mouth and tossing him!

2010-04-17 00:21:47: Rawr tumbles a bit after a particularly well-cushioned landing. Unfortunately between the "snapping up" earlier and the landing, most of his armor has popped!

2010-04-17 00:22:25: Piper gasps and watches on concernedly. Rawr is not food!

2010-04-17 00:26:27: Rawr is not food! Not usually, at least. Hopefully not today either. He grumbles a bit as he hoists himself to his feet, readies his now-slightly-bent dinner fork and trots towards the DRAGON.

2010-04-17 00:34:39: Accomplice Teh Dave grins and starts circling around the other side of the DRAGON, spork held at the ready. Teh readies its crochet hook.

2010-04-17 00:36:40: Rawr spots Dave and Teh around the other side of the DRAGON and grins. "CHARGE!" he yells, signalling Dave and distracting the DRAGON at the same time!

2010-04-17 00:37:47: Rawr runs forward, dipping and swerving erratically, trying as hard as he can to keep the LARGE GREEN BALLOON DRAGON of DOOM focused on him and not the other two.

2010-04-17 00:41:11: Accomplice Teh Dave charge the DRAGON from its flank, and the two of them start hacking into its side. It sounds like bubble wrap being popped, the speed of the balloons falling under the Spork and Crochet Hook.

2010-04-17 00:42:10: The LARGE GREEN BALLOON DRAGON of DOOM! Roars mightily, and wheels on the two attacking its side, exposing the other flank to Rawr.

2010-04-17 00:44:29: Rawr takes advantage of this turn of events and lunges for it's exposed neck! He thrashes mightily with his slightly-bent dinner fork, adding to the cacophonous popping!

2010-04-17 00:45:00: Piper hides her eyes under the sombrero on purpose this time. She's not sure she wants to see the aftermath.

2010-04-17 00:49:19: Accomplice Teh Dave and Teh manage to cut through the rapidly regenerating rubber and enter the belly of the beast. The DRAGON's eyes die out, and the Balloons stop regenerating after a moment.

2010-04-17 00:50:37: Rawr takes one final, great THWACK! at the DRAGON's neck and the wriggly thing falls to the ground. FOUL BLACK SMOKE pours from the gaping wound.

2010-04-17 00:51:27: Piper lifts her hat up from all the commotion to peer curiously. A triumphant grin spreads across her face.

2010-04-17 00:52:11: Rawr checks for signs of the balloons regrowing themselves. He pokes a few with his slightly-bent dinner fork and they pop, agreeably. None replace them.

2010-04-17 00:52:50: Accomplice Teh Dave emerges from the DRAGON's side, holding a rather particularly surly looking midget by the collar of his track jacket. "Whadd're ye doin, ye fookin' daft basterd!"

2010-04-17 00:54:01: Accomplice Teh Dave peers at the Midget curiously, as Teh waves its crochet hook in his face threateningly. "Hey, there's a lady present. Watch your language!"

2010-04-17 00:54:46: Rawr reaches into the gaping hole, past the FOUL BLACK SMOKE and pulls out... is that an air compressor hose? "Oh."

2010-04-17 00:55:32: Piper smiles pleasantly and waves to the midget, reminding him of her presence.

2010-04-17 00:59:36: Accomplice Teh Dave grins as the midget curses under his breath, still twisting in Dave's grasp.

2010-04-17 01:00:30: Accomplice Teh Dave glances back into the gateway the DRAGON emerged from, peering curiously. "This guy can't be who built this..."

2010-04-17 01:01:40: Rawr wanders over to Dave and the midget and looks toward the gateway curiously. "Can't imagine so." he adds, more to hear himself speak than anything.

2010-04-17 01:02:22: Accomplice Teh Dave's hat hops off Dave's head, and lands on the Midget's, waving the chrochet hook in his face threateningly. "Fine, fine, Imma shut up then. But Ye'll never find The Balloon Master."

2010-04-17 01:03:23: Accomplice Teh Dave blinks at the Midget, as the latter realizes what he said, and promptly clamps his mouth shut. "The Balloon Master, huh?" He drops the Midget to the ground, and watches as the gladiators swarm.

2010-04-17 01:03:29: A platoon of balloon soldiers march out of the gate and firmly wrest the midget from Dave's hands. They stretch deflated balloons out and bind his hands and feet quite securely.

2010-04-17 01:05:02: Accomplice Teh Dave grins at the soldiers, and takes a few tentative steps to the gate, peering around. "Anyone in there?"

2010-04-17 01:06:12: Rawrlooks on curiously.

2010-04-17 01:06:59: Piper steps lightly down the stairs and stands at the edge of the battle ring. She's curious to see where this all is going.

2010-04-17 01:08:01: Accomplice Teh Dave enters the gate, and emerges moments later with a kindly-looking old man, bound in balloons. He peels the balloons off carefully, and the old man gasps for air. "By Helium, you've saved me!"

2010-04-17 01:09:47: Piper blinks and waves curiously to the newcomer.

2010-04-17 01:10:19: Rawr chuckles and sheathes his, uhm, well, he puts the slightly-bent dinner fork in his pocket.

2010-04-17 01:10:49: Rawr turns to the midget and sticks out his tongue. "Looks like we found the Balloon Master."

2010-04-17 01:11:17: Piper digs about in her pocket and examines her a spoon. She chuckles appreciatively.

2010-04-17 01:12:20: Piper slides the hat over her eyes, pretending not to see the extra a present.

2010-04-17 01:12:55: Accomplice Teh Dave grins at Piper and Rawr. The Balloon Master shakes his head sadly at the Midget. "A sad story. My apprentice tied me up and took over, forced the gladiators to fight each other"

2010-04-17 01:14:17: Piper's small frown is visible from the hat as she listens to the poor man's story.

2010-04-17 01:14:18: Rawr oohs at the story. "Well, it would look like we've succeeded in helping more than hurting. Funny, actually. Not too often it works out that way for me."

2010-04-17 01:15:06: Accomplice Teh Dave chuckles, and nods at Rawr. "This sounds familiar"

2010-04-17 01:15:10: The Midget looks up at everyone, and sneers. "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if not for these damn kids!"

2010-04-17 01:15:49: Accomplice Teh Dave's hat pulls its sign out from behind itself. "And Me, too!" It thwaps the Midget upside the head with its sign, then hops off and scuttles out.

2010-04-17 01:16:43: Rawr chuckles and echoes, "And Teh too."

2010-04-17 01:17:46: Accomplice Teh Dave laughs heartily, and watches as the Midget gets hauled off through the gates. The Balloon soldiers know what they're doing here. The old man picks up several pieces of blue rubber, and closes his eye

2010-04-17 01:19:17: Piper hoists herself over the small wall and strolls over to the two gallant warriors.

2010-04-17 01:19:46: Accomplice Teh Dave watches the old man carefully, as he opens his eyes, and reveals the Blue gladiator, squeaking happily in his hands.

2010-04-17 01:20:29: Rawr gives a small cheer and holds out his hand to help the Blue gladiator down from his perch.

2010-04-17 01:21:31: Piper smiles as she reaches the two. "All's well that ends well then?"

2010-04-17 01:23:12: Accomplice Teh Dave grins to Piper. "Yep." He glances around, and spots something in the crowd. He bounces over, and grabs his popcorn out of the air, before returning.

2010-04-17 01:23:36: Rawr smiles and picks Piper up in his arms, spinning her once in an exuberant hug. "Hooray for happy endings!" he rejoices.

2010-04-17 01:24:00: Piper offers Rawr her funnel of popcorn, holding the brim of the hat fast.

2010-04-17 01:24:27: Accomplice Teh Dave smiles, and nods in agreement. He pats the old man on the shoulder. "You going to stick around then?" The old man nods. "It's tradition. We'll be here." Dave nods and shakes his hand.

2010-04-17 01:24:49: Piper does not! She's spun instead! She cries out, "Whee!" as she's spun, sending popcorn everywhere.

2010-04-17 01:26:02: Accomplice Teh Dave's hat catches some of the popcorn, and stuffs it into its hatband happily. Dave laughs, and starts making his way to the archway out. "You guys coming? Or you want to stay here longer?"

2010-04-17 01:26:30: Rawr sets Piper down after catching a bit of popcorn in his mouth. He crunches away merrily. "And I guess that means we'll have to visit more often then, doesn't it?" is what he means to say.

2010-04-17 01:26:41: Piper brightens. "Catapult!" may be all she needs to say.

2010-04-17 01:27:11: Piper nods as she steps down lightly. "Of course!"

2010-04-17 01:27:52: Rawr's actual words come out more like "Nigus, t'mansch w'l've t'visch't mo of'n t'n d'nt?" thanks to the popcorn in his mouth.

2010-04-17 01:28:26: Accomplice Teh Dave laughs and steps through the archway, back out into Surrealism Proper.

2010-04-17 01:28:30: Rawr's eyes widen again! "Definitely!" he says, offering his hand to Piper before heading out after Dave.

2010-04-17 01:28:50: Piper is pretty glad she understands Rawr sufficiently.

2010-04-17 01:29:17: Piper grabs his hand and heads outwards.

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