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The Case of Mistaken Hatdentity, or A tribute to Old School Slapstick

Act 1: NewHome, Just another day in Humanville

2010-05-16 21:55:02: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :scuttles out of the Diner, door held open by a helpful patron. It scoots down the stairs, holding the coffee cup on its brim steady with its feather. The straw between the cup and its band wobbles.
2010-05-16 21:55:47: Fair: :shoots a passing glance at the almost-crying-rookie then another, less passing at the fedora with the coffee.
2010-05-16 21:55:54: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :glances about with its feather, then scratches its crown. The hell was it doing here again?
2010-05-16 21:55:56: Rookie Maria: /me's eyes widen at the sight.
2010-05-16 21:56:46: Calico Katt: /me gives Teh a little wave with both her left hands.
2010-05-16 21:57:03: Rookie Maria: /me chokes back a sob. T-hat's a- is that... a fedora? She muses inwardly, quite, quite horrified.
2010-05-16 21:57:38: Rookie Rowan: : pets her Son of A Budget Horse and goes into a shop.
2010-05-16 21:58:18: Rookie Sir Strange: :stares deeply at his cigarrette. He'd smoke it if he didn't need it so badly for something else.
2010-05-16 21:58:50: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :spots Fair and Maria's glances, and reaches behind itself with its feather to produce a whitewashed plywood sign on a short 2x4. The sign reads "What, never seen a hat drinking coffee before?"
2010-05-16 21:59:11: Devon: :shrugs at the sight. Ah. It's the animate fedora again. Cool. Not that she needed a hat anymore. She rather liked her knit beanie, despite the fact that she couldn't hold conversations with it.
2010-05-16 21:59:32: Rookie Maria: /me's eyes flicker towards the man and his cigarette. She bites her lip.
2010-05-16 21:59:37: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :waggles its feather at Katt in greeting. The coffee level in the cup seems to be diminishing slowly as it sips.
2010-05-16 22:00:23: Fair: :smiles at the fedora. "Latte, mocha or expresso?"
2010-05-16 22:00:28: Calico Katt: /me giggles at Teh's sign and the expression on the rookie's face.
2010-05-16 22:00:36: Rookie Maria: /me tries to ignore the hat. That's what she did back home when confronted by strange men. Perhaps the same extended to hats.
2010-05-16 22:01:04: Rookie Sir Strange: :disregards the fedora. Frankly, after what he has already been though, the animated fedora seems to be the most normal thing in a while.
2010-05-16 22:02:03: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :flips its sign around at Fair. "Espresso, it's called. But no, this is just regular Joe's Diner Swill. I think it's branded, actually..."
2010-05-16 22:02:10: Rookie Maria: /me blinks owlishly. 'Excuse me...' She asks no one in particular, with a very British accent.
2010-05-16 22:02:37: Rookie Sir Strange: :does wish the he had a hat though. And a better mount; the budget horse doesn't even seem to move that much anymore.
2010-05-16 22:02:50: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :flips its sign around again, this time aimed at Maria. "You're excused?"
2010-05-16 22:03:25: Fair: :frowns. What did she say, uhm? Bah, not important. "Ah, alright then. I just thought it was some fancier coffee..."
2010-05-16 22:03:37: Rookie Maria: /me grimaces at the hat.
2010-05-16 22:03:46: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :would note to Sir just to wait it out, if it could read minds. It can't, so it can't give this advice. The Budget Horse is a good, sturdy mount though, in its opinion.
2010-05-16 22:05:04: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :nodnods its feather at Fair, spinning the sign around again. "Nah, not 'round here. Joe's Diner Swill has caffeine in it, sure, but for real coffee, you need to find the right contestants."
2010-05-16 22:05:37: Calico Katt: /me flicks an ear at Maria.
2010-05-16 22:05:55: Rookie Sig: :shuffles in, frowning absently at the blood staining her shirt. She flicks drops of red liquid from her fingertips disgustedly. "A place to wash all this off would be nice," she muses.
2010-05-16 22:06:05: Rookie Sir Strange: I really hate those thieving midgets, I lost over 1000 req because of them. Thankfully, now I will put in measures to ensure that I don't suffer such a loss again.
2010-05-16 22:06:14: Rookie Maria: /me deliberates over telling the hat that the only thing she managed to bring with her was coffee. Good coffee, but still, coffee.
2010-05-16 22:07:19: Rookie Maria: /me frowns, rising from her sitting position. She walks closer to the crowd.
2010-05-16 22:07:55: Devon: /me glances at a certain lost-looking young rookie. Her mismatched eyes watch her as she climbs down from the roof and makes her way over to her. Her expression is non-hostile, despite her appearance.
2010-05-16 22:08:03: Fair: :looks at the hat. "The right contestants. Humm. A riddle. No? Oh, no, wait, a quest, a quest for real coffee."
2010-05-16 22:08:36: Rookie Maria: /me smiles shakily. 'Uh, I have an abundance of coffee, Mr. Hat, Sir.'
2010-05-16 22:08:44: Calico Katt: /me watches Devon curiously.
2010-05-16 22:08:45: Rookie Sir Strange: May I ask, are the implants supposed to make your eyes burn? I think mine are defective, or I may have overused them.
2010-05-16 22:09:12: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :fixes Fair with a strange look, and spins its sign around. "Not really a Quest, per se...I mean, I know where to get it if I _really_ wanted it...but sometimes you just need a quick cheap cuppa."
2010-05-16 22:09:38: Rookie Maria: /me blinks at the woman with one white eye, staring for a few seconds longer than she should have.
2010-05-16 22:10:07: Devon: /me stops a little ways away from Maria, about three meters. She simply stands there, watching as the girl attempts to interact with the fedora.
2010-05-16 22:11:00: Fair: :'s head swivels toward the rookie that said 'coffee'. Ahhh.
2010-05-16 22:11:07: Rookie Sig: :sighs and strips off the garment, finding the damage done to the tank-top below significantly less gruesome. She glances at what appears to be a floating fedora, her expression turning almost amused.
2010-05-16 22:12:51: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :is not floating. It's sitting on the ground. It flips its sign around at Maria. "Ah, If you're offering, I'm afraid I must respectfully decline. I'd need time to get the cheap-stuff taste out."
2010-05-16 22:13:00: Rookie Sir Strange: :gets up, and mounts the budget horse. A faint cracking noise can be heard as the horse slowly makes it's way towards the Jungle.
2010-05-16 22:13:09: Rookie Maria: /me extracts some sachets of coffee from her pockets and chucks a couple at Fair, before turning to offer one to Devon.
2010-05-16 22:13:14: Rookie Rowan: :comes out of the shop and jumps on her Son of a Budget Horse's shoulders.
2010-05-16 22:14:21: Rookie Maria: /me wonders how a hat could be so picky about coffee when in a place such as this, and shrugs.
2010-05-16 22:14:56: Fair: :catches the coffee and brightens up. "Gee, thank, girl. I'll pay you back, someday. Name's Fair, by the way."
2010-05-16 22:15:15: Devon: :eyes the bag for a moment before slowly moving her normal hand out to take it from the girl. Might as well. This looked a bit better than the shit over at Joe's.
2010-05-16 22:16:00: Rookie Maria: /me grins, extending a hand. 'Lovely to meet you, Fair. It's a pleasure, honestly. ... The stuff was bogging me down anyway.'
2010-05-16 22:16:56: Rookie Maria: /me glances at Devon, reading her expression. 'Yeah, it's better than Joe's, at least.'
2010-05-16 22:17:19: Rookie Sig: :sits down on the Museum steps, resting her elbows just above her kneecaps, her hands supporting her neck. She watches the interaction between the hat and the coffee-bearer with piqued interest.
2010-05-16 22:17:25: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :stows its sign, and its straw, as well, since it's done with its coffee. It scoots back over towards Joe's, and a very put-upon-looking Midget steps out to grab the cup back and bring it inside.
2010-05-16 22:17:34: Fair: :grins back. "And more then a pleasure to receive. Aye, I don't remember when I last had a decent cup of coffee." She trails off, frowning a bit.
2010-05-16 22:18:20: Fair: :shakes the proffered hand, smile returning to her face.
2010-05-16 22:18:24: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :scuttles back over towards the group, producing its sign again. "Bruce makes some really good coffee, and...erm...I think it's Lloyd does too."
2010-05-16 22:18:44: Calico Katt: /me stretches out on the ground in front of the barrel, looking quite comfortable.
2010-05-16 22:18:54: Rookie Sig: :tilts her head. Bruce? Lloyd? Who?
2010-05-16 22:19:19: Rookie Maria: /me smirks. 'I'm sure coffee has saved my life more than once.' She chimes, remembering late nights studying.
2010-05-16 22:19:43: Fair: :makes a mental note of the names that don't mean a thing to her. Good thinking, as she has a good memory.
2010-05-16 22:20:05: Devon: /me looks back up at Maria for a moment before walking off without a word.
2010-05-16 22:21:01: Fair: :smiles back at her. "Ya tell me about it.." She smirks, remembering the swift kills when you're on a caffeine high.
2010-05-16 22:21:59: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :spots Sig's expression and flips its sign around at her. "Oh, Bruce is the GERM cook, and Lloyd is a Mongol." That explains everything.
2010-05-16 22:22:48: Rookie Maria: /me swallows, glancing at the ground. 'I, er...' She trails off. 'I've gotta run now.' She adds.
2010-05-16 22:23:34: Rookie Maria: /me will go and cry somewhere else. 'Thanks for everything.' She says quietly, smiling and rippling a wave.
2010-05-16 22:24:03: Rookie Sig: :nods as though the Hat did answer everything. "I see," she says, twirling an errant wisp of hair. "Interesting."
2010-05-16 22:24:18: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :peers at Maria curiously, and shrugs its feather. It'll never understand Rookies, honestly...
2010-05-16 22:24:48: Rookie Sig: :waves off one of those little green things that seem to enjoy mutilating her sentences.
2010-05-16 22:25:12: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :points Eileen, the Italics Gremlin, out of town. She leaves, grumbling slightly.
2010-05-16 22:25:21: Rookie Maria: /me turns and walks off somewhere, resisting the urge to pick up the fedora and wear it, or frisbee it somewhere, or something.
2010-05-16 22:26:13: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :walks into NewHome. He sighs at the amount of rookies everywhere and he starts to climb up his usual tree.
2010-05-16 22:26:19: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : very nearly drags himself in, straining and reeling under a prodigeously overstuffed backpack. It is quite clear that if he ever fell over, he'd never be able to get up again under the weight.
2010-05-16 22:26:51: Rookie Sig: :doesn't think a fedora would make the best frisbee. What with the upturned edges, and the mid section weighing it down...
2010-05-16 22:27:16: The Elusive Citizen One: /me looks down in furious annoyance as a small body bounces off his. Oh, what's this? A Maria? "You think it's wise to be running into people like that?," he growls at the rookie.
2010-05-16 22:27:21: Fair: :sighs and puts away safely the satchets of coffee, sipping the insipid one from Joe's.
2010-05-16 22:28:01: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : has evidently decided he might as well just go with it, and is amusing himself with overly dramatic toiling. This stops abruptly as he sights something in town.
2010-05-16 22:28:40: Rookie Sig: :'s eyebrow creases as she glances towards One.
2010-05-16 22:29:03: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :lays back in the tree and looks down at the group of people below. He pulls an apple out of his pockets and starts munching on it.
2010-05-16 22:29:19: Rookie Maria: /me snarls at One, picking herself up. She gives him a dismissive glare and continues to walk off somewhere.
2010-05-16 22:29:45: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :spots One and rolls its feather exasperatedly. It turns back to Sig, producing its sign. "So, how long you been here for?"
2010-05-16 22:31:08: Calico Katt: /me begins tossing a pinecone up in the air and catching it.
2010-05-16 22:31:32: The Elusive Citizen One: /me's hand snakes out and catches Maria's arm, fingers digging into her flesh. His one-eyed cat looks up at her and mrrows. "Excuse me," he says quietly.
2010-05-16 22:31:39: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : abruptly straightens upright. His backpack, seemingly enthused about the motion, is disinclined to stop when he does, and there is much ridiculous windmilling of arms before he sorts things out.
2010-05-16 22:31:42: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :finishes munching on his apple. He tosses it over his shoulder as he relaxes in the tree.
2010-05-16 22:32:29: Rookie Sig: :drums her fingers on the Museum steps. "Oh. Maybe a month? Awhile. Long enough that your speaking to me is about as natural as... Say, hers," she motions towards the departing Maria.
2010-05-16 22:32:44: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: :, settles once more, does his best to surreptitiously scuttle out of sight behind a ramshackle building. This, obviously, is not terribly successful.
2010-05-16 22:32:49: Rookie Maria: /me narrows her eyes, turning to face One. She snatches her arm away with great difficulty. 'Yes?' She asks, tilting her head to the side.
2010-05-16 22:33:09: Devon: :watches the coffee-girl's little encounter from an alleyway. Oh, hey, look, it's the boss. She bites the inside of her cheek gently. Wonder how he'll react to her little "makeover".
2010-05-16 22:33:25: The Elusive Citizen One: /me holds out... a packet of coffee. "You dropped this."
2010-05-16 22:33:35: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :gives the man with the overstuffed pack a curious glance, but shrugs, and returns to Sig, sign flipping around. "Ahh. So a bit inured to the oddities of Island Life then?"
2010-05-16 22:34:57: Fair: :tenses a bit as she sees her new friend is being..mishandled. Anyone who gives her coffee is her friend. She strolls quietly in her direction, perhaps to be of assitance? If need arise?
2010-05-16 22:35:24: Rookie Maria: /me raises an eyebrow at the packet. 'Keep it.' She says coldly, turning to leave once more.
2010-05-16 22:35:56: Rookie Sir Strange: :crawls into the square. He is visibly exhausted, has a black eye, and even seems to be burned in several places. He seems to smell faintly of peppermint for some reason.
2010-05-16 22:36:39: The Elusive Citizen One: /me grins after her retreating form. He looks down at the cat, who has an inquisitive look plastered on its features. "Oh, don't give me that. She'll be dead inside a week and we both know it."
2010-05-16 22:37:00: Rookie Sig: :nods slightly, chewing the corner of her lip. "Yep," she says, almost proudly, before pausing, "Could've helped that my first acquaintance was Ko. He's not quite right in the head either."
2010-05-16 22:37:00: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :spots Strange crawling, and seems to sniff the air. It flips its sign around at him. "Get into a fight with a pack of gum?" Anywhere else, and that might sound condescending...
2010-05-16 22:38:05: Calico Katt: /me sits up rather suddenly, her pinecone skittering away from her.
2010-05-16 22:38:35: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :flips its sign back to Sig. "Not quite right in the head? Have you ever met the GERMans?" Speaking of not quite right.............................. Somewhere, a Grammar Policeman has an aneurism.
2010-05-16 22:38:46: Rookie Sir Strange: :, trying to look tough, settles in a corner and lights a cigarette. He fails in this regard, as he begins to cough violently when he takes a puff, obviously not used to smoking at all.
2010-05-16 22:39:40: Rookie Sir Strange: :he nods at the fedora, before entering another coughing fit.
2010-05-16 22:40:56: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :looks down to Teh at the mention of GERMans and syas, "'Da GERMans aren't bad. It's 'da Quacks 'cha should watch out 'fer if 'yer tryin' to stay away from crazy people."

Act 2: Still in NewHome, The Molasses Thickens

2010-05-16 22:40:57: : From somewhere behind one of the buildings, there comes a low, steady clanking of metal. A short while later, there is a loudish bang, and then some exceedingly rude things are said.
2010-05-16 22:41:40: Devon: :continues to watch One pondering to herself as to how she should present hersel--Ah, fuckit. She simply walks out of the alleyway, pulling her shades down as she approaches him.
2010-05-16 22:42:32: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :glances up at Akogi and flips the sign around. "I know a few of both, and I'd dare say they've both got their...erm...shall we say, oddities?" Like Bernard. Who is an Oddity.
2010-05-16 22:43:05: The Elusive Citizen One: /me swivels around and spots Devon. "Devon. See you have an arm a- ... I see you have a limb there again.
2010-05-16 22:43:27: Calico Katt: /me narrows her eyes at Sig, then leans back against the barrel again.
2010-05-16 22:43:50: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :glances towards the noises, but shrugs its feather, and glances about. It flips its sign around. "Anyone happen to have a canape? Perhaps a Turkish Delight? I'm a bit peckish..."
2010-05-16 22:44:01: Rookie Sig: :chews her lip, both from thought and habit. "Yes. A few minutes ago when you mentioned Bruce."
2010-05-16 22:44:19: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :chuckles and says, "Which ones of 'da Quacks have 'cha met...'dere are some pretty tame ones. And o'ders 'cha just stay away from, 'dere beyond help."
2010-05-16 22:44:22: Devon: /me glances at the wrapped-up, mutated limb before looking back up towards One. "...Somewhat, yes."
2010-05-16 22:45:17: Rookie Sig: :curves an eyebrow at Katt. Is she wrong? He says so when he introduces himself to people, for God's sakes.
2010-05-16 22:45:39: The Elusive Citizen One: /me nods briskly. "Good for you."
2010-05-16 22:47:08: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :flips its sign around. One side says to Sig: "Ah, he's just the cook, not an actual GERMan..." The other, to Akogi: "Erm, Talkydoor, Duk, Kestrel when she was still a Quacker..."
2010-05-16 22:47:42: Calico Katt: /me glances behind her into the barrel yet again.
2010-05-16 22:47:53: Rookie Sir Strange: :puts out the cigarette. The tough image he was going for isn't gonna to happen, and the cigarette is already used up, rendering it useless as currency. He sighs, what a waste of a cigarette.
2010-05-16 22:48:23: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: :, coming to the realization that he might have missed his cue, comes scrambling out from behind the building, sans backpack. He attempts to turn this into a casual saunter. This does not work well.
2010-05-16 22:48:36: Rookie Sig: :tilts her head to one side. "What are the, ah, GERMans, then?"
2010-05-16 22:48:58: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :nods and says, "Talky be 'da only in 'da list 'cha named 'dat I'd even consider crazy. Kes wasn't really crazy enough to be a Quacker"
2010-05-16 22:49:23: Devon: /me shrugs hesitantly, speaking in a low voice. "...Not quite sure about that yet." She glances about a little.
2010-05-16 22:49:48: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :flips its sign around again, to Sig. "The General Engineering, Racketeering, and Musician's guild. Fun lot, really. Bit strange at times. They own the Bingo Hall up north of IC."
2010-05-16 22:51:59: calliaphone: :pedals her cart into town, going kinda slowly so she doesn't joggle the pianola too much, in the back.
2010-05-16 22:52:35: Rookie Sig: :smiles slightly. "Fun. Would they mind if I had a look around?"
2010-05-16 22:54:00: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :waggles its feather at calli in greeting, and flips its sign around at Sig. "I'm sure they wouldn't mind. Just...erm...bring some string, or breadcrumbs..."
2010-05-16 22:54:52: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : sidles up to the sentient hat (and company) in a terrible parody of casual stride, complete with 'friendly grin'. "Shutters, p-pleasant missives."
2010-05-16 22:55:08: calliaphone: :pauses, seeing a rather handsome hat she happens to know. pulling up outside Joe's, she waves back.
2010-05-16 22:55:50: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :beams at calli, then turns to glance up at Dali curiously.
2010-05-16 22:56:12: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :shakes his head and says, "GERMans are normal. 'Da strange ones are 'dose who worship Ducks as religious icons and gives treats to the ones you find in the jungle."
2010-05-16 22:56:24: Rookie Sig: :blinks. Several times. "String and breadcrumbs," she echoes, making a mental note of this. "Got it."
2010-05-16 22:57:11: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :meant, of course, for Sig to be able to find her way back, once she ventures into the Halls...there's a map somewhere for it, but it was outdated the day after it was finished...
2010-05-16 22:57:22: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :mumbles loudly to himself, "I've played with the GERMans a couple o' times... 'dere a wee bit too sane 'fer me tastes."
2010-05-16 22:58:04: calliaphone: :nods solemnly. Of course GERMans are normal. She's the living proof of it. She nips into Joes to see if he's got any coffee to have with her sugar.
2010-05-16 22:59:17: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : halts mid-word, as the existential confusion of being gazed at by something without eyes sets in. After taking a moment to sort out the assorted philosophical difficulties, he tries again.
2010-05-16 22:59:38: calliaphone: :hotfoots it out of the Dojo in a panic, and into the other Joe's. level up? NO THANKS, that means even scarier monsters.
2010-05-16 23:00:29: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :was mentioning normal as in whether or not they are missing some of their screws. Unlike him who probably doesn't have any left.
2010-05-16 23:00:52: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : smiles. "Penance the wirecross, this one shifted shells of inquiry for kilned. Diced to satchel crumbs, if you bend towards it?"
2010-05-16 23:02:40: Rookie Sir Strange: I have the dojo to thank for this black eye. Poetry hits pretty hard.
2010-05-16 23:03:18: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :'s feather slowly forms a question mark at Dali, the sign flips around, completely blank, except for a giant ? in the center.
2010-05-16 23:03:33: Rookie Sig: :seems oblivious to his meaning, thinking any number of things that could involve sting and breadcrumbs. There are some truly crazy guesses in there by the time something in her head clicks.
2010-05-16 23:03:34: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :chuckles and says, "'Dat's why whenever 'cha go into PVille, carry a pair o' earplugs with 'cha. Or at least ignore it."
2010-05-16 23:05:06: Rookie Sir Strange: Anyone can inform me how many cigarettes I would need for the next best mount after a budget horse?
2010-05-16 23:05:41: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : blinks, mildly thrown off stride, and attempts to peer around to the other side of the sign. "...huh." He shrugs, and begins digging through his assorted pockets. "Ticks, squawk will lean."
2010-05-16 23:06:12: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :subconsciously points Strange towards "Location Four", then resumes attempting to process Dali's question. It seems to be failing spectacularly at this.
2010-05-16 23:06:25: Rookie Sir Strange: :'s budget horse is surprised by this question. He sheds but a single tear before heading into a corner and bursting into tears.
2010-05-16 23:06:26: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :looks down at Strange and says, "Keep 'da budget horse... 'cha don't need cigs until 'cha have no mount any longer."
2010-05-16 23:07:10: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :is still planning revenge against DYFS for...well...never you mind...
2010-05-16 23:08:44: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: :, after a moment's hasty search, produces..... something. It appears to have once been pastry of some sort, but prolonged exposure to the Kali lifestyle now lends it a more distinct air of 'crumble'.
2010-05-16 23:09:18: Rookie Sig: :curls up for a nap on the steps, lying the mostly-dry explorer's shirt over her like a blanket.
2010-05-16 23:09:50: calliaphone: :emerges from the diner, with two cups. one of sugar, one of coffee. climbing up into the back of her cart, she leans against the pianola, and proceeds to pour one into the other.
2010-05-16 23:09:59: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : frowns at the thing, and it sheds a lone currant at him scornfully in response. He shrugs again, and with a sheepish grin he offers it to the hat.
2010-05-16 23:10:39: Unstable Kolojang: /me crawls out of the barrel a labouriously stands up, wobling. Black veins can be seen around his mouth and the burns done yesterday have all been infected by the purple stuff.
2010-05-16 23:11:34: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :notices the GERMan pouring the cup of sugar into the cup of coffee. He yells out, "'Dat works best if one be expresso and 'da o'der is an energy drink."
2010-05-16 23:11:46: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :gives the once-pastry an appraising glance, then shrugs its feather, stows its sign, and reaches for it.
2010-05-16 23:11:55: Unstable Kolojang: /me makes a few step before he collapse on the ground. His breathing is irregular and laborious.
2010-05-16 23:12:05: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :thinks she's probably pouring the coffee into the sugar.
2010-05-16 23:12:34: Calico Katt: /me glances back at Ko and frowns.
2010-05-16 23:13:44: Rookie Sir Strange: Guess, I could use a new backpack...
2010-05-16 23:14:18: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :sighs. He hates people who use the same nickname as him. It's hard to keep straight if there talking to him or not.
2010-05-16 23:15:01: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : gladly releases the crumbling breadstuff, gives a cheery thumbs up, wanders off a ways, and begins scrambling awkwardly for something tucked into his coat.
2010-05-16 23:15:35: Devon: :glances at Ko by the barrel, and walks over towards him. She kneels down, taking out her canteen as she tries to get him to sit up.
2010-05-16 23:15:52: calliaphone: :glances up at Akogi, and grins. "hellyeah" she agrees. "can sorta make you sick though." Teh is right though, the coffee goes into the sugar, for this recipe.
2010-05-16 23:16:27: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :peers after Dali curiously, but shrugs, and presses the once-pastry to its hatband, where it slowly disappears. It seems pleased by the offering.
2010-05-16 23:16:31: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :jumps down the tree and then rolls when he hits the bottom. He then wipes the dust off of his jacket. He says as he walks out of town, "It's gettin' too borin' 'ere."
2010-05-16 23:17:14: Unstable Kolojang: /me keeps slipping in and out of consciousness. He sees Katt kneeling over her and manages a weak smile. He tries to pet her ear but is too weak to get his arm up.
2010-05-16 23:17:19: calliaphone: :eyes the bloke on the floor over there. and, even more interestingly, the pastry over there. Boring? Not a bit of it!
2010-05-16 23:17:43: Improbable Leprechaun Akogi: :shrugs before he leaves and says, "It's how I start me day... 'dough people usually set up a 5 click danger area around me 'dough. 'Fer 'dere and everyone elses safety. Too much insanity."
2010-05-16 23:18:44: Devon: :notes the rather odd state of his mouth, her expression blank. "You didn't get him treated, did you, Katt." It was more a statement than a question.
2010-05-16 23:19:06: calliaphone: :nods understandingly, and stirs her coffee-syrup with a screwdriver.
2010-05-16 23:19:50: Calico Katt: /me flinches. "As if I'd even know what to do..."
2010-05-16 23:20:39: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : is, by degrees, producing something long and oddly shaped from where it had evidently been cunningly concealed through the sleeves of his jacket. It would be nice if this explained his awkward gait.
2010-05-16 23:20:40: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :finishes the tart, and realizes it has an absurd amount of molasses on its feather and brim. It reaches behind itself and seems to rummage around.
2010-05-16 23:20:52: Devon: :continues to observe the state of his mouth, pressing her finger down on his chin to open it a little more. "No, but a doctor or medic might have."
2010-05-16 23:22:06: Calico Katt: /me narrows her eyes at Devon. "And where the hell would I find one of those? You couldn't, and you know more people here then I do!"
2010-05-16 23:22:27: Fair: :comes back in to the outpost, darts toward Joe's, then cames back out, munching quite happily on a burger.
2010-05-16 23:22:34: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : , after much squirming, produces what appears to be a butterfly net crudely constructed from assorted scrap metal and wood, the net itself woven from copper wire and vines.
2010-05-16 23:23:12: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :continues rummaging behind itself. If it could talk, one would imagine it muttering to itself, perhaps cursing under its breath.
2010-05-16 23:23:41: Unstable Kolojang: /me feels someone pressing his chin. He opens his eyes a sees Devon through blurred vision. He says with a weak voice, "Oh, bonjour mademoiselle. Have the letter got through the mail yet?"
2010-05-16 23:23:41: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : admires the net fondly for a moment, and then proceeds to lunge at the preoccupied hat with it.
2010-05-16 23:23:56: Unstable Kolojang: /me is delirious, wich for him is somewhat a good sign.
2010-05-16 23:24:48: Devon: :shrugs, a slight frown on her lips as she notes the spreading infection in his mouth. "Did you try to look?"
2010-05-16 23:25:07: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :shrugs its feather, and scoots off at just the right moment to avoid the net. It scuttles towards the Diner, blissfully unaware of the net-wielding man behind him.
2010-05-16 23:25:59: calliaphone: :is busy hunting in her backpack for a spoon to eat her coffee. she's sure she had one somewhere. out of the corner of her eye, she notices movement. looks up. blinks.
2010-05-16 23:26:18: Calico Katt: /me looks down at the ground. "...no. I didn't know it was this bad, alright?"
2010-05-16 23:26:41: Devon: :tells Ko, "Don't talk. Just keep your mouth open. I'm going to give you some water. Should help with the burn, but not sure about the rest..." She holds the canteen to his lips.
2010-05-16 23:27:38: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : , after a moment, becomes aware that he has neatly missed the target. Electing to do away with subtlety, he dives at the hat again, airborne and net-first.
2010-05-16 23:27:53: Unstable Kolojang: /me coughs up a little blood. He looks at Katt with a warm smile, "Don't beat yourself up, I'll be ok. Also, could you bring the AC down a little bit, I'm freezing."
2010-05-16 23:28:35: calliaphone: :'s jaw drops open. if she had ever watched a film, she would be thinking right now that this is better than any film EVER!
2010-05-16 23:28:49: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :dodges around a rock on its way towards the Diner, feather bobbing stickily as if humming to itself. Once again, it seems to fail to notice the net-lunge, or the fate of the rock.
2010-05-16 23:29:59: Calico Katt: /me looks back and forth between Devon and Ko, beginning to look very worried.
2010-05-16 23:30:18: Devon: :'s brow knits. "You're cold? That ain't good. Given the burn and all, you should be feeling hot..." Then again, of course, there was improbability involved with all this.
2010-05-16 23:30:47: Calico Katt: /me scrambles through the barrel, looking for a moderately clean blanket.
2010-05-16 23:31:41: Unstable Kolojang: /me tries to drink some water but he ends chocking badly. He coughs the water and some more blood. "Thanks, I feel better already." He tries to stand up but ends up falling down again.
2010-05-16 23:32:31: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: :'s net is not constructed for durability, and dealing with rocks is certainly not in its contract. It promtly cracks in two. Kali looks absolutely heartbroken by this development.
2010-05-16 23:33:34: Devon: :curses to herself and tries to hold him down, keeping him sitting up. "Don't try to move right now, alright?"
2010-05-16 23:33:34: Fair: :looks with interest at the fedora hunt, with an occasional glance at the man that looks sick, poor thing, but what can she do.
2010-05-16 23:33:47: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :pauses as it hears the crack, and its feather slowly turns to look behind it. It glances at Kali, then the net, then Kali, then the net, then Kali....then the net. Its feather ruffles in understandin
2010-05-16 23:34:31: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :shoos off the gremlin that ended his line prematurely, then jumps several inches in the air, and takes off towards Sheila's at top scuttle.
2010-05-16 23:34:55: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: :, feeling the attentions of the fedora upon him once more, looks up with a start. He gives it a sheepish smile and a little wave.
2010-05-16 23:35:11: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : then bodily dives at it.
2010-05-16 23:36:11: Calico Katt: /me grabs Ko's hand in her own. "Stay still, alright?"
2010-05-16 23:36:22: Unstable Kolojang: /me looks at Devon with a dumb smile. He strokes her hair and says, "Isn't she beautiful? Don't you agree Katt?"
2010-05-16 23:36:57: Unstable Kolojang: /me passes out and begins shaking.
2010-05-16 23:37:11: calliaphone: :'s eyes open wide as saucers! her hand closes on a spoon and she automatically begins shovelling coffee-flavoured sugar into her mouth, hardly daring to blink for fear of missing something.
2010-05-16 23:37:55: Devon: :twitches, resisting the urge to bite his hand off. ...But no. He's not feeling well, he's not feeling well. No need for that. Just bare it for now. "Katt, help me get him sitting against the wall."
2010-05-16 23:39:07: Calico Katt: /me nods, doing her best to get him sitting upright.
2010-05-16 23:40:54: Devon: :looks at the shivering man and sighs. She unzips her pack and gets out her blanket, doing her best to cover his shoulders with it.
2010-05-16 23:41:26: Rookie Jerome : *Saunters up* Bonjour ladies
2010-05-16 23:42:47: Devon: /me slowly turns towards the french speaking-rookie, twitching slowly. After a moment of staring at him, she slaps her face. "Oh, for the love of... Not another one!"
2010-05-16 23:43:15: calliaphone: :manages to tear her eyes off the goings on for long enough to grin at Jerome. "how do" she says, and resumes her wide-eyed spectating.
2010-05-16 23:43:38: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :feels the enclosing darkness, and struggles against the man pinning him for a moment, before letting its feather fall limp, giving up.
2010-05-16 23:43:47: Unstable Kolojang: /me comes to for a second and tries to get up once more, "Hey, bonjour! Ca fait toujour plaisir de..." he starts coughing some more blood, a smile on his face, trying to shake the Rookie's hand.
2010-05-16 23:43:53: Calico Katt: /me just glares at Jerome and turns back to trying to help Ko.
2010-05-16 23:45:02: Devon: :turns back to Ko and cringes as she tries to get out something to wipe up the blood. "I told you not to talk. What do I gotta do, get you a muzzle?"
2010-05-16 23:45:16: calliaphone: :locates a marshmallow in her pack. she hands this to Jerome, waiting for Teh and Kali to take a bow so she can applaud.
2010-05-16 23:45:39: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: :, after waiting a moment just to be sure, carefully peers into his enclosing arms at the hat. After a moment, he slowly stands up with it in his hands. He simpers apologetically. "..p-penances."
2010-05-16 23:46:10: Calico Katt: Ko, listen to me for once. Sit still, and shut up. Please?
2010-05-16 23:46:10: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :peers at Kali curiously, then glances around, then back at Kali.
2010-05-16 23:46:25: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : carefully attempts to place it in one of his larger, more secure pockets.
2010-05-16 23:46:29: Unstable Kolojang: /me flails about. He manages to grab some req out of his bandolier and throws it at Jerome. He then passes out again.
2010-05-16 23:46:41: Fair: :mutters "Bonjour toi meme." before resuming the munching of her burger.
2010-05-16 23:48:24: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :bounces in the air away from the pocket, looking rather shocked at Kali. And itself, for that matter.
2010-05-16 23:49:58: Devon: /me shakes her head at Ko's actions. "Maybe a fuckin' straitjacket while we're at it, too..."
2010-05-16 23:50:30: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : jumps himself, slightly startled. He peers at his hands, then at the hat. "....hm." He reaches down with a small, sheepish smile and picks it up again.
2010-05-16 23:52:10: Calico Katt: /me pulls some rope out of her pack and holds it up.
2010-05-16 23:52:54: Citizen Zack: /me walks in. he looks around.
2010-05-16 23:53:12: Unstable Kolojang: /me's breathing is still irregular but less laborious than it was. The black veins around his mouth are getting worse, starting to cover his cheeks and throat as well.
2010-05-16 23:54:31: Citizen Zack: /me looks at Kolo...oh my...
2010-05-16 23:54:49: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :peers at Kali curiously. It shakes its feather at the pocket.
2010-05-16 23:55:32: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: :, after a long moment of staring at it, preparing for any other sudden movements, attempts to place it back into his pocket. He pauses mid-motion, however, considering his options.
2010-05-16 23:56:16: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : frowns faintly at the hat. After a moment of contemplation, he reaches up and tentatively places it on his head.
2010-05-16 23:57:38: Devon: /me winces as she sees the lines around his mouth growing. "...Fuck... That doesn't look good..."
2010-05-16 23:58:11: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :flies into the air, feather flailing wildly as it drifts slightly windward, and lands several yards away from Kali.
2010-05-16 23:58:18: Calico Katt: Well...If he lives through this, at least he won't be putting strange things in his mouth anymore. Hopefully.
2010-05-16 23:59:26: Devon: :gets out a small bottle of strong alcohol. It'd been a bit useful when this started happening to her... Maybe it would do the same here? She dabs a cloth with it and starts to pat around his mouth.
2010-05-16 23:59:58: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : jumps again, looking mildly shocked. He stares at the hat, then at his hands again, and tentatively reaches up to feel the top of his head.
2010-05-17 00:02:32: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :peers at Kali curiously, and scoots over to poke at the man's foot with its feather.
2010-05-17 00:02:42: Rookie Sir Strange: :crawls in from the jungle, dejected, wounded, tired, and completely broke. He lies down behind a pile of crates and enters a deep sleep.
2010-05-17 00:03:34: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : gazes down at the hat, mildly bewildered. After several hesitant false starts, he reaches down for it again.
2010-05-17 00:04:02: calliaphone: :looks at the dejected rookie, and whistles softly. a little paper canary flutters up from behind her ear, and off towards the bank.
2010-05-17 00:05:28: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :attempts to withdraw its feather from Kali's foot, with little success, owing to the mass of molasses still sticking to it. It tugs furiously, pauses to pant, then starts tugging again.
2010-05-17 00:06:15: Calico Katt: /me watches nervously, ready to grab Ko if he decides to try to get up again.
2010-05-17 00:06:21: calliaphone: :leans forward, watching Teh and Kali with a bemused expression on her face. is this still part of the act?
2010-05-17 00:06:54: Rookie Sir Strange: :'s mount looks at him sympathetically, and lies down next to him.
2010-05-17 00:06:54: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : blinks, and takes the opportunity to seize the hat. He begins to stand up, but finds that he's rather unable to take the hat with him without damaging the evidently important feather.
2010-05-17 00:07:38: Unstable Kolojang: /me opens his eyes. He seems to be aware of his surrounding...well, not less aware than usual. He smiles weakly at Katt.
2010-05-17 00:07:55: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : straightens again, and, considering for a moment, begins to shake his foot in an attempt to get it off.
2010-05-17 00:08:10: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :finally manages to wrench its feather free of the foot, and waggles triumphantly. Wait, why is the world suddenly upside down? It forms an inverted question mark with its feather.
2010-05-17 00:08:59: Calico Katt: /me smiles back at him, but still looks worried.
2010-05-17 00:10:28: Devon: :moves to start dabbing his cheeks and throat area with the alcohol-soaked cloth. "How do you feel? Keep it short."
2010-05-17 00:11:05: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : grins, and reaches down to grab ahold of the helpless chapeau. He picks it up, smiles into it's inverted 'face', and proceeds to place it more firmly in his pocket.
2010-05-17 00:11:29: Unstable Kolojang: /me looks like he's pushing quite a fever. He coughs a little, trying lay still.
2010-05-17 00:12:15: Unstable Kolojang: /me says, "I feel like I could win a marathon."
2010-05-17 00:12:47: Devon: :nods. That's all the response she needs. She takes the blanket off of his shoulders and takes out her canteen again. "Wanna try drinking the water again?"
2010-05-17 00:13:05: Citizen Zack: /me lets the wall take him.
2010-05-17 00:16:35: Calico Katt: /me just sighs, sitting down beside Ko.
2010-05-17 00:17:33: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :pokes its feather into the pocket to have a look around. It seems to forget it's being stuck into the pocket.
2010-05-17 00:17:47: Unstable Kolojang: /me sits up a bit, making himself more comfortable. He shakes his head, thanking Devon in sign language. He looks at the sky and sighs, "Ah, such a nice day to die," smiling at the clouds.
2010-05-17 00:19:53: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : obligingly allows it a moment of exploration, before gently placing it in the oversized pocket. He smiles, satisfied with a job well done, and withdraws his hand, strolling off towards his pack.
2010-05-17 00:20:36: Calico Katt: /me stares at him, eyes going wide. "Who said anything about dying?"
2010-05-17 00:20:59: Devon: :'s blank expression doesn't change at Ko's statement. She keeps the canteen out, but doesn't open it. She glances towards Katt. "I don't think I'd suggest getting too close."
2010-05-17 00:21:09: Unstable Kolojang: /me glances over to Katt, "What, who said anything about dying?"
2010-05-17 00:21:14: calliaphone: :frowns. blinks. opens her mouth. closes it again. tries to say, "Teh?" but finds that doesn't work because her mouth is closed.
2010-05-17 00:22:16: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :looks around from its new vantage point: still on Kali's hand. It stares for a moment at the hand, and tries to shake bits of metal off of the molasses on its feather.
2010-05-17 00:23:30: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : reaches up to scratch behind one ear, and is somewhat stymied by the hat in the way. He stares at it with a combination of exasperation and horror.
2010-05-17 00:24:11: Calico Katt: /me sits back against the wall, hugging her knees.
2010-05-17 00:24:12: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :waggles its now-shiny feather at Kali in greeting.
2010-05-17 00:25:04: calliaphone: :gassps in delight. There he is!
2010-05-17 00:25:45: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : simpers at it. He then proceeds to vigerously try and shake it off.
2010-05-17 00:25:53: Unstable Kolojang: /me looks around while takind a deep breath. His eyes stop at Devon and he smiles. He also waves to the few people he met before and to the ones he din't.
2010-05-17 00:26:35: Unstable Kolojang: /me takes ones of Katt's paw. "So, we work on that barrel today?" He coughs a little, very pale a feverish.
2010-05-17 00:27:42: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :flails about in the air, feather grasping wildly. It manages to escape Kali's hand, and land backwards on his head. Its feather is still shaking as it settles.
2010-05-17 00:27:44: Devon: :keeps her eyes on Ko as he looks around and smiles. She honestly thinks that she should probably go looking for a doctor, but... something tells her it'd be best to stay here.
2010-05-17 00:27:54: Calico Katt: /me gives him a small smile and a nod. "Of course..."
2010-05-17 00:29:49: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : continues shaking for a moment before he realizes the relocation of the hat. He stares upwards thoughtfully at the brim.
2010-05-17 00:30:42: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :scratches its crown, and peers over its brim at...the back of Kali's head. It stares for a moment, then flips its feather around to peer over its brim at the man's face.
2010-05-17 00:30:51: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: :, coming to the realization that hats are rather more difficult to wear upside-down, attempts to meander towards his backpack with exaggerated care, balancing it on his head.
2010-05-17 00:34:21: Unstable Kolojang: /me slowly stands up, leaning on the barrel. He sits on it, trying to find his breathe, "Well, let's go. No sense in doing it tomorow." He smiles at Katt, trying to look healthy.
2010-05-17 00:35:59: Calico Katt: Sit back down!
2010-05-17 00:37:29: Devon: :looks quietly at the two, seeming to be deep in thought for a moment. Finally, she says quietly, "...No. Let him."
2010-05-17 00:37:38: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :glances around, then flails its feather briefly, before getting it stuck to its band. The molasses on the feather finds the molasses on the band, and it all enjoys a lovely reunion.
2010-05-17 00:39:11: Calico Katt: /me stares at Devon. "What?"
2010-05-17 00:40:18: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : decides that this method of getting around simply isn't working for him. Carefully, and doing his best to avoid molasses, he reaches up and attempts to right the sticky mess of chapeau.
2010-05-17 00:42:28: Devon: :is looking at Ko as she says this. Her tone is very oddly quiet. "If he thinks he should do it... then let him. It's his decision."
2010-05-17 00:43:03: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :attempts to dodge Kali's hand, and only succeeds in falling over onto his shoulder, and no further. Its feather is sandwiched between crown and shoulder. It looks like it's trying to sigh.
2010-05-17 00:44:19: Calico Katt: /me nods. "If you say so..." She slowly gets up and walks over to help.
2010-05-17 00:46:35: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: :, who has the benefit of lungs, does more than enough sighing for both of them. He takes advantage of the hat's immobility to seize it (again).
2010-05-17 00:47:09: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : then spends an entertaining few moments discovering that it is now molasses'd to his hair.
2010-05-17 00:47:47: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :attempts to peer around its crown at Kali, but alas, its feather is stuck to its band. In fact, it's managed to spread the molasses across most of its crown and brim, along with little bits of metal.
2010-05-17 00:48:39: Unstable Kolojang: /me leans on Katt, being cautious not to touch her wings. "So, let's find us some crate." He starts shuffling toward the gate, smiling weakly.
2010-05-17 00:50:09: Calico Katt: /me nods, helping him stay upright. "Of course..."
2010-05-17 00:50:58: Dark Wizard Valtarshol: What the hell is going on?
2010-05-17 00:51:24: Devon: :stands and walks after them until she's walking beside them. "I'm going to tag along." "Whether you mind or not," was the subtext.
2010-05-17 00:52:12: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : has finally discovred the presence of the metal, particularly its sharp, rusted quality. He scrabbles to get the mess out of his hair with increasing desperation.
2010-05-17 00:52:59: Dark Wizard Valtarshol: Does anyone activeley need help?
2010-05-17 00:53:28: Calico Katt: /me looks over at Devon and gives her a thankful smile.
2010-05-17 00:55:06: Devon: :simply nods in return. She says nothing else, and her expression says nothing about what she's feeling.
2010-05-17 00:55:20: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :finally manages to free its feather, and "assists" Kali in grabbing the metal bits out of his hair. This only serves to make things worse.
2010-05-17 00:57:39: Unstable Kolojang: /me and Katt walk out of NewHome. Ko seems to be regaining a certain amount of strenght. Being close to Katt always made him feel good.
2010-05-17 00:57:46: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : makes a noise that indicates his general disapproval of this development. It sounds a bit like a dog that's had its tail slammed in a door. He flails ineffectually.
2010-05-17 00:58:03: Dark Wizard Valtarshol: :makes a new lightning- chair and sits down to watch the antics taking place. He notices that something smells like molasses.
2010-05-17 00:58:52: calliaphone: :tries to explain to Valtarshol what, exactly, is going on. she says, "well so thatblokefelldown andtheywashelpinghim andnowthoseothertwo aregettingallovermolasses!"
2010-05-17 00:59:11: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :struggles against the flailing, and finally ends up right-side-up, facing forward, on Kali's head, the molasses-mess hair hidden beneath the molasses-mess hat. It stares for a moment.
2010-05-17 00:59:39: calliaphone: :thinks it is molasses, at any rate. meh, molasses, engine oil, it's all good.
2010-05-17 01:00:10: Dark Wizard Valtarshol: Well, that explains why it smells of molasses... but why was it there?
2010-05-17 01:01:19: Dark Wizard Valtarshol: Think they need help?
2010-05-17 01:01:54: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: :, too, stares thoughtfully into the middle distance. After a moment in which nothing else terribly ridiculous happens, he releases a held breath and smiles sheepishly at the hat epoxied to his skull.
2010-05-17 01:02:23: calliaphone: :looks at Valtarshol blankly. "why?" this is not a question that occurs to her often. "uhmm..."
2010-05-17 01:02:49: Devon: /me follows after Ko and Katt.
2010-05-17 01:03:18: calliaphone: :does not think that a person, or a hat, which is covered in molasses, could require anything much. except perhaps the opportunity to appreciate its condition.
2010-05-17 01:04:23: Dark Wizard Valtarshol: Well, I could make a molasses eating acid... Whadaya think?
2010-05-17 01:05:10: calliaphone: :blinks. "uhh, best not i think." Noooo don't let an acid eat the molasses! the WASTE!
2010-05-17 01:06:37: Dark Wizard Valtarshol: Well, I don't know what else could help, really... hmm. Sugestions?
2010-05-17 01:08:06: calliaphone: :smiles. "have a marshmallow" she suggests, and offers one to Valtarshol. she thinks Kali and Teh should probably work out their molasses thing without third party involvement.
2010-05-17 01:09:31: Dark Wizard Valtarshol: Thanks. Want a portrait? It's free today. Well, it's almost always free.
2010-05-17 01:10:28: calliaphone: :knows (has heard) that Relationships Are Complicated, you see. Especially in the early stages.
2010-05-17 01:10:44: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :glances over its brim to regard Kali curiously, unmindful of the bits of metal still stuck to its feather.
2010-05-17 01:11:55: calliaphone: :smiles at Valtarshol. "who's it of?"
2010-05-17 01:12:37: Dark Wizard Valtarshol: You, once I draw it.
2010-05-17 01:13:21: calliaphone: :gasps. "you have a picture of me! in the future! what will i look like?"
2010-05-17 01:15:09: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: :, as silly things continue not to happen, offers it a smile that is a bit more relaxed. He carefully ambles over to his abandoned backpack, behind the building.
2010-05-17 01:15:10: Dark Wizard Valtarshol: :draws a picture with his finger( which is a pencil) while using his magic to see the future. "That."
2010-05-17 01:17:21: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :disappears behind the building with Dali, feather stretching slightly to peer curiously at Valtar Pencilfinger.
2010-05-17 01:18:39: Contestant Svergon: /me mumbles, "Whose sight is keener than the bladed eye?"
2010-05-17 01:18:49: calliaphone: :stares at the picture. which is in shades of grey, on account of being in pencil. she looks a trifle disappointed to discover her plaits will not always be pink.
2010-05-17 01:19:43: : From behind the building emerges the sound of metal being roughly pried apart and packed away, as well as some creative if rather garbled commentary on the metal's ancestry.
2010-05-17 01:19:51: calliaphone: :leeeeans out of her card to see where Teh and Dali are going. But they've vanished! damn, there go her hopes of molasses for tea.
2010-05-17 01:20:56: calliaphone: :whistles to a passing gremlin, who obligingly accepts her "d" and swaps it for a "t" from under his hat. then she leeeans again, out of her cart this time. she frowns at the noises.
2010-05-17 01:22:44: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : emerges a short while later, having sucessfully disassembled his imprompteau hat-trap. Carefully held under one arm is a pile of charts, and a battered biography of someone named "Buster Keaton".
2010-05-17 01:24:11: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :is still scratching its crown about what that contraption was. It seems almost dazed, and covered in molasses. Well, doesn't seem covered in molasses, as much as..well...is covered...
2010-05-17 01:24:29: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : reflects that he should really know better than to try and make plans on the Island. Shouldering his now-lighter backpack, he shuffles Junglewards in search of a solvent for the molasses.
2010-05-17 01:26:30: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :waves farewell to calli as it's taken out of the outpost. On Dali's head.
2010-05-17 01:26:34: calliaphone: :looks indulgently at Teh and Kali, and apologetically at Valtarshol. "i - ahh, that's a very good picture!" she says, glossing over the lack of pink. perfection comes with practise, after all.

Act 3: The Victoria Compound, The Disappointing Reveal

2010-05-17 01:45:29: KK Victoria: :is sitting, watching the fire. His claws are currently set in a shoot of sugar cane, and he is busy prying it apart. No point, really. He's going to eat the whole thing anyway.
2010-05-17 01:48:53: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: :, finally regaining some sense of propriety as he recalls exactly how huge the man he's about to see is, offers a polite knock on the doorframe before daring to enter.
2010-05-17 01:49:46: KK Victoria: :sets the shoot in his mouth, crunching all the way through like it were a pickle. "No tea." He comments. "Thank. Am fine."
2010-05-17 01:49:55: KK Victoria: :hasn't looked away from the fire.
2010-05-17 01:52:03: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : clears his throat meaningfully. ".... slants away from brownian. This one satchels hollowed chapeau." He decides to risk shuffling inwards a bit.
2010-05-17 01:54:23: KK Victoria: :looks over his shoulder. His eyes brighten a little when he sees it is Kalistrix. "Hello." He says, standing up and holding out a hand to shake. "Can see?"
2010-05-17 01:55:44: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : nods, smiling relievedly, and accepts the hand. He seems to believe that handshakes involve attempting to grind the hand of the other party into paste. This is predictably ineffective.
2010-05-17 01:56:55: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : says "Pleasant missives. Geas is stilled..." a small wince. "...fractions."
2010-05-17 01:57:40: KK Victoria: :predictably doesn't notice a thing. "What wrong?"
2010-05-17 01:59:47: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : retrieves his hand. "Couldn't scope verdance for chapeau, or guilder for tops. Shifted titches... scaled..." He simpers. "...off, slantways?"
2010-05-17 02:04:26: KK Victoria: :blinks. "So..." He urges. "Did ask sugar-hyper bowler purple woman?"
2010-05-17 02:07:11: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : blinks as well, his stare going slightly distand. He groans quietly. "Whirlwind roofed with azure, last tick we came grips. Didn't conjure...." He slowly begins to turn a peculiar shade of pink.
2010-05-17 02:08:05: KK Victoria: :'s face falls a little. "No sugar hyper." He concludes. "What hat get?"
2010-05-17 02:09:19: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : winces a bit. "....uh," he says concisely. Then, not trusting himself to be able to explain properly, he simply reaches into an overlarge pocket and produces the hat with a sheepish grin.
2010-05-17 02:10:06: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :stretches its feather as it slowly comes back around to consciousness from its nap. It freezes, and turns its feather to take in its surroundings, then itself. It's painted camouflage.
2010-05-17 02:11:56: KK Victoria: :looks at the hat, then to Kali. Back at the hat. Then to his sugarcane which is dripping all over his fingers, then back at Kali. His look is distinctly not amused.
2010-05-17 02:14:04: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : smiles weakly. "... n-not... not topside, this one scopes?" He quietly begins to wonder if the hastily scratched will in his backpack will be readable by anyone.
2010-05-17 02:15:28: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :waggles its feather at Kai as it finally wakes up enough to recognize him, then glances around again, and scratches its crown.
2010-05-17 02:16:10: KK Victoria: :doesn't quite know who to accuse. Kali of bringing him the wrong thing, or Teh for being the wrong thing.
2010-05-17 02:17:19: KK Victoria: :is lost at the thought for a moment, then exclaims, "Gave pineapple!" As if that actually means anything in this situation.
2010-05-17 02:17:55: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :looks at Kai, then Kali, then Kai, then Kali, then scratches its crown again in confusion before producing its sign. "Alright...I'
2010-05-17 02:18:09: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: :, with keen insight for the way things are going, does his best to look put upon by this very silly hat.
2010-05-17 02:18:27: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :continues, ignoring the gremlin. "I'm lost here, can someone explain what just happened?"
2010-05-17 02:19:08: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : then considers that maybe these two already know each other, and stops in considerable hurry. "T-this one still satchels spinefruit, if...?"
2010-05-17 02:21:43: KK Victoria: :doesn't know what's going on either. "Teh, you not bowler. You fedora." He looks to Kali, "Spinefruit said Bowler!"
2010-05-17 02:24:07: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :flips its sign around. "Thank you. We've now passed Millinery 101. So...why am I painted camouflage? And...erm...a pineapple said bowler?" It seems rather confused.
2010-05-17 02:24:13: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : 's own confusion suggests that things are rapidly approaching a bewildermend singularity. "...was sigiled?" He waves a hand in front of his eyes. "Can't scope shaves, too misted for fine!"
2010-05-17 02:27:08: KK Victoria: :gives a flat look to Teh, "Yes." Symbolically.
2010-05-17 02:28:58: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :nods its feather slowly to Kai, then gives another quick look around. "Lovely place you got here. Hey, is that a tea service?" It stows its sign and hops off Dali's hand to scoot over to the cart
2010-05-17 02:30:50: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : makes a half-hearted snatch for the hat, quickly surpressed by memories of the last time he tried that. He gives Kai what may be the single most apologetic look ever produced by a human face.
2010-05-17 02:30:57: KK Victoria: :frowns, "Is empty." He responds.
2010-05-17 02:32:17: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :'s feather droops and it stops, about halfway across the parlor. It glances about again, and scuttles over to another wall, to climb up one of the chairs and peer at the chess set.
2010-05-17 02:36:51: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : clears his throat again quietly, if only to drown out the ticking of the grandfather clock he is slowly becoming convinced is mocking him. "...this one with roundabouts sunrise, slant?"
2010-05-17 02:38:26: KK Victoria: :'s grandfather clock mocks everyone.
2010-05-17 02:39:03: KK Victoria: :sighs, rubbing his forehead. "Find sugar lady."
2010-05-17 02:40:08: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :shuffles onto the table to get a better look at the chess pieces, studiously avoiding the hourglass that looks like it might fall at any moment.
2010-05-17 02:40:58: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : nods weakly. "Whirlwind tanks top pole. Will parcel ceiling." He glances nervously at the garishly green fedora. "Chapeau bound whenceforth?"
2010-05-17 02:42:06: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :grabs one of the pawns and moves it forward two spaces, then studies the board, and does the same for another.
2010-05-17 02:43:53: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :studies the board, has a good think, and starts playing. Against himself. It's a poorly-played game on both sides, with reckless risks and badly-timed Castling. Pieces start lining up on the side.
2010-05-17 02:44:54: KK Victoria: :watches Teh for a moment, then back at Kali. "Sugar lady." He repeats. "Purple. Mess? Hyper? Cat-Town. Pile of thing."
2010-05-17 02:46:17: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :studies the board. Just a Knight, Rook, Bishop, Queen and knight remain. It moves the Rook, and studies the board one last time. It scratches its crown.
2010-05-17 02:47:23: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :moves the Knight, and looks at the board for a few moments, before producing its sign. "HA! Checkmate!" Unfortunately, it taps the hourglass just the slightest bit at this, and it tips.
2010-05-17 02:48:17: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : nods, shaking off the distraction from the most intense game of speed chess he's yet seen. "Spinefruit won't dust. This one will scramble back in stretch."
2010-05-17 02:48:29: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :dives off the table, and manages to get under the hourglass before it lands, saving it with its crown. It glances around, trying to make sure no one saw that.
2010-05-17 02:49:11: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : makes a quiet, strangled, deeply horrified noise as he stares at the hat.
2010-05-17 02:49:24: KK Victoria: :nods. "Yes." His eyes haven't left Teh. That chessboard was handmade...
2010-05-17 02:50:16: KK Victoria: :did indeed see that. His eye twitches a little. He looks back at Kali.
2010-05-17 02:50:50: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :sees both pairs of eyes in the room focused on it, and its feather shakes as if chuckling nervously. If it could be said that a hat can look sheepish, then that wouldn't come close to Teh right now.
2010-05-17 02:50:53: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : wheezes quietly. "...nngh. P-pleasant missives!" He is slowly making a habit of charging around at full tilt when around the Compound. This sprint is a particularly fine example.
2010-05-17 02:54:02: KK Victoria: :blinks, "Wait!" He calls back. "This," He points to Teh. "Will break. Vacate prior."
2010-05-17 02:55:48: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :wouldn't dare break a thing! Nope! That hourglass? Safely back on the table, the chess pieces are back in order, and Teh is sitting amidst them, looking as innocent as possible.
2010-05-17 02:56:42: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : pokes his head back into the room, quietly hoping his screetching halt didn't scuff the floor. "Ah. T-tops." He shuffles back in, and gives the hat a pleading look.
2010-05-17 02:57:20: KK Victoria: :knows that those at GERM give their agents workshops on how to look as innocent as possible. Little do they know it is indicative that they have been doing something wrong!
2010-05-17 02:57:47: KK Victoria: :is wise to their tactics!
2010-05-17 02:58:09: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :never got invited to any of those workshops. Or it was playing truant at the time. Either way, it offers a shrug of its feather to Kali.
2010-05-17 03:00:19: Contestant Kalistrix Dali: : edges over, carefully seizes hold of the hat, and then flat-out bolts before the powerful forces of slapstick can take hold.
2010-05-17 03:01:06: Jaunty Fedora Teh: :waves its feather in farewell to Kai as it passes, managing to not damage anything.

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