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The Cheshire Cats have always been a proud race. The first one, Sir Martinmire Cheshire, was a rambunctious young cat, causing a bit of a stress when he showed himself in front of the Egyptians. They began worshiping him, and he left shortly thereafter, completely creeped out and dismayed that humans would worship a cat. However, as they did so, more and more individuals came to learn of his powers and abilities, and the Cheshire Cats began to multiply. One score later, and Martinmire had to deal with forty others, who were all derivations of himself. Each one had its own name, none of which were shared beyond Marty's, since the calling of the Cat's name could summon it to wherever it was desired.

Number forty-two, made by a few foolish monks in Scotland, who had too much of some sacrimental wine, and began acting like pagans, was made early on in some religious expansions. Martinmire grew weary of having to deal with all his brothers and sisters, and soon left, never to be seen again.

To date, there are fourty-four Cheshires, with three1)2) currently living on the Island.

Notable Traits

*The Cheshires all have some level of control over space and illusions. Time is the domain of the Hares.

*The Cheshires are not allowed to reproduce, and any such action shall result in death of child or parent. The Hares enforce this rule upon the Cheshires, and the Cheshires enforce a similar rule on the Hares.

*Female Cheshires have a high probability of giving birth to other Cheshires. Males have a much lower probability.

*They are sometimes mistaken for Tortoiseshell Cats.

*May be insane.

Notable Cheshires

1) Of the kind using the above background
2) Perhaps only two, at this juncture
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