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How to Speak to Other Contestants

Some contestants have become so infused with improbability that their very words seem to take on visible colours in the air. Rumour suggests that the bartender at The Raven Inn can provide you with an overview of how to perform similar feats yourself, but be aware that you are doing so at the risk of becoming yourself prematurely infused with improbability.1)

In general terms, you can mimic these feats of coloured speech by using a ` code2) in front of your words. For example:

  • `1 turns your words dark blue.
  • `2 turns your words dark green.
  • `3 turns your words bright maraca.
  • And so on.

`1 `! `2 `@ `3 `# `4 `$ `5 `% `6 `^ `7 `& `8 `* `( `e `E `g `k `K `l `L `m `M `q `Q `R `t `T `v `V `x `X `y `Y are are all of the combinations of codes currently discovered. 3)

If you have not stumbled upon the Raven Inn in the jungle yet, or if your budget horse has not led you there, you can experiment with various ` and letter/number combinations to see what colours result.4)5)6) You can practice your newfound eyeball bleeding colour powers here.

How to Perform Actions

Use : in front of your post to make it become an 'action' in a conversation. You can also combine this with a colour code so that your very actions shimmer with colour and light as you perform them in the city square. 7)8) If you aren't ready to be too flashy yet, `& matches the action color and `# is the default speech color.

1) This is generally considered to be a Very Bad Thing. Oh, and your contestant insurance policy does not cover improbability damage.
2) That's the 'grave' key next to the '1' key on your keyboard.
3) `b, `i, `n work in bios, but not chat.
4) And, yes, you can indeed use multiple codes in a single breath.
5) And if you peer behind the correct curtain, you may find more codes hidden there.
6) You can also check the HELP link under your text input ;D
7) The flashier, the better. Remember: The Watcher is watching.
8) So are the rest of us, and mere mortal eyeballs cannot withstand some color schemes. Remember this as well.
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