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This weekend party was organized1) on extremely short notice by members of <DICE> clan,2) in order to win a partly burned candle.

The location was the Common Ground. The theme was COME AS YOU AREN'T - that is, come as another contestant. Or a favorite monster, though few of the guests chose that option.

There was a COME AS YOU AREN'T Guest Register in Sessine's shack in NewHome. Guests who signed the register became eligible to win one of three big door prizes of Donator Points.3)

Sessine wandered the grounds offering to do Tarot readings, but had only a couple of takers.

On Sunday, KK Victoria cooked breakfast for all comers.4)5)6)

A Karaoke Contest provided hilarity and no little astonishment7).

And, on both days, certain notable Island veterans8)9) were hauled up on stage and required to name a service to be auctioned off.

1) Insofar as anything about it could be said to be organized..
2) Who are all quite, quite mad.
3) The drawings of the winners' names were, quite logically, done from a bag of miniature doors.
4) Except himself.
5) He forgot.
6) Even if he remembered, he wouldn't have eaten.
8) I'm still bitter about not being auctioned off!
9) We would've auctioned everyone, but there wasn't enough time. Besides, we're not made of money.
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