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The Dead Parrot Society

The 5th biggest Clan on Improbable Island1), headed up by the Unpossible Agrajag. Also known as the Norwegian Blues2), they have an ever expanding number3) of main weapons, at least one of which is fear.4) Another may or may not be surprise.5)

In case you've not noticed yet, this clan seems to be obsessed with the dry humor6) that made Monty Python's Flying Circus famous. Any rumour7)8) regarding their initiation ceremony (in which they may or may not be smote with a halibut sword) or the mandate that members must flee from the Count of Monty Python while shouting "Run away, run away!" is, in fact, an outright lie.

Notable Members
  • Agrajag. Clan leader, organizer and member with most trips to see Horatio. Has surpassed Improbable and become Unpossible. Known to be a hard man to see.
  • Me. Because I'm a ninja, and I'm everywhere
1) Or, if you'd prefer, the 22nd smallest.
2) Complete with Beautiful Plumage, though most of them are alive.
3) Initially two.
4) Also a preponderance of fish-based melee weapons
5) Surprise!
6) Humour, for those of you who write in the Queen's English.
7) There, is that better?
8) Well, it certainly isn't butter
9) I only wish.
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