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We told you not to click, you poor, poor fool. 1)

1. You are playing the game. 2)

2. If you remember the game, you lose it. 3)

3. You get half an hour to forget it after you lose it. 4)

4. When you lose it, you must announce this to everyone in earshot. 5)

5. You have to explain the game to anyone stupid enough to ask about it after this announcement. 6) 7) 8)

6. The objective of the game is to forget about it. 9)

In conclusion, YOU LOST THE GAME. Get used to it. 10)11)12)13)14)

1) You should've listened. We were trying to save you.
2) Sucks to be you.
3) And you will remember it regularly, believe us.
4) Well, depends on the variant. 10 to 30 minutes is normal. Some people have to take almost 4 hours to forget.
5) And not by whispering. Loudly.
6) Some people with kind hearts tell them they don't want to know. This is cheating and punishable by death.
7) or cake?
8) No, not this time. Just death.
9) Permanently, if possible.
10) The XKCD webcomic has a countermeme, if you can find it.
12) You can't win the game, dipshit. EVER.
13) There's also a filter on the forums which changes "lost the game" to "won twenty dollars and your self respect".
14) Didn't the game end when Prince Charles publicly announced that everyone listening to him had lost and that "The Game" is now over?
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