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The Gauntlet is the domain of the greatest warriors on the Island and a major training ground for contestants of all skill levels. Here, a contestant with sufficient money and charm can gain admittance past the surly doorman. A visit here will put you through the most unimaginable torture of training and pain, but will lead to greater strength in the field. While it is guaranteed that you will increase your strength, the effects of improbability can vary the amount between 2 and 5 hit points.

You may only visit once a day and the cost is as follows:

  • Up to 2 jungle fights due to the extreme exhaustion you will feel at the completion of the training.
  • 250 req.1)
  • Up to 5 charm points. 2)3)
  • You also take some damage. If the damage is enough to kill you, then they steal your bank card, take all your money, and dump you in the FailBoat.

The Gauntlet is generally recognized to be a bad deal for newbies, because monster health scales with yours, or something. Caveat emptor.

1) These hardcore soldier types have families to feed, you know.
2) What? You think bruises, cuts, and sucking chest wounds are attractive?
3) Hell yes, I do!
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