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The Giant Tattoo Mutant is a improbable monster added for Season 1 that attacks with its Slobbering Maws.1) Rumored to be a three-headed beast, this monster has a devastating attack level - unless you are strong and healed, your best bet is to run, run like a little bed-wetter. The Giant Tattoo Mutant is either harmed by or attracted by Tattoos, but no one can remember which while editing this wiki page. If you're desperate for a tattoo, try Improbable Central. Look for it in the jungle near major Outposts.

Typically contestants will hear the Tattoo Mutant's approach and will have time to run away. if you decide to fight it, expect to take major damage. But if you do manage to kill it, the thousands2) of experience points you earn may be worth the effort.

Years ago, a non-giant version of the Tattoo Monster was seen stomping around in cities across the island, attacking contestants while they slept and generally causing mayhem. This particular version was covered in tattoos, like his larger cousin, but many of them appeared to have been drawn in marker. He could also be identified by the adorable hedgehog he carried around wherever he traveled.

1) The other major monsters are the Mighty Magpie and the Psychedelic Mushroom of Eternal Chaos.
2) Yes, thousands. Sometimes.
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