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[09/28 06:47pm] <DICE> Sessine is sitting idly beside a tree. Has he been there for a while? Perhaps. He is certainly quite present now.

[09/28 06:49pm] <DICE> Zolotisty drowses next to him - or more rightly, half on him, with the sloppy way she's leaning. She is listening very closely to the sound of him, because at least that has remained constant.

[09/28 06:51pm] <DICE> Sessine has an arm draped protectively over her shoulder.

[09/28 06:53pm] Rookie Binjali appears in a puff of New Day freshness, her arms full of mint green cushions. She dashes over to where there are several unused crates- about across the way from Beeker's place, in fact.

[09/28 06:54pm] <DICE> Zolotisty turns her head at a sudden skittering of movement in her peripheral vision. She observes!

[09/28 06:55pm] Rookie Binjali tests a few crates, and finds a large one that is sturdy enough to satisfy her. She fusses over placing her cushions for a few minutes before dashing off towards the Cafe.

[09/28 06:56pm] Rookie Binjali dashes back out with a bottle of water and puts it to the side of her cushion setup, on a bare corner of the crate.

[09/28 06:57pm] Rookie Binjali can't stand still, even though it seems her preparations are now complete. She fidgets from side to side, testing and re-testing the crate.

[09/28 06:57pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron enters the outpose. His backpack is full of crate goodies, but the trip to eBoy's can wait. It looks like something interesting is happening.

[09/28 06:58pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron Nods to the modocracy, Zolotisty and Count Sessine.

[09/28 06:59pm] Deputy Beeker padpadpads into town. He must have brushed outside of town, he's looking all sleek and freshly braided. He waves to the assembled and looks around.

[09/28 06:59pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron smiles at you-know-who.

[09/28 07:00pm] <DICE> Sessine lifts his head, following Zolotisty's shift of attention. Binjali.. what's she preparing for?

[09/28 07:00pm] <DICE> Zolotisty nods to Pinche and Beeker.

[09/28 07:00pm] Rookie Binjali looks up from her fussing for a minute and sees Pinche. Her panicked expression eases, and a little smile shows up instead. She waves.

[09/28 07:01pm] Deputy Beeker heads over to his crate-house, which seems to be a perfect place to sit! He climbs up and settles on the cushion.

[09/28 07:02pm] Rookie Binjali sees Beeker come in behind Pinche, and smiles at him, too. Her posture seems to relax a bit.

[09/28 07:02pm] <DICE> Sessine observes Binjali with a friendly smile.

[09/28 07:03pm] Rookie Binjali hasn't looked at the trees. You'd think she'd learn better after so long in the jungle, but she's a bit preoccupied, and in town besides, so she doesn't think to look.

[09/28 07:09pm] Deputy Beeker flops his arms over the edge of his crate house and lays his chin on the pillow.

[09/28 07:09pm] <DICE> Ebenezer stumbles into the Outpost, brushing his shoulders and picking bits of twigs, leaves, and jungle insects off of himself. He straightens his shirt, then straightens his spectacles.

[09/28 07:09pm] Rookie Binjali is still fussing, pretending that she isn't ready yet. She's nervous, and also not everyone she sent an invitation to has shown up yet. . .

[09/28 07:10pm] <DICE> Ebenezer lets his eyes drift around, taking note of the crowd. He sidles Beekerwards as he gives a general sort of wave to everyone.

[09/28 07:10pm] <DICE> Zolotisty tilts her head back to look Sessine in the chin. She clears her throat and murmurs something soft and questioning. Probably about whether he'd like to move nearer, or whether he can hear.

[09/28 07:11pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron looks at Beeker, as if to ask, is there any room on the crate house?

[09/28 07:13pm] Rookie Binjali looks around, taking tally. Yes, yes, yes. . .she catches movement out of the corner of her eye and looks under the trees. Oh. Of course she wouldn't miss this. No more excuses available then.

[09/28 07:14pm] Deputy Beeker has lots of room on, in, and around his crate house, though he doesn't know Pinche is eyeing it! He lifts one of his dangly arms and waves a little to Ebenezer and grins at him.

[09/28 07:14pm] Contestant Deviant Logic notices the gathering crowd in passing, and stops to look as he sees some familiar faces. Glancing about briefly, he finds a tree nearby to lean on, watching with interest.

[09/28 07:15pm] <DICE> Sessine nods. Closer would be good. Don't want to miss any of it. They get up and resettle. He shoots Binjali an encouraging glance.

[09/28 07:16pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer skips into town. Tra la la!

[09/28 07:17pm] Deputy Beeker shoos away the formatting gremlin lazily. "Oh! Sure, help yourself!" He scoots over a little to make more room on one side, though there was plenty before.

[09/28 07:18pm] <DICE> Ebenezer gives a quiet, "Good to see you Beeker, Pinche." After giving both men a nod, he sits on the ground, leaning his back against Beeker's crate-house.

[09/28 07:18pm] Rookie Binjali shrugs off her backpack and leans it against 'her' crate. She rummages through it, bringing out a slightly battered clipboard with about a quarter inch of white paper clipped to it.

[09/28 07:19pm] Deputy Beeker lifts an arm and doffs his top hat to Escemfer, grinning to her. He replaces his hat and resumes his floppy position.

[09/28 07:19pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron thanks Beeker, then waves Escemfer over to join them.

[09/28 07:19pm] Deputy Beeker reaches down and pats Ebenezer on the shoulder.

[09/28 07:20pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer waves to everyone. Hmm, it looks like something's happening! And everyone's watching. She wants to watch too! Can she? Yes she can. She makes herself a spot up on a tree branch.

[09/28 07:20pm] <DICE> Ebenezer silently waves to Escemfer, trying to encourage her to come and have a seat nearby. His gesturing, however, is very vague and might be hard to make out.

[09/28 07:21pm] <DICE> Ebenezer flinches! Oh, it's just Beeker. He tilts his head back to squint his eyes at the Kittymorph. Kittymorphs? Pinche's up there too, after all.

[09/28 07:21pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer hmms. Well, alright! She snaps off a twig of leaves and hops down, making her way over to Ebenezer's lap. Flop, cuddle.

[09/28 07:22pm] Rookie Binjali sits on her crate and looks around. Oh, boy. Somehow, it hadn't seemed like so many when she'd issued the invitation. Too late now. She takes a deep breath. "Hello, everybody."

[09/28 07:23pm] Deputy Beeker grins to Binjali. "Hullo, Binjali!"

[09/28 07:23pm] <DICE> Zolotisty is agreeable. "Hullo."

[09/28 07:23pm] Rookie Binjali continues, "In case you don't know, I'm going to be telling a story."

[09/28 07:24pm] <QQQ> Baroness von Cyndicate leans against the side of the Clan Hall and watches these proceedings with detached interest.

[09/28 07:24pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer chirps, "Hi, Binjali! Oooh, a story?" She wiggles a little, excitedly. A story!

[09/28 07:25pm] Rookie Binjali grins at the two Kittymorphs and nods to Z.

[09/28 07:25pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron smiles and waits patiently for the story. This is going to be good.

[09/28 07:26pm] <DICE> Ebenezer scratches behind Escemfer's ears. A story? Well, this will be interesting!

[09/28 07:26pm] <DICE> Sessine loves stories.

[09/28 07:26pm] Rookie Binjali winces slightly as she says, "I warn you, I'm a complete amateur. I haven't written a story since freshman English class, and I haven't given a speech of any kind in nearly that long. That said. . ."

[09/28 07:27pm] Contestant Deviant Logic perks up at that. A story? He pulls off his baseball cap, eyeing it dubiously, before flipping it inside out. He puts his now-beret back on, tilting it properly for artistic appreciation.

[09/28 07:27pm] <QQQ> Baroness von Cyndicate says, "Oh, do not worry, ja? I am sure it will entertain us all."

[09/28 07:27pm] Rookie Binjali says, "There was once a cat. He was a well-loved cat, given plenty of attention and food by his family, a human couple. The three of them lived in a small house."

[09/28 07:28pm] Deputy Beeker grins. Ooh!

[09/28 07:28pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The cat was never allowed outside, but that didn't matter to him. He loved his territory and his people and his food, and was content."

[09/28 07:28pm] <DICE> Zolotisty is listening, as she does best.

[09/28 07:29pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer listens! It's a story about a cat! Cats are always worthy of stories, so this one is sure to be good.

[09/28 07:30pm] Rookie Binjali isn't looking at the audience, instead keeping her eyes on her clipboard as if it holds the meaning of life.

[09/28 07:30pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip walks out of the comm grounds, and spots Es and Eb, noticing their new clan badges. he smiles, and waves to them both, sitting to the side. someones telling a tale!

[09/28 07:30pm] <QQQ> Baroness von Cyndicate wonders how cats and humans can be in the same family without extensive genetic engineering assistance, but holds her tongue.

[09/28 07:31pm] Rookie Binjali says, "One day, in early summer, Mother had opened the window to let the first sweet wind of the season blow through the house."

[09/28 07:31pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer waves to Neeip, smiling brightly. He will surely appreciate a story about a cat.

[09/28 07:32pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The cat was making his usual rounds when he jumped up on the windowsill to get a sniff."

[09/28 07:32pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip will, for as much as he likes being a harman, he enjoyed his Kat times. . .

[09/28 07:32pm] <DICE> Ebenezer likes this story already. He had a cat. He likes cats. Cat stories are Very Good Things.

[09/28 07:34pm] Rookie Binjali says, "It all smelled as it should, except. . .there was a different smell, in the outside bouquet, that he wasn't used to. It was a glorious smell."

[09/28 07:35pm] <DICE> Zolotisty resettles against Sessine. She smiles faintly at the word glorious -- where is Kai?

[09/28 07:35pm] Rookie Binjali says, "It was so tantalizing, so thrilling, that the cat stayed on the windowsill breathing it in all the way through dinner."

[09/28 07:35pm] Rookie Binjali says, "In fact, he didn't leave the windowsill until Mother came by to close the window and shooed him off of it. "What's that Smell?" he demanded."

[09/28 07:36pm] <DICE> Ebenezer double-takes at Neeip (human again) before giving him a little wave. He then gives his attention back to Binjali.

[09/28 07:36pm] Rookie Binjali says, ""I don't know what smell you're talking about," Mother said. She had a cold, and was human besides, so she couldn't tell him what the smell was."

[09/28 07:36pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The cat swished his tail, and went to bed dissatisfied."

[09/28 07:37pm] Rookie Binjali stops for a moment to uncap a water bottle from the Cool Springs Cafe and sip from it. She looks out over her audience.

[09/28 07:38pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip smiles back to Eb, and turns to Binjali, listening intently

[09/28 07:38pm] Rookie Binjali does not immediately implode, explode, or die. She smiles at the ones she knows and continues.

[09/28 07:38pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer is attentive! What is the wonderful smell? Are there fish outside? Or female cats? She is in suspense!

[09/28 07:38pm] <QQQ> Baroness von Cyndicate didn't even realize that humans had a sense of smell at all . . . she thought they were just making it up.

[09/28 07:39pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron knows that midgets smell, but whether that counts as a sense, he isn't sure.

[09/28 07:40pm] Contestant Deviant Logic smiles encouragingly at Binjali. He wants to see what the cat does next!

[09/28 07:40pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The next day, the cat went to the window again, but the smell had disappeared overnight. He sat in the window all day waiting for the smell to come by again, but it didn't show."

[09/28 07:40pm] Deputy Beeker grins encouragingly at Binjali.

[09/28 07:41pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer 's ears flick back in sorrow. Oh no! The smell went away!

[09/28 07:41pm] <DICE> Ebenezer pats Escemfer to let her know that it will be alright.

[09/28 07:41pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The day after that, he tried to do all of the things that he loved, but they all palled in comparison to the glory of the smell. He was no longer content."

[09/28 07:41pm] <QQQ> Baroness von Cyndicate murmurs, "There is a tide in the affairs of cats, that taken at the flood leads to good fortune. . ."

[09/28 07:43pm] Rookie Binjali looks up and around again. When she looks down, she fumbles for a moment, finding her place. "Ah. . .He was no longer content. There was something in the world that he did not know."

[09/28 07:44pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The next few days stretched much unpleasantly longer than usual for the cat, who was not used to counting time at all. Then it was laundry day."

[09/28 07:45pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Mother balanced a large basket full of clothes on her hip and walked from the laundry room to the hall that led to the back door. The cat followed with interest. He knew what came next."

[09/28 07:45pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer thinks that the story has gotten very sad. She is an active listener in stories. The cat will never find out about the smell now!

[09/28 07:45pm] <DICE> Zolotisty winces. Oh no laundry day!

[09/28 07:46pm] <QQQ> Baroness von Cyndicate used to Have Someone just to take care of laundry. Every day was laundry day.

[09/28 07:46pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Mother maneuvered herself sideways in the hall and awkwardly opened the door. The cat, who had been watching closely and was right on her heels, zipped through the widening gap."

[09/28 07:47pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer wonders why Mother does the cat's laundry. Cats don't need clothes! He must be very spoiled.

[09/28 07:48pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Mother had to take a moment to put the basket down, which was all the head start the cat needed. He ran."

[09/28 07:48pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer gasps!

[09/28 07:49pm] Rookie Binjali says, "He ran and paid no attention to Mother calling for him, because he had a mission. He had to find the source of the Smell."

[09/28 07:49pm] Contestant Deviant Logic claps very quietly, glee in his eyes at the telling of the magnificent escape.

[09/28 07:49pm] <QQQ> Baroness von Cyndicate says, "A young cat, on a mission of exploration in a hostile world . . . ja, that has series potential."

[09/28 07:50pm] Rookie Binjali says, "At first he ran in a straight line. The carpet out here was like no carpet he had ever felt, crisp and long and uneven. It had a unique, complex smell that seemed to be coming from underneath."

[09/28 07:50pm] Deputy Beeker 's eyes flick to the Baroness. He holds up a finger to his lips.

[09/28 07:51pm] <DICE> KK Victoria is quite glorious. Even as he trundles in to Cat-Town.

[09/28 07:51pm] Rookie Binjali says, "He took a whiff of it as he ran. It wasn't what he was looking for. He came upon a hiding place that seemed like it wouldn't catch tall human eyes, so he shot under it."

[09/28 07:51pm] <QQQ> Baroness von Cyndicate sticks out her tongue, but shuts up.

[09/28 07:52pm] <DICE> Zolotisty nods in greeting to Kai as she listens. Intrepid kitty.

[09/28 07:52pm] Rookie Binjali says, "It was prickly underneath. Small things went crunch and poked his soft paws, but he couldn't back out, because Mother's calls had gotten nearer."

[09/28 07:53pm] <DICE> KK Victoria flops. The thump is loud, and shakes the ground a little to those nearby. He likes stories.

[09/28 07:53pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip smiles and waves to KK, and turns back to Binjali as he tells the tale

[09/28 07:54pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer waves to KK as well. He's just in time to hear about the kitty's adventure!

[09/28 07:54pm] Deputy Beeker grins apologetically at the Baroness and returns his attention to Binjali.

[09/28 07:54pm] Rookie Binjali says, "So he kept going, rustling through the hiding place, even though he could feel things catching on his fur uncomfortably. The calls got sad, but the cat kept going, because cats have no guilt."

[09/28 07:56pm] <DICE> Ebenezer frowns a bit. Cats have no guilt? He gives a suspicious look to Escemfer, but reminds himself that this is just a story.

[09/28 07:56pm] Rookie Binjali stops again, this time to drink about a fourth of the water left in the bottle. This much talking is thirsty work. She stretches her neck, since it's complaining about being kept bent for so long.

[09/28 07:56pm] <DICE> Zolotisty gravely takes note of feline guiltlessness.

[09/28 07:56pm] When she begins again, the clipboard is not so firmly in her lap, and she flicks a glance out over the audience from time to time.

[09/28 07:57pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The hiding place with all of its prickles smelled strongly indeed, but nothing like the Smell. The cat kept going."

[09/28 07:58pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Soon, the cat came to a wall, which didn't have the Smell either, and so he walked along it for a while, still in the prickly hiding place."

[09/28 07:58pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer shakes her head. Cats are so bad sometimes. But not Kittymorphs!

[09/28 07:58pm] <DICE> Sessine grins briefly at KK, then turns his gaze back to Binjali. The cat must get away. It must have adventures!

[09/28 07:58pm] Rookie Binjali says, "He wasn't sure what to do, but he wouldn't give up so easily. He persevered. As he crawled through the hiding place along the wall, he came to a hole. He poked his nose through it."

[09/28 08:00pm] Rookie Binjali says, "His whiskers just brushed the edge, and he knew he could fit! So he scooted through."

[09/28 08:00pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Through the hole was a little more of the weird carpet, but the floor was mostly a new surface, hard and a little bit scratchy. The place was broad, and full of noise."

[09/28 08:01pm] Rookie Binjali says, "As his eyes adjusted, he saw large things moving just beyond the piece of floor he was on. Luckily none of them seemed to be coming towards him, and after a long moment or two, he relaxed."

[09/28 08:01pm] <QQQ> Baroness von Cyndicate thinks this doesn't bode well.

[09/28 08:02pm] Rookie Binjali says, "However, he didn't like the constant roars of the big things, and nothing was close to the Smell."

[09/28 08:02pm] Rookie Binjali says, "He walked along the piece of floor that seemed to be outside of the big thing's territory, sniffing everything he came across, but there was nothing with even a glimmer of the glory of the Smell."

[09/28 08:03pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The cat walked for a while, and then started to feel tired. He was overdue for a nap. He started looking around for a good place to stop as he walked."

[09/28 08:04pm] <DICE> KK Victoria is entranced by this story. He is gnawing on his finger-claw, waiting for the next part of the tale.

[09/28 08:04pm] Rookie Binjali says, "He came out out from some shade into the sunlight and felt it sink into his fur. The big things weren't running by here, so it was pretty quiet, and the floor was warm."

[09/28 08:04pm] <DICE> Zolotisty sinks down a little more, resettling again and half curling to rest her cheek against Sessine's side as she watches. This sounds like a city, to her, but she is not sure.

[09/28 08:05pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The cat sat, and blinked his eyes slowly. Yes, this was a good spot. He lay down and tucked his paws under him. Even though nothing smelled like home, it was still nice."

[09/28 08:05pm] Rookie Binjali says, "He fell asleep, although his ears kept twitching about to keep track of his surroundings, of course. Cats are not stupid."

[09/28 08:05pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer listens, her mind full of images of big roaring beasts and a spot of sunshine on the floor. Maybe if he asks the beasts for directions, they call tell him where the smell is!

[09/28 08:06pm] Rookie Binjali shifts to tuck her feet under her knees and sits crosslegged. She puts down the clipboard next to her on the crate, and stretches, twisting her upper half this way and that.

[09/28 08:07pm] Rookie Binjali reaches over and grabs her water bottle, draining it. Then she picks her clipboard back up and flips to the next page.

[09/28 08:08pm] Rookie Binjali says, "A short while later, he heard something coming and leapt to his feet, immediately awake. Approaching him was. . .a thing."

[09/28 08:08pm] Rookie Binjali says, "It wasn't a person, although it had a person with it. It was too large to be another cat. The moment it noticed the cat, it growled and made strange, rough noises."

[09/28 08:09pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The cat didn't know what it was, but he knew what that meant. He growled back as his fur stood on end. It kept coming. The cat hissed and arched his back, but the thing kept coming forward."

[09/28 08:09pm] Deputy Beeker 's ears twitch. A thing?

[09/28 08:09pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The cat got ready to fight, because cats have no fear!"

[09/28 08:09pm] Rookie Ksiusia bites her lip.

[09/28 08:10pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer gasps! Oh no! A mean thing!

[09/28 08:10pm] Rookie Binjali pauses again, setting her clipboard aside and smiling at the audience, although her eyes get a little wide as she fully takes in the additions.

[09/28 08:11pm] Contestant Deviant Logic bites his lip, agonizing over the coming struggle. Surely this will be no easy feat! [09/28 08:11pm] <DICE> Zolotisty watches the clipboard go away. What! But! Growling!

[09/28 08:11pm] <DICE> KK Victoria grins. A dog! He likes dogs!

[09/28 08:11pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron thinks, more like a slobbery thing if he goes by his experience.

[09/28 08:11pm] <DICE> KK Victoria is excited for a fight as well!

[09/28 08:12pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Okay, that's intermission, folks. I'll be right back." Grabbing her empty water bottle, she hops off the crate and trots towards the Cafe.

[09/28 08:12pm] Rookie Binjali pauses when she's halfway there and comes back, snatching the clipboard, and then walks quickly away again.

[09/28 08:13pm] <DICE> Zolotisty lays her ears back. . . .what! BUT THE GROWLING. This is not a good stopping place!

[09/28 08:13pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip smiles. is good tale so far! he smiles and waves to the newcommer.

[09/28 08:13pm] Deputy Beeker waits a beat, then lifts his head. "But! Wha. . . what happens! Hey!"

[09/28 08:14pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer gaaasp! No! What a cliffhanger!

[09/28 08:14pm] <DICE> KK Victoria looks to Z. "Is a DOG!" He shouts.

[09/28 08:14pm] Deputy Beeker rolls over on his back and flings his arms and legs in the air dramatically. "Oh, no! Suspense!"

[09/28 08:15pm] <DICE> Zolotisty 's head snaps toward KK. "..what!"

[09/28 08:15pm] <DICE> Ebenezer jumps at KK's shout! He looks to Escemfer and mumbles, "Erm, good story so far?"

[09/28 08:16pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer looks towards KK. "It is?" Oh, that's alright, then! The cat can surely win. Cats are smart.

[09/28 08:16pm] Contestant Deviant Logic looks carefully at Zolotisty. He wasn't aware dogs came in a flavor with green glowing eyes.

[09/28 08:17pm] Deputy Beeker rolls back over and flops. The suspense! He may perish! Look! Look how weak and floppy he is from not knowing what will happen to the cat!

[09/28 08:17pm] The Ice Cream Truck pulls up and the dwarf inside comes out and serves up Intermission Ice Cream.

[09/28 08:18pm] The dwarf says, "Already paid for folks. Catering arrangements and such. Help yourselves."

[09/28 08:18pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Ooooh! Ice Cream!!"

[09/28 08:18pm] <DICE> KK Victoria repeats. "Dog! Woof!" He barks a little. Yes, he is excited. Why so enthusiastic? Lelila is probably going to cook for him again tonight, that's why.

[09/28 08:18pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip blinkblink's, then smiles. Ice cream! he rushes over to wait in line.

[09/28 08:18pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron helps the dwarf pass out Ice Cream to members of the audience.

[09/28 08:19pm] Deputy Beeker has some ice cream (mango flavored), which seems to revive him, if barely.

[09/28 08:19pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer hops right up for ice cream! Screw the fate of the cat, there's right now ice cream!

[09/28 08:19pm] <DICE> Ebenezer isn't sure if he trusts this ice cream or that dwarf.

[09/28 08:20pm] <DICE> Zolotisty acquires delicious delicious ice cream. This saves her from fussing over the WOOFing. What?!

[09/28 08:20pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer settles back down with her ice cream and eats it happily. Purring all the way. Things are looking up for this storytelling session.

[09/28 08:21pm] <DICE> KK Victoria hasn't ever had icecream before. Just some thick sweet liquid with chocolate chips floating around in it. . .

[09/28 08:21pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip walks up to the truck, and gets Chocolate mint! and its not trying to eat him or run away! Normal Food! YAY!

[09/28 08:22pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron picks out a spicy mango popsicle after everyone else is served.

[09/28 08:22pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip happily walks back to his seat, eating his Ice cream happily

[09/28 08:23pm] Rookie Binjali walks back out of the Cafe with two bottles of water and stops at the sight of the ice cream truck. Huh. She peers around, looking for. . .there's Pinche. She grins at him and thumbsups.

[09/28 08:23pm] <DICE> Sessine also acquires ice cream, and sincerely hopes the brave little cat manages to get away without having to fight.

[09/28 08:24pm] Contestant Deviant Logic tucks himself back under the tree with his not-so-ill-gotten gains, in the shape of a twirly, multicolored ice cream cone.

[09/28 08:25pm] <DICE> KK Victoria grunts, checking his watch. No, it's time to go now. Dinner. He apologizes with an expression and then hurries off.

[09/28 08:25pm] <DICE> KK Victoria doesn't actually ever really hurry. He lumbers, but it is a moderately faster lumber than usual.

[09/28 08:26pm] Rookie Binjali walks up to the truck and orders a slushy of flavor #253. She receives a cup with a cover and straw, and heads back to her crate.

[09/28 08:26pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip waves goodbye to KK, then turns to Bin, watching expectantly

[09/28 08:27pm] The intermission over, the audience takes their seats and settles down.

[09/28 08:28pm] Rookie Binjali can't miss KK leaving and her face falls. She's able to correctly interpret the expression, though, so she shakes it off.

[09/28 08:29pm] Rookie Binjali clears her throat. "Where were we. . .ah. The growling thing with a lot of long teeth- didn't I mention the teeth? I suppose I didn't. Anyway, it kept coming, and coming, closer and closer.

[09/28 08:29pm] <DICE> Ebenezer decides that if everyone else is eating ice cream, then he'll have some too. If they all die from ice-cream poisoning, then he's going with them! Yay for last-minute vanilla ice cream.

[09/28 08:30pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The cat just kept hissing and unsheathed his claws, ready to leap!"

[09/28 08:31pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer swats her Ebenezer cushion down into place! Stay! She's trying to hear the story!

[09/28 08:31pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron shushes Ebenezer, but the attentive dwarf hurries over with a serving of vanilla ice cream.

[09/28 08:31pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip suddenly looks down at his ice cream suspiciously. then he shrugs, and goes back to eating it.

[09/28 08:31pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The person with the thing had been talking the whole time, but the cat was far too busy to listen to what it was yelling."

[09/28 08:32pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The person suddenly swerved to one side and for some reason, the thing stayed close. The two of them went around where the cat had been napping."

[09/28 08:33pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The cat thought that his scare tactics were working after all! He added in some spitting and hopping. In order to keep the thing in front of him, he ended up hopping around in half a circle."

[09/28 08:33pm] <DICE> Ebenezer is swatted into place! He stays put and listens to the story!

[09/28 08:33pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer sighs in relief! The cat is safe!

[09/28 08:34pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Then the thing started to retreat, the person behind it all the while. Finally, the thing was far enough way that the cat felt like he could stop hissing."

[09/28 08:34pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer thinks that the cat is very brave, to chase away the person and its thing.

[09/28 08:35pm] Rookie Binjali says, "He sat and washed his back for a moment to congratulate himself on winning his first major battle. He knew that thing could not possibly be the source of the Smell."

[09/28 08:37pm] Rookie Binjali says, "He decided to continue on his quest. The cat had been walking for a very, very long time when he saw a person coming toward him."

[09/28 08:37pm] <DICE> Zolotisty is desperately curious about what the Smell could be.

[09/28 08:38pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The cat went right up to the person to say hello, because cats have no shyness. The person crouched and offered the cat their hand. The cat sniffed it politely."

[09/28 08:38pm] Contestant Deviant Logic nods sagely. Something so beastly could have nothing about them to be called 'glorious'.

[09/28 08:39pm] Rookie Binjali says, "They smelled good, even though it wasn't the Smell. The person stroked him. It felt like ages since the cat had been petted. The cat began to purr."

[09/28 08:39pm] <DICE> Ebenezer will agree with the "cats have no shyness" comment. That one is definitely so.

[09/28 08:39pm] Rookie Binjali says, "After a short while, the person picked him up, and he let them. They were obviously nice, and he could jump down any time, so why not? The person started to move."

[09/28 08:40pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The cat didn't squirm. He was petted and properly supported by the person's other arm, and his paws were tired, so why not use this convenient conveyance? He purred louder."

[09/28 08:41pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The person's accent was very, very thick, so he couldn't exactly understand what they were trying to say, but the petting got across their goodwill clearly."

[09/28 08:42pm] Rookie Binjali says, "They had been walking for while. The cat had almost forgotten about what he was looking for when suddenly, a new scent drifted past his nose."

[09/28 08:42pm] <DICE> KK Victoria would find that offensive! He is rather beastly, but he is very glorious!

[09/28 08:42pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer thinks it would be lovely to be carried and petted by a good-smelling person. She glances at Ebenezer.

[09/28 08:42pm] Rookie Binjali says, "He put his paws up on the person's shoulder and looked around, ears swivelling, nose straining. . .yes! There it was again! The Smell! He had found it!"

[09/28 08:43pm] <DICE> Ebenezer glances at Escemfer, looking a bit confused. What is it she wants? He may never know.

[09/28 08:43pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The cat said, "Excuse me, I have to go!" as he climbed down the person and ran in the direction the Smell had come from."

[09/28 08:44pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The cat, following his nose, ran into a wall. He hurried along it, looking for an opening. He found a hole to go through because cats are lucky."

[09/28 08:45pm] Contestant Deviant Logic bounces excitedly in his seat. Progress has been made!

[09/28 08:45pm] Rookie Binjali says, "He dove in, barely caring that his whiskers brushed the edges. He was in a dark, close, prickly place, but he had no time to think about his paws, he had to find the Smell!"

[09/28 08:45pm] <DICE> Zolotisty 's ears are perked. The Smell!

[09/28 08:45pm] Rookie Binjali says, "He crawled forward as fast as he could, and then he was on a carpet. He didn't have time for that, either, no matter how complex it smelled."

[09/28 08:45pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer leans forward, eyes wide! What is it?

[09/28 08:46pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Running, he followed the Smell until he reached some sort of table with a strange, round top. The Smell was stronger than ever before."

[09/28 08:46pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Just as the cat was calculating angles for a leap, he heard a voice. "Hello, cat," Mother said."

[09/28 08:47pm] Rookie Binjali says, "The cat leapt in surprise backwards, stiff-legged, the fur along his spine raised. "What are you doing here!?" he yowled. "Hanging laundry," Mother said."

[09/28 08:47pm] Rookie Binjali says, ""But where's the Smell doing here?" cried the cat. "That smell?" Mother said. "That's dinner." "Oh," said the cat. Dinner. He knew all about dinner, both cat dinner and person dinner."

[09/28 08:47pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer gasps. It was the laundry all along?!

[09/28 08:48pm] Rookie Binjali says, "He knew what to do next. He walked forward and twined around Mother's ankles. "Can I have some?" he said, because cats have no shame."

[09/28 08:48pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer ohs. It's just dinner.

[09/28 08:48pm] Rookie Binjali says, ""Yes, of course," said Mother. "You only didn't get some last time because you didn't come when we called." "Good," said the cat, satisfied."

[09/28 08:50pm] Rookie Binjali takes a moment to slurp her semi-frozen drink and chases it with part of a bottle of water. She grins at the audience and doesn't look at the clipboard for her next words.

[09/28 08:50pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron whispers to Escemfer, "But a special dinner. Like maybe mouse pie or rack of rat."

[09/28 08:51pm] Rookie Binjali says, "From then on, the cat was again content.It turned out that the Smell that had seemed to come from somewhere other than home was in the backyard, as Mother called the complex-smelling carpeted place."

[09/28 08:51pm] <DICE> Zolotisty is Satisfied. Dinner is a delicious Smell. Especially when made by Stan or Kai or Sessine.

[09/28 08:51pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Grilled salmon was the name of the thing that created the Smell, and the cat made sure to get some whenever it was made."

[09/28 08:52pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer is hungry now. Since the smell is not laundry or female cats.

[09/28 08:52pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Yay! Grilled fish!"

[09/28 08:53pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Every once in a while, the cat insisted on being let outside, but nothing that he discovered made him any less content. The end."

[09/28 08:53pm] <DICE> Zolotisty beams! Also she applauds. These are both important and genuine reactions!

[09/28 08:54pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer claps for the story! She knew it was fish!

[09/28 08:54pm] <DICE> Ebenezer applauds as well! He mumbles to Escemfer, "Grilled salmon. Very healthy." In case she wanted to know..which she probably didn't.

[09/28 08:54pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron claps his hands! Great story!

[09/28 08:54pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip smiles, and applauds. a good tale, that it was! he roots around in his bag, and hands Es a sandwich

[09/28 08:54pm] Rookie Binjali grins and doesn't fiddle with anything at all.

[09/28 08:55pm] Contestant Deviant Logic claps mightily. "Good show! Or rather. . .well, you know what I mean."

[09/28 08:56pm] Deputy Beeker grins happily.

[09/28 08:56pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer oh!s. Neeip has everything in that bag! "Thanks!"

[09/28 08:57pm] <DICE> Sessine is delighted. He grins and applauds loudly. That was a very good story. It made clear pictures in his mind. He wishes he had the skill -- someone should draw those pictures.

[09/28 08:59pm] Deputy Beeker hops down from his crate house and heads over to Binjali and says, "That was a good story!"

[09/28 08:59pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer attempts to high-five Beeker. She fails, though, because she doesn't know what a high-five is.

[09/28 09:00pm] Rookie Binjali can't help but wiggle a little bit. "Thanks!" She can't stop grinning.

[09/28 09:00pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer claps at Binjali again for good measure.

[09/28 09:01pm] Rookie Binjali is starting to turn pink from all the praise.

[09/28 09:02pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron has pulled a bouquet of red roses out of his pack, without wondering how they didn't get smashed in there. These he presents to Binjali.

[09/28 09:02pm] <DICE> Ebenezer gets to his feet, brushing bits of grass off of his trousers. And he offers Escemfer a hand to help her up.

[09/28 09:02pm] <DICE> Zolotisty brushes off her hands and gets up.

[09/28 09:02pm] Deputy Beeker offers Binjali a hug, because one can hide one's embarrassment in a hug, they're handy for that. Also they are fuzzy.

[09/28 09:03pm] Rookie Binjali goes from pink to red at the roses. "Uh. Thanks, Pinche." She grins at him in particular for a minute as she takes the roses and smells them.

[09/28 09:03pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer lets Ebenezer help her up. "That was a nice story," she says.

[09/28 09:04pm] Rookie Binjali looks away from Pinche and takes Beeker's hug. Horray, fuzzy hugs!

[09/28 09:04pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl walks in on the congratulations and applauses and is sad she missed the story. And the ice cream, too.

[09/28 09:06pm] <DICE> Zolotisty is glad to see Stan! But she is padding nearer to Binjali, and so, is distracted. "Hullo -- that was very good."

[09/28 09:07pm] Deputy Beeker hugs Binjali, and says, "That was great!" Then he spots Stan. "Stan!" he crows, unfortunately rather near to Binjali's ear. "Oh! Oh! Sorry!" he says, sheepishly.

[09/28 09:07pm] <DICE> Ebenezer will stay back and let everyone else praise Binjali before he tries to move in. He gives Stan a wave.

[09/28 09:07pm] Rookie Binjali clears her throat unnecessarily. "Hello. Thank you." She can't help but smile, despite being nervous about being near the Joker.

[09/28 09:08pm] Deputy Beeker puts his hands over Binjali's ears apologetically and grins sheepishly at her. Then he dashes over to Stan.

[09/28 09:08pm] Contestant Deviant Logic joins the throng around the storyteller. "It was wonderful to see you again, miss Binjali, and with such a wonderful gift to bestow on us. Most sincerely, thank you." He adds with a bow.

[09/28 09:08pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer yawns and wanders away. The nicest part of the story was getting to snuggle Ebenezer.

[09/28 09:09pm] Rookie Binjali doesn't notice Beeker's faux pas, since her attention is on Z.

[09/28 09:09pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl waves and nods. She can wait, this is Binjali's time in the sun.

[09/28 09:10pm] Deputy Beeker offers Stan a big hug. "I'm so glad to see you!"

[09/28 09:10pm] <DICE> Zolotisty grins lopsidedly. "My name is Zolotisty, and you are, I think, Binjali. I don't want to make you uncomfortable, so maybe we will talk later. But. I am glad that I will be your friend."

[09/28 09:11pm] <DICE> Sessine says, "I hope the cat got his grilled salmon often. Er. . . Hullo. I liked the story."

[09/28 09:11pm] Rookie Binjali smiles at. . .Devic? Yes, that was it. Hard to forget such flowerly language in a place like this. "Thank you."

[09/28 09:13pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron wonders why Binjali is nervous around Zolotisty. Z is a Superior Old School Joker, or SOSJ (sounds like sausage), as he likes to call them.

[09/28 09:13pm] Contestant Deviant Logic smiles at Binjali once more, then turns upon hearing a familiar voice. His eyes catch on Zolotisty, and recognition sparks. "I do hope you haven't had any more trouble with that bat fellow, miss."

[09/28 09:14pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl hugs her friend right back and grins widely. "I'm glad to be seen."

[09/28 09:14pm] Rookie Binjali smiles at the man she doesn't know. "Thanks. I think he did. Mother loves him a lot."

[09/28 09:15pm] Deputy Beeker says, "You missed Binjali's story! Oh, have you met her yet? I should introduce you later."

[09/28 09:16pm] <DICE> Ebenezer stands around awkwardly, examining a nearby tree, just to look like he's doing something.

[09/28 09:17pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl says, "I know, Beeker. I'll have to listen for the echoes, which are never quite as good. Yes, I'd like to be introduced to Binjali."

[09/28 09:18pm] <DICE> Sessine says, "Er," and rubs his nose. "I should've said. I'm Sessine."

[09/28 09:18pm] Rookie Binjali winces at 'uncomfortable'. Damn her lack of poker face! And- friend? Huh. Alright. She smiles a little. "Yes, I'm sure we'll talk later. Nice to meet you."

[09/28 09:19pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl turns. "Ebenezer, Escemfer! I get to call you my clansibs now. This is wonderful."

[09/28 09:19pm] Rookie Binjali 's face is starting to hurt from all of the happy feeling she's expressing with it, but she can't stop. "Nice to meet you. I'm Binjali,"she says to Sessine.

[09/28 09:19pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Oh, I'm sure she'd like to meet you! I'll introduce you later, when she's not so busy being congratulated."

[09/28 09:20pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip has been a bit distracted. . . he smiles to the new peoples, and thanks/applauds Bin for the story one last time

[09/28 09:21pm] <DICE> Ebenezer offers a small smile to Stanly and nods his head. "Oh, erm, yes. It's working out rather well so far." Does this mean more picnics? Perhaps so!

[09/28 09:21pm] <DICE> Zolotisty peers at Deviant Logic. "I was incarcerated!" she exclaims, in the manner of someone who has JUST recently learned a word. ..because that is her manner.

[09/28 09:22pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl asks Beeker, "Should I make tea? This looks like it could be a party."

[09/28 09:23pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl says, "Hello, Neeip."

[09/28 09:23pm] Deputy Beeker looks around. "Well, I don't know whether people are staying! But maybe they would, if we had tea? Oh! Oh! Tea!" He gets an excited look, drops his backpack and starts rooting through it.

[09/28 09:24pm] Contestant Deviant Logic puts a hand to his chest. "But of course, I am aware! I merely wished to make sure the strange rapscallion had done no further ill. I was, myself, little but a 'victim' of his escapade!"

[09/28 09:24pm] Deputy Beeker 's backpack makes alarming clanking rattling sounds of object jumbled together in a disorganized fashion.

[09/28 09:24pm] <DICE> Sessine says, "Very glad to meet you -- I hope we shall be friends, too. I'm Zolotisty's husband." His blue-green eyes glow slightly, but he seems reassuringly stable. . . for a Joker.

[09/28 09:24pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl gasps. Zolo, too?!?

[09/28 09:26pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip smiles to Stan "hey Stany"

[09/28 09:26pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer skips back in and sits down. "Hey Pinche!" She pats the ground next to her, indicating a desire for snuggles.

[09/28 09:27pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip smiles and waves to Es as well

[09/28 09:27pm] <DICE> Zolotisty looks cheerful. "I let her catch me eventually and jail was a tree, she went around the bottom making grumpy noises at me. It was good." She extends her hand to DL. "I'm Zolotisty. Who are you?"

[09/28 09:28pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Oh!" as a piece of information clicks into place. She smiles at Sessine even as she looks him in the eye. "I'd be happy to be friends."

[09/28 09:29pm] Deputy Beeker takes a something out of his bag and tries to hide it behind his back. "I, um, I got you a present," he says to Stan.

[09/28 09:29pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl walks over to her crate-house and pulls out a large teakettle. She starts a small fire and puts the kettle on to boil.

[09/28 09:31pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl 's jaw drops. A present for her? She spins around and eyes Beeker, dumfounded.

[09/28 09:31pm] Contestant Deviant Logic grasps Zolotisty's outstretched hand with a grin. "I am Deviant Logic, but I've recently been christened Devic by a friend. Feel free to use it, miss Zolotisty."

[09/28 09:32pm] Deputy Beeker takes the something out from behind his back. It's a box, about the size of a small hatbox, with a lid decorated with inlay in a design reminiscent of a pysanky design.

[09/28 09:32pm] <DICE> Ebenezer supposes that he should see to Escemfer, but he must thank Binjali for the story first! He sneaks up to her and gives a quick, "Very good story. Enjoyed it very much."

[09/28 09:32pm] <DICE> Zolotisty shakes firmly. "Pleased to meet you, Devic!"

[09/28 09:33pm] Deputy Beeker says, "There was a tinker in Pleasantville and I wanted to get you a present. I thought you might like this box to keep your tea in, but as I was buying it,"

[09/28 09:33pm] Rookie Binjali grins as Ebenezer finally makes his way to her. "Thanks. I had hoped you might."

[09/28 09:33pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer supposes that Pinche isn't here anymore. How disheartening. She looks around for someone else snuggly.

[09/28 09:33pm] Deputy Beeker explains, "she told me that when you open the box in the morning you'll find something inside. Just something different every day, you never know what it will be."

[09/28 09:34pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl 's eyes widen. Ohhhh, it's so pretty, and so fancy.

[09/28 09:34pm] Deputy Beeker says, "So I'mnotsurewhetheryoucankeepteainitbutIhopeyoulikeitanyway," and he holds it out to Stan, looking a little sheepish.

[09/28 09:34pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip points Es over to Eb. he's not exactly snugly, but ti's fitting.

[09/28 09:34pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "No, milady, I'm right here. I was just in a reverie of delight at tonight's performance."

[09/28 09:34pm] <DICE> Ebenezer pats Binjali on the shoulder and adds, "I did. Erm, you told it very well." He nods at her a few times and glances back to Escemfer. He sneaks a few steps away from Binjali, towards Esc.

[09/28 09:36pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer aha!s. She snuggles Pinche. He is fluffy and feline. It is good.

[09/28 09:37pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl takes the decorated box."Beeker, it's just wonderful, and I like it a lot. I'd like it no matter what, 'cause you got it for me, but I really, really like it for itself."

[09/28 09:38pm] <DICE> Ebenezer freezes. He was too slow. Escemfer has Pinche. Well, now he doesn't seem to know where to go. He looks back to Binjali, uncertain.

[09/28 09:39pm] Deputy Beeker grins, in the manner of a person whose gift has been accepted. Exactly like that, really!

[09/28 09:40pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl hugs Beeker, a great big squeezy hug. Then she lets him breathe again.

[09/28 09:40pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron snuggles back, but says, "This will have to be a quick snuggle. I need to do some stuff really soon, so I can be free a little later."

[09/28 09:40pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip see's Eb being awkward. he smiles and strides over to him. "ey mate, see you hooked up with DICE eh?"

[09/28 09:40pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron says, "Plus, I think your husband wants a snuggle."

[09/28 09:41pm] Rookie Binjali sees Eben looking back and forth, but really isn't sure what he's hesitant about. He's tough for her to figure out. "Thanks. I'm glad."

[09/28 09:42pm] <DICE> Ebenezer turns and gives Neeip a very apologetic sort of grin. "Erm-erm-erm, well. . ..yes. But-but that's not because-because anything, erm, I like ROGUE too," he stammers.

[09/28 09:42pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer says, "Aww, okay." It's almost tomorrow, isn't it? She glances at Ebenezer. "No, he doesn't like it."

[09/28 09:42pm] Deputy Beeker has the breath squeezed out of him, whoof! Having been let go, he grins at Stan again. "What kind of tea are we having?"

[09/28 09:42pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl puts her hands to the lid and wonders what could be in the box. What would be in the box. . .today. And tomorrow would be another day to wonder. What a great gift! A new wonder to wonder every day.

[09/28 09:42pm] <QQQ> Inhuman Resource Officer Pinche Cabron giving Escemfer a final huggle-snuggle, he approaches Binjali to give her a parting huggle-snuggle as well. Then he's racing off, yelling over his shoulder, "I'll be back soon!"

[09/28 09:42pm] <DICE> Ebenezer sneers at Pinche as if that's one of the most offensive things he's ever heard!

[09/28 09:43pm] <DICE> Zolotisty sidles nearer to Sessine.

[09/28 09:43pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip chuckles, and pats Eb on the shoulder. "ah, no worries mate, dont mind, though i do miss seing you and the Missus around"

[09/28 09:43pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer makes a face at Ebenezer, and waves goodbye to Pinche. Now she has no snuggles.

[09/28 09:44pm] <DICE> Ebenezer seems relieved. He says to Neeip, "Well, erm, we're not really very far, really." Really? Really.

[09/28 09:44pm] Rookie Binjali giggles as she's enveloped in Pinche fur and grins at his retreating back. Not a midget, HA!

[09/28 09:45pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl shouts, "Tea!" as she hears Beeker ask and the kettle demand at practically the same time.

[09/28 09:45pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip smiles and nods. "guess not. tis good to see you two again though." he smiles to both Es and Eb

[09/28 09:46pm] Rookie Binjali seems a bit overwhelmed by the number of people around, all talking, most of them to her. She goes back and sits on her crate and sips from the straw of her cup.

[09/28 09:46pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer smiles at Neeip! "Hi, Neeip!"

[09/28 09:46pm] <DICE> Ebenezer nods his head and offers Neeip a handshake. "Really very good to-to see you to." Really.

[09/28 09:47pm] <DICE> Zolotisty turns toward the tea! Tea!

[09/28 09:48pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl gets a large Brown Betty teapot out of her crate-house and comes running back to rescue the rest from the shrill whistle of the teakettle. "Darjeeling?" she asks those assembled.

[09/28 09:49pm] <DICE> Zolotisty crowds nearer to yesplease.

[09/28 09:50pm] Rookie Binjali puts aside her slushie and climbs down from her box. Darjeeling sounds wonderful! She walks over sort of close to the kettle, but nowhere in the way or particularly noticeable.

[09/28 09:50pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer sniffs around. She doesn't know what that is, but sure! She creeps over toward Binjali.

[09/28 09:50pm] Deputy Beeker nodnods to Stan. She always picks the best tea!

[09/28 09:51pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl opens her backpack, rummaging, and suggests, "Spiced Chai? Assam? Oolong? White Dragon? Catnip? Chamomile?"

[09/28 09:51pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip belatedly accepts the handshake, he's been a bit distracted.

[09/28 09:51pm] <DICE> Ebenezer turns, distracted by the call of "Darjeeling." Yes, he wants tea. He must have tea. He hangs back, waiting for the others to get their tea and move on so he doesn't crowd Stan.

[09/28 09:52pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer perks at the suggestion of catnip. "Catnip!" That's approval.

[09/28 09:53pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl pulls the tin of Darjeeling out and fills the pot to steep.

[09/28 09:53pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Um. Darjeeling would be lovely." She smiles at Beeker's friend, who had to be the Stan he was always talking about.

[09/28 09:54pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl starts a mug of catnip tea steeping for Escemfer.

[09/28 09:55pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip hears the magic word. TEA! he walks over to where stan is boiling it, and pulls out cups for all. "may i have some, thank you kindly?"

[09/28 09:56pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer creeps toward the catnip now. Creep, creep.

[09/28 09:56pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl pulls out spare mugs from her crate and from her backpack until she has enough for everybody. They are a mis-matched colection of Fiestaware and tin cups, but everyone will have tea.

[09/28 09:56pm] Deputy Beeker scooches over to Binjali. He grins sideways at her. "Stan is back!" he says, happily.

[09/28 09:58pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl firmly caps the tin of catnip leaves. Hopefully this will keep the aroma of the mint from those kittymorphs who have catnip cravings.

[09/28 09:58pm] <DICE> Ebenezer spots Escemfer's sneaking. "Escemfer!" He winces. That might have been a bit too loud.

[09/28 09:59pm] Rookie Binjali grins at Beeker, as she always does. Can't help it. "I see. That was a nice thing you did, getting her a present."

[09/28 09:59pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl says, "Certainly you may have tea, Neeip. It should be ready shortly."

[09/28 09:59pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer looks over her shoulder at Ebenezer. "What?"

[09/28 10:00pm] <DICE> Ebenezer seems a bit put on the spot. "Erm, well, well. . . come here?"

[09/28 10:00pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer looks back at the tea. Then at Eb again. Tea. . . Hmmm.

[09/28 10:01pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Oh, I thought she might like something!" He floomphs down next to Binjali.

[09/28 10:01pm] <DICE> Ebenezer looks up at the sky and says rather quickly, "Never mind, you don't have to, that's alright."

[09/28 10:01pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl strains the catnip mint tea into a fresh mug and hands it to Escemfer. She takes the brew-basket out of the Brown Betty pot, then motions for Beeker to pour the Darjeeling.

[09/28 10:02pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip smiles happily. "many thanks Stan!"

[09/28 10:02pm] Deputy Beeker picks up the teapot and starts pouring cups of tea.

[09/28 10:03pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer takes the tea happily! "Thanks!" She sits down and sticks her face in the mug, inhaaaaaling the catnippy smell and lapping at it.

[09/28 10:03pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl hurries off to DICE Hall to get the sugar, honey and cream. And to see if any cookies or cakes or tarts or whatever are left from her last baking.

[09/28 10:03pm] Rookie Binjali sits down next to the floomphed Beeker. "Looks like she did." She rubs at her mouth. Ow. . .worth it! And soon there would be tea to soothe her aching face.

[09/28 10:04pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip accepts the tea happily

[09/28 10:08pm] <DICE> Ebenezer has been abandoned for a cup of catnip tea. He can't compete with that. He can, however, collect a cup of tea for himself. It seems like it might be a good time for it.

[09/28 10:09pm] Rookie Binjali is waiting until the tea is nice and strong before claiming her cup.

[09/28 10:09pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer doesn't very much like how this tea tastes. She's not a tea person. But the smell! The heavenly, catnippy smell. She flops back on the ground, purring, and improbably doesn't spill any.

[09/28 10:11pm] Deputy Beeker reaches up to his hat a moment. "I wish I still had my hat," he says aloud, but not to anybody in particular.

[09/28 10:12pm] <DICE> Ebenezer supposes that he should go see to Escemfer before she spills something. He approaches and looks down to her. "Erm, hello, Escemfer."

[09/28 10:14pm] <DICE> Zolotisty shifts her weight uneasily at mention of the hat -- she thinks of the Pedant. Wetting her fangs, she taks her claws along the side of her cup of tea. Can go soon, maybe. Probably.

[09/28 10:15pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl brings out a mighty tray of chocolate chip cookies, apple tarts, oatmeal raisin cookies and mince tarts. The scones, alas, are history.

[09/28 10:16pm] Deputy Beeker looks excited. Pastries!

[09/28 10:16pm] Rookie Binjali's eyes go wide as she sees the spread. She might, perhaps, whimper very quietly.

[09/28 10:16pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer looks up at Ebenezer with big, crossy eyes. "It smells nice," she tells him.

[09/28 10:17pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl walks over to Beeker to claim her own cup of tea. And to, maybe, get introduced to the storyteller.

[09/28 10:17pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip smiles happily, and takes a chocolate cookie, smiling and noding in thanks

[09/28 10:19pm] <DICE> Ebenezer gives a small, surprised laugh at Stan's tray of goodies. He should not be surprised. Looking back to Escemfer, he asks, "You don't like it, do you?"

[09/28 10:19pm] Deputy Beeker hands Stan her tea. "Stan," he says, "this is Binjali! Binjali, this is Stan."

[09/28 10:19pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer sits up! Pastries! What a joyous day!

[09/28 10:20pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer asks, distractedly, "Like what? Oh, the tea? No. But it smells nice."

[09/28 10:22pm] Rookie Binjali smiles up at Stan. "Nice to meet you. I've heard many nice things about you from our mutual friend here," she says, tipping her head to the side to indicate Beeker.

[09/28 10:22pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl offers her free hand to Binjali. "Hello. I'm very happy to meet you. Please, have some treats. I hope you like them."

[09/28 10:24pm] Rookie Binjali stands and takes Stan's hand as the smile goes wide. "Oh, I'm sure I will." There is a particular sparkle in her eye as she takes her hand from Stan's in order to hover it over the pastries.

[09/28 10:25pm] Deputy Beeker scooches over near the pastries. Ooooooh. He chooses a mince tart.

[09/28 10:25pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl grins at Binjali. "Beeker's a very nice boy, isn't he? He says very kind things." She pretends Beeker can't hear a thing she's saying. "And he gives very good hugs."

[09/28 10:25pm] Rookie Binjali selects an apple tart after a moment of pleasantly agonized indecision. She then heads over to the teapot; should be well enough steeped by now. . .

[09/28 10:25pm] Deputy Beeker also adds unconscionable amounts of cream and sugar to his tea. Stir. Stir stir stir.

[09/28 10:26pm] Deputy Beeker certainly does hear what's being said about him! He looks a little embarrassed. He stirs his tea and clears his throat.

[09/28 10:27pm] Rookie Binjali grins at Stan, playing along as she walks back with her mug and a saucer for her tart. "Oh yes! Beeker hugs are lovely."

[09/28 10:27pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer swipes a cookie and slinks over to Beeker.

[09/28 10:27pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl ignores the pastries to sip her tea and speculate over the Easter Egg Box. Guessing is always such fun.

[09/28 10:27pm] <DICE> Ebenezer reaches his hand out for Escemfer's cup. "Here, let me have that. I'll fix it."

[09/28 10:27pm] <DICE> Zolotisty twines quietly about Sessine. As she comes full circle, she catches his wrist and steals him. Gone!

[09/28 10:29pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl grins wider. "Did you notice, his ears turn pink when he's embarrassed."

[09/28 10:29pm] Rookie Binjali alternates sips of tea with nibbles of tart. She sighs blissfully, closing her eyes.

[09/28 10:29pm] Deputy Beeker 's tail twitches. His hands are full of pastry and tea, and his tail is twitching! He sets down his teacup, grabs his tail, and sits on it, then picks up his tea again.

[09/28 10:29pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer readily surrenders the cup!

[09/28 10:30pm] Deputy Beeker 's ears turn pinker. "Stan!" he says, "uh, you can stop that now!"

[09/28 10:31pm] Rookie Binjali snaps her eyes open and looks over at Beeker immediately. "Oh! You're right!" She grins, delighted, but she can't hold it, and her face moves to a neutral expression. Ow. . .she sips her tea.

[09/28 10:32pm] <DICE> Ebenezer has Escemfer's cup! Aha! He drinks a bit of the tea out of the cup, replacing it with cream. He drinks a bit more and adds more cream and sugar. He offers this back to Escemfer.

[09/28 10:33pm] Deputy Beeker munches on his mince tart.

[09/28 10:34pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl stops teasing and says, quite seriously, "Thank you very much for my present, Beeker." Then she grins again. "Do you want to help me guess what's in the box?"

[09/28 10:34pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer is happy now! She drinks her creamy tea.

[09/28 10:34pm] Deputy Beeker 's ears gradually return to a normal color.

[09/28 10:34pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Oh!" He thinks. What's in the box?

[09/28 10:36pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl guesses, "Radish seeds."

[09/28 10:36pm] <DICE> Ebenezer finally, finally gets a chance to get his own tea! He does so. . .and grabs one of each of the treats on the tray (two of the tarts, though). "Thanks, Stanly," he says.

[09/28 10:36pm] Deputy Beeker suggests, "An orange pomander?"

[09/28 10:37pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl says, "You're quite welcome. My table is your table now, Ebenezer."

[09/28 10:38pm] <DICE> Ebenezer manages not to make any squee-like noises. He hmms very seriously and nods to Stanly instead.

[09/28 10:39pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl guesses, "A rubber ducky."

[09/28 10:40pm] Rookie Binjali listens to Eben and Stan and nibbles on her lip, suddenly remembering why she decided to tell a story in the first place. Her toes wiggle in her socks. Then she hides her face in her teacup.

[09/28 10:40pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer suggests, "Buttons." She creaps closer to Stan and Beeker.

[09/28 10:41pm] Deputy Beeker suggests, "A sweet potato."

[09/28 10:41pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl says, "Ohh, that's a good guess, Escemfer."

[09/28 10:42pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl giggles at the sweet potato. "It could be a rubber ball for bouncing and chasing."

[09/28 10:42pm] <DICE> Ebenezer gives a small smirk at Escemfer. After a pause, he suggests, "A paperclip." A boring suggestion, but at least he contributed.

[09/28 10:42pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip guesses. "badge?" well, buttons. . .

[09/28 10:43pm] Deputy Beeker says, "A beetle in amber."

[09/28 10:44pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer sneaks ever closer, then snuggles as close as she can to both of them. "A cookie."

[09/28 10:46pm] Rookie Binjali swallows a mouthful of tart to say, "Um. A bottle of ink."

[09/28 10:46pm] Deputy Beeker suggests, "A gyroscope."

[09/28 10:47pm] <DICE> Ebenezer points to Binjali and says, "That would be very useful."

[09/28 10:48pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer thinks hard. "Mmm. . .. a mouse."

[09/28 10:48pm] Rookie Binjali blinks. Still not used to Eben's pointing thing. "Only if you had a pen that could use it. Or, I suppose, a paperclip could be used to make do."

[09/28 10:49pm] Deputy Beeker says, "The sound of waves breaking on the sand."

[09/28 10:49pm] <DICE> Ebenezer retorts to Binjali, "Or a quill." He has got a quill! And he has yet to use it.

[09/28 10:51pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer says, "A smaller box." She munches her cookie until it is nothing but crumbs.

[09/28 10:52pm] Rookie Binjali says, "Oh! Yes, I suppose so. Although that's a kind of pen, isn't it? Writing utensil, anyway."

[09/28 10:53pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl judges the size of the box. Hmmm. "A big ball of yarn."

[09/28 10:54pm] Rookie Binjali says, "A small pumpkin," as she gets up to get more tea. Cream and sugar this time, yes.

[09/28 10:54pm] <DICE> Ebenezer hmms and nods his head. "Finding feathers is easy enough. I suppose it's making the ink that's the hard bit." He has no idea of how to make ink.

[09/28 10:54pm] Deputy Beeker suggests, "A Stanley knife."

[09/28 10:55pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl giggles. She's not that sharp.

[09/28 10:57pm] <DICE> Ebenezer supposes he should make another guess. "A stapler." It could be. It could be almost anything!

[09/28 10:57pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer is falling asleep in her cozy spot. Warm kittymorphs and warm cream.

[09/28 10:57pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl looks at Ebenezer. "If you're not picky about color, ink is easy. The earlierst ink was probably just blood."

[09/28 10:58pm] Deputy Beeker guesses, "The smell of wind-fallen apples."

[09/28 10:59pm] <DICE> Ebenezer spins to look at Stanly. He sneers a bit at the thought of using blood. "Erm, well, I'm not so picky about colour, no. Erm. . .but-but-but, I'd rather not use blood."

[09/28 10:59pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl gives in to her curiosity. She picks up the box and shakes it. It rattles. Yes! A clue!

[09/28 10:59pm] Deputy Beeker pats the sleepy Escemfer on the shoulder.

[09/28 11:00pm] Contestant Deviant Logic peers suspiciously at the box. "A box like that could only contain an ursine mannequin in the final stages of a half gainer with a twist."

[09/28 11:01pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer snoozes. ZzzZZzZzzZzZZz

[09/28 11:02pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl asks Deviant Logic, "Would a diving bear rattle like that?"

[09/28 11:02pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip places a blanket over Es, then returns to his spot of 'in-the-wings'

[09/28 11:02pm] <DICE> Ebenezer raises an eyebrow at Deviant as if that's the most Improbable thing he's heard all day! (It is not).

[09/28 11:03pm] Contestant Deviant Logic looks back at Stanlygirl."Of course it would, if you shook it!"

[09/28 11:04pm] Rookie Binjali looks sideways at Devic. This guy could seriously skew the competition's average level. If there was a competion. For suggesting weird things that might be in a box.

[09/28 11:06pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl places her hands at the sides of the lid, then carefully lifts it a tiny bit. Too dark. She lifts just a smidgen more. Then grins happily.

[09/28 11:07pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl removes the lid from her box of shiny paperclips. Ebenezer was right!

[09/28 11:09pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl pours paperclips out of the box and merrily begins making paperclip necklaces.

[09/28 11:09pm] <DICE> Ebenezer jumps back, stunned! "Oh!" He stares with wide, unbrelieving eyes. "Oh, oh. . .well, oh. . ." He guessed it! How? How did he guess it?!

[09/28 11:09pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Ooooh, paperclips!" as if that were a Very Exciting Thing to find in a box. Which it is, really, if it's a box of surprises and you don't know what you'll find inside.

[09/28 11:10pm] Deputy Beeker joins in the necklace-making.

[09/28 11:10pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip chuckles. "heh, Looks like your quite the Guesser Eb!"

[09/28 11:12pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl hands the first finished necklace to Ebenezer. "This is for your Lady. It will go well with the bottlecaps on her sombrero."

[09/28 11:12pm] Rookie Binjali nudges Eb with her elbow, if he's close enough. Otherwise she just wants to. She grins at him.

[09/28 11:13pm] <DICE> Ebenezer says to Neeip, "That's just a coincidence. An Improbable coincidence." For some reason, he doesn't want to be a good guesser. He wants it to be a coincidence!

[09/28 11:13pm] <DICE> Ebenezer says, "Oh, thank you," and accepts the paperclip necklace from Stanly. "I'm-I'm sure she'll like it."

[09/28 11:14pm] <ROGUE> Contender Neeip chuckles. coincidence it is then!

[09/28 11:17pm] Contestant Deviant Logic grabs his own handful of paperclips and begins linking them together, although not, apparently, into necklaces.

[09/28 11:18pm] Deputy Beeker has made himself a necklace, which he clasps around his neck. It clinks quietly against the charm that he wears.

[09/28 11:18pm] Deputy Beeker takes the paperclip necklace off, and adds a few more links, and puts it back on. Now it rests below the charm and doesn't clink against it.

[09/28 11:19pm] Deputy Beeker yawns once, showing big teeth.

[09/28 11:19pm] <DICE> Ebenezer looks down to the sleeping Escemfer, perhaps trying to decide if he should wake her.

[09/28 11:20pm] Deputy Beeker yawwwwwns again. His eyes are drooping.

[09/28 11:20pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer is so sweet, the way sleeping kitties always are. How could anyone want to wake her?

[09/28 11:20pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl hooks three three-paperclip chains to the front of Beeker's necklace. Now it has dangles.

[09/28 11:21pm] Contestant Deviant Logic sits back from the paperclips and grins, a shining metal giraffe standing serenely on the grass in front of him.

[09/28 11:21pm] Deputy Beeker has a very decorative paperclip necklace.

[09/28 11:22pm] Deputy Beeker says, "I should (yawn) get some sleep!"

[09/28 11:22pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl puts her empty box in her crate-house. Too bad that she had to move and let Escemfer get cold on that side.

[09/28 11:23pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl says, "Oh, that's wonderful, Deviant. What are you going to name her?"

[09/28 11:23pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer has no more Stanly to keep her warm! Dang!

[09/28 11:23pm] Deputy Beeker says, "Goodnight, everybody!"

[09/28 11:24pm] <DICE> Ebenezer says, "Goodnight, Beeker."

[09/28 11:24pm] Contestant Deviant Logic opens his mouth, then closes it. His head cocks to the side, and then his eyes sparkle. "She shall have to be Delilah."

[09/28 11:24pm] <DICE> Ebenezer is cruel enough to wake Escemfer. He stoops and shakes her. "Escemfer."

[09/28 11:25pm] Deputy Beeker stands (sadly, leaving Escemfer cold on the other side now) and moves to his crate-house, where he floomphs on his pillow and promptly falls asleep.

[09/28 11:25pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl looks at the sun. Oh, my, she had no idea it was so late. She takes the tea things back to DICE to clean and return to their places.

[09/28 11:26pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer squeaks. She is cold and being shaken! She peeks up at Ebenezer.

[09/28 11:27pm] <DICE> Ebenezer looks at her for a moment, fidgets his specs, and says, "Erm, well, everyone's leaving. I thought-I thought-I thought you might want to. . ." he gestures vaguely.

[09/28 11:27pm] <DICE> Stanlygirl calls, "Goodnight, everybody." She takes the pastry tray back to the Hall as well.

[09/28 11:28pm] <DICE> Ebenezer waves after Stan and then winces, realizing that he could have been helping her carry all those things!

[09/28 11:30pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer waves absently at everyone. "Want to what?"

[09/28 11:31pm] <DICE> Ebenezer flinches at Kuro's somersaulting, but looks back to Escemfer to try again. "Want to, well, to go to bed somewhere, erm, somewhere that isn't here."

[09/28 11:32pm] Rookie Binjali waves at Stanly and Beeker. She's done talking for a while!

[09/28 11:32pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer looks at him interestedly. Is he propositioning her?

[09/28 11:34pm] <DICE> Ebenezer doesn't know if he likes that look on Escemfer's face. He decides to add, "Well-well, so. . .? Somewhere else?"

[09/28 11:36pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer considers. . . looks around. Waves at Binjali. No, he wouldn't proposition her in public. Dang, it could have been interesting. "Nah, I should go kill some stuff."

[09/28 11:38pm] Contestant Deviant Logic removes his hat and flips it inside out again, the beret becoming a fabulous fedora. Replacing it, he walks off, out of town.

[09/28 11:39pm] <DICE> Ebenezer winces and mumbles, "Well-well-well, I think, I think I need to kill some stuff too, maybe. Other stuff. Not the stuff you're killing."

[09/28 11:41pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer looks at him curiously. She's not sure why he's suddenly in such a twitchy mood. "Okay."

[09/28 11:42pm] <DICE> Ebenezer says, "Goodnight" to everyone still in the area. He waves and hurries away to the jungle.

[09/28 11:46pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer frowns. Husbands are tricky. "What's wrong with him now?" she asks nobody in particular.

[09/28 11:51pm] <DICE> High Lady Escemfer , recieving no response, wanders out of town. It's not her fault he's tricky!

[09/29 12:03am] Rookie Binjali sees that everyone else has gone. She sits for a bit longer listening to the quiet, and then goes to gather her cushions. She's got to put them back on her deck chair, after all. That'll take a bit of manuvering.

[09/29 12:13am] Rookie Binjali smiles fondly at her clipboard and strokes the pages, then carefully removes the top six pages. She folds those papers that have writing on them carefully, and tucks them in an inner pocket of her backpack.

[09/29 12:26am] Rookie Binjali finishes putting her clipboard away and heads out with her arms full of mint-green cushions.

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